Trip de Americae: MGM Grand Buffet

Everything is about being big, being the best. You are in a place where size matters! Being impressed is very much the selling point! Previously as mentioned, my room rate in Vegas actually included 2 buffet meal daily, which can be used for breakfast or lunch. Although it kind of didn’t complement with my plans since around half of my stay in Vegas, I will be out of the city. I dine twice at the MGM Grand Buffet during my stay in Las Vegas, and there you have it. Even in the name of the restaurant is right in your face that you are in for an impressive one! Everyone knows that buffet is the thing here! Frankly speaking, it is also pretty affordable, tip is welcomed, but optional, given that it is a buffet! Here in Vegas you can find the cheapest buffet that goes for under $10 or a luxurious champagne brunch that set you back $100 buck with free flow champagne!


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Trip de Americae: New York New York Hotel & Casino 

Apologies for the confusion, but despite the title makes it sound like I am still in NYC, this is actually the hotel that I am staying at in Las Vegas! Continuing on the previous post where I landed in Las Vegas McCarren International Airport, it was an efficient landing and in minutes after collection of my baggage I was whisked off to the offsite car rental centre to pick up my rental car. I will have a whole post on my experience with Sixt and driving in Las Vegas so hang on a while for that. Despite getting lost a bit and figuring out the unfamiliar roads, we stop off at Walmart to grab some supplies for our stay in Las Vegas before driving to the New York New York Hotel & Casino. The New York New York Hotel & Casino is located right in the strip and on the southern end of it. Of course, with any visitors to Vegas! I will definitely recommend to stay right in the Vegas. As with Vegas, you will want to be in the action of it!


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Trip de Americae: Delta Airlines DL2619 737-900 JFK – LAS Main Cabin

After a great week in New York City I was off to Vegas, the next destination in the States. I guess everyone just needs to be in Las Vegas once in your life. It was a pretty long flight, flying from the east coast to the west. This time around, actually most of the cities that I am hitting are all on the west coast with the sole exception of NYC. Since it is my very first domestic stateside flight and my very first time on board an American carrier, I figured that it will be nice to do a flight review on it. I am also perched by the fact that I am flying Delta for the very first time. Known as the trio in the States, Delta, American and United. Delta is known as the best among them, so I am really hyped to experience it! Delta flies out of Terminal 2 from John F Kennedy, I decided to head to the airport much earlier since I was travelling on the Thanksgiving Sunday which is said to be a flying disaster!

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Trip de Americae: New York City

Apologies for the much delay, life have been pretty hectic recently and I sort of been getting another outlook at life recently. Back to back of a couple not so good news give me a couple of bad weeks. I finally got the time back to write up this super long overdue trip report of mine on New York City! The big apple that I finally got to visit back last year! New York City is one of a dream come true for me! I guess it was a dream for probably everyone. The land of freedom and liberty, people of all community and background given a second chance and a clean slate. I am glad that I am finally able to come here, especially on the Thanksgiving Week. I have already shared my thoughts on spending my holidays in NYC in an earlier post so hit that up if you have not! Check out how did I spend my 6 Days in New York City!

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Trip de Americae: The Comfort Diner

A visit to the States can’t go without a breakfast at a classic old fashion American Diner. This is definitely the way how the locals do it. Something part and parcel of their daily life, like the Cha Can Ting in Hong Kong and the Hawker Centre and Coffee Shop that we have here in Singapore. On the day before I left New York City, I just went into any diner across the street from my hotel and that turns out to be The Comfort Diner. Certainly look like it came out from some retro hollywood movie scene it was warm inside. Pretty crowded as well! As per the norm, people in groups are sited along the walls while the solo diners choosing to sit at the bar. Then you have the waitress roaming the place to offer coffee refills to empty cups.

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Trip de Americae: Jean Georges ☆☆☆ Three Star Michelin Restaurant

This has been one of the more exciting episode that I am really looking forward to. I have been wanting to share my by dining experience with you for quite some time. I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to dine at the Jean Georges when I was in New York City. The lunch was also something that I have been really awaiting since making the reservation. This is my very first time dining at a Three Star Michelin Restaurant! I have always love occasionally treating myself to a fine dining experience from time to time and it has always been more cost efficient to do it overseas. Somehow I feel that fine dining back in Singapore is so much more overpriced. I was really blown away at my previous trip to the 2 star powerhouse, The Ledbury back in London, and I was expecting something even more impressive, this time around at Jean Georges! Feast with me!


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Trip de Americae: Thanksgiving in NYC X Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

I was very fortunate to be in New York City over the thanksgiving week. It actually turn out to be a total coincidental since I usually hate travelling over holidays. I hate crowds and waiting. Recently, I felt like I was in a rough patch of my life, constantly thinking why is my life like this actually and how I could help myself. It just happens when things aren’t going smoothly. Work is hectic and I am really struggling to even find them logging down these travel snippets of mine! Back to Thanksgiving in 2017 for me, it is a little special, a little unique, for the very first time in my life, I am celebrating Thanksgiving, moreover in New York City! Undoubtedly, this is the most important holiday for the Americans, where all of them make their way back to their hometown for all over the different cities they are working in. It is like the Chinese New Year in China, without saying, this weekend also creates one of the worst traffic for the roads as well as the airport. Definitely not one of the idea travelling moments for us, but I am ready to embrace the festival vibes right here in New York City!


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