Previously, I have shared about my recent stay at Hilton Singapore, where I was in an Executive Plus room. A couple of weeks back I actually already stayed at the Hilton and even got a chance to check out the King Executive Suite, which is usually a forbidden fruit for upgrades! I would not do a full review anymore since the last post was rather extensive, so you are able to refer to that if you want to know more about the property and amenities in general. Following on, I would just like to share a little more on the King Executive Suite itself and hopefully it might be useful for those who are looking to make a direct booking for the suites. The suites are really good for staycations and having a party. Coming in at 69 Sqm, the room is really huge and spacious. Check it out together with me! 


King Executive Suite

The suite that I got a chance to check out was on the 17th floor, roughly, there are only 1 suite on each floor and they are usually at the end of the corridor. You know that you are in for a treat the moment you see that the entrance to your suite is a double door. Chic and luxury! The suites are also refurbished recently, together with the Premium Rooms, that makes them a par above the rest! Due to the unique layout of the suite or the building to maximise space, the suite is in a rather long slim rectangular layout. It is rather unique and funny to have the entrance right smack in the middle of your lounge. It does make it look kinda like a chic apartment though. Immediately after entering, it opens up to a little stand as well as the half bath since this is a full suite, which is right near the entrance. 


Towards the left would be the living area! Turning left, you immediately can find a little bench / ottoman which I believe would be super useful when you are wearing your shoes right before heading out. Or you could also use it as overflow extra luggage storage area if you have tons of bags. This is something that I would really love to see in more hotel suites! 


Immediately, you can find the mini bar area. It is roughly the same as the Executive and Premium rooms. You can find a kettle, nespresso machine and TWG teas. Bottles of water are also left here. There is also a fridge which is kept empty, perhaps due to the COVID situation now. 


It then opens up to the spacious living area. I really love the refurbished furnishings here at Hilton Singapore, the little blue and grey carpets, the furniture. I love how there is a long full size mirror besides the dining table. There is a full size dining table here that can seat 4 person. Facing the TV, you can find a comfy sofa set that seats 5-6 pax easily. Although, I do find that the TV size is a little small for the living area. Check out the space over here. Aren’t it perfect for birthday celebrations. The Executive Suite can also be combined with another room if you require more space or upsize to a Two Bedroom Suite. Sidetip, I believe that they do paid upgrades for Diamond members within the range of 100 – 150 SGD, of course, depending on peak periods and occupancy. I really love the lamp by the side of the sofa as well. I do not know why but it looks like a moon to me! HAHA. 


On the other side, towards the right of the entrance is the bedroom. It was nicely furnished with a luxe and plush King Bed. In the room was another TV as well as a proper working desk and an ergonomics office chair. This is perfect for work!


Then at the side, there is another arm chair and a cool light as well. I love this suite. 


The bathroom is extremely spacious and huge, it comes with a separate bathtub and standing shower set. The water pressure and temperature control is extremely good from the Grohe fittings that they have! This is a stark contrast to the shower I had previously in the Executive Plus room! Showering here is a breeze and the space is huge in the standing shower. Rainforest shower was a delight. The bathroom also comes with his and her sinks. This is a must for suites. Toiletries are by Crabtree and Evelyn, as per the norm in Hilton Properties. 




There are plenty of promotion right now that you are able to book this Suite directly at a good deal! The suite usually runs for around 350 SGD with BAR of 410 SGD. To recap, the suites are not given out as upgrades to Diamond Members as they are not standard suites. Given an occasion or if needed the extra space, I would definitely get one of the suites. Hope this helps! Continue checking out Seeing The World In Steps to follow my staycations adventures in Sunny Singapore! Coming right up, Sheraton Towers Singapore! 

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  1. Great! Yes, once in a lifetime upgrade for this property (I heard). So the suite is both Orchard view? and the “back side” view?


    1. Hope you enjoy reading it! You just be one of the first few! Yea suites upgrade are hard to come by. Nothing much in terms of views, both front and back since they are block by buildings! Room and shower was great though!


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