Death Valley

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From Airport to the City

The main access to the Death Valley would be by driving. Most of the sites will require a vehicle. If you do not wish to drive you can join a day tour. A great place to base your trips would be from Las Vegas.


Dante View

Immediately coming from 190 Route, head left to Furnance Creek Wash Route and then to the right on Dantes View Road. At the end of it would be the overlook. Drive up all the way to 1669m, this place is the most breath taking viewpoint in the whole of Death Valley. The barely visible mountains on the far western horizon are the Sierra Nevadas. From here you can get a bird’s eye view of Bad Water Basin.

Zabriskie Point

After Dante View, turn left to head back on Furnance Creek Wash Route towards the Visitor Centre. Midway there would be Zabriskie Point. The most famous viewpoint in the park with golden coloured Bad Lands of the Furnace Creek formation. The place is extremely photogenic. It can be access via a two min walk from the parking lots. It is a landscape of multiple shapes, colours, and textures. It is extremely gorgeous especially during sunsets and sunrise.

Furnace Creek Visitor Centre & Museum

The main establishment in the Death Valley, you may approach the rangers with any quarries here and also the facilities. You can also visit the showcase here and see the 20 minute long film, explore the museum exhibits. It is open from 8.30am to 4pm. Take a short break here with the toilets too.

Devil Golf Course

Located roughly 17km from the Visitor Centre on Badwater Road. Here is a unique landscape that will surely leave you jaw dropping and impressed. Admire the jagged surface texture on the flats that are formed by salts. It is actually created by rock salt that is eroded by wind and rain. The landscape is bizarre yet unique.

Bad Water Basin

Located at 282 feet below sea level, it is not only the lowest point in the whole of Death Valley but also in the North America. It is roughly about 18 miles south of the Visitor Centre. It is especially scenic here, a tip for taking pictures would be to walk out on the flats a bit and shoot back at the pool of water for reflection photos. Stroll on the salts flats and be amaze. There is a primitive toilet and a large parking area here.

Artist Drive & Artist Palette

A one way drive loop on Badwater Road, the 14km drive will take you through the multi-hued volcanic and sedimentary hills. Artist’s Palette is especially photogenic in late afternoon light. Primitive restroom located at Artist’s Palette parking area. The rocks within this section of the park have been stained myriad colours by minerals within, creating a view that resembles an artist’s palette.