Nuremberg, City of Christmas Market

Currency: Euro

Language: German

Tax Refund: Can be done together on your final departure from European Union

From Airport / Train Station to the City

The U2 subway line connects Nuremberg Airport with the central train station providing access to Nuremberg’s city center in about 12 minutes.

For the majority the Train Station will be the main access point. The main train station itself is located right next to the old city, which is a stroll away. Your DB or VGN ticket allows you to use over 650 bus and rail services, the U-Bahn, the S-Bahn and R-Bahn, trams, buses and DB trains. The best way to get around will be on foot then.



The imperial castle of Nuremberg is an 11th century sandstone castle. Besides the royal palace and gardens you could also get a sweeping view of the city. It is great walking the grounds and seeing a different style of palace. Located inside the castle would also be the city museum. In the winter months the castle is open from 10am to 4pm. Tickets cost around 6 Euros.

Art Bunker (Kunstbunker)

This is the most impressive bunker from World War 2, hidden in the rocks of the castle hill it was used during the war to preserve the city most priced treasures. Tours are conducted every 2.30pm and must be booked. It gets pretty chilly in the bunker. Tickets cost 5 Euros. The meeting point for guided tours would be at the brewery at Hausbrauerei Altstadthof, Bergstraße 19.

Way of Human Rights

This is an outdoor monument located in the city to shake off the Nazi era reputation and associate itself with being a city of peace and human rights. In each pillar of the monument is an article of the declaration of human rights.

Reich Party Rally Grounds

Located just outside of the city centre. This place is the grounds for celebration for the Nazi party in the past. It is not a complete establishment since most of the plans didn’t come to work when they are in power. It is pretty great to check out the whole place, it is massive. The place can be reached by tram number 6 or 9. The documentation centre museum in the congress hall is nice, with an informative guided tour for 5 Euros.

Fleisch Bridge

Also known as the Pegnitz Bridge this arch bridge is pretty gorgeous. Linking both side of the river in the old town, the renaissance style is awesome. The most impressive fact would be the bridge actually was unaffected by the world war and remains till today from 1596.


This is the central square in the city of Nuremberg, with must activities in the square daily. This is also the place for any fairs or markets. The Christmas markets here in the weeks leading up to Christmas is also super impressive. Check out the fountain and also when it is 12pm, check out the famous clock on the church.


The Church of Our Lady is located on the east side of the main square. It is a great example of brick gothic architecture. The church is impressive and a perfect postcard background.

St Sebald Church

One of the two main church in this city. St Sebald or Sebalduskirche is known for its interior, which the high arch way inside is definitely impressive. In the centre of the church also lies the grave of the city saint, depicting the scene of its life.

St Lawrence Church

The other counterpart of church, it is built from the 13th to 15th century, taking over 200 years to complete. The exterior of the church includes a towering height of 81m. Badly damaged in the war, it had been restored and remain to be a popular attraction.


Historische Bratwurstküche – Zum Guldenen Stern

Zirkelschmiedsgasse 26, 90402 Nürnberg, Germany

Known as the oldest sausage restaurant in the world, what better way is there to try the food of the city besides here. Of course, the original Nuremberg grilled sausages is a must order. Open daily from 11am to 10pm.


Hall Pl. 2, 90402 Nürnberg, Germany

A large lively as the way German beer hall. Together with a nice exterior façade their own blond beer which they brew in house is also a must try. Open daily from 11am to 1am.