Edinburgh, Capital of Scotland

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Carlton Hill

Carlton Hill is one of Edinburg main hills and it is set right in the city centre. The hill itself pulls one of the best sweeping views of the city. It is located just off Leith St. In the streets surrounding the hill, you can also find bakeries, café and stores. It is also unmistakable recognizable with its Athenian acropolis poking above the skyline.

Holyrood Park & Arthur’s Seat

This grand park is located to the east of the city. It is extremely huge. Arthur’s Seat is also located in the park, it is also the highest point. Standing at 251m, it provides excellent view and is an easy climb. It does get a little windy up there. The view is worth the climb.

Palace of Holyroodhouse

Located at the end of the Royal Mile, leading to the Holyrood Park and Arthur Seat. The queen official residence in Edinburg is a 16th century royal palace and abbey. Come here and check out the receptions rooms, antiques and relics. It is perfect to combine a day here together with Arthur Seat. It is open daily from 9.30am to 4pm in winter and till 6pm in summer. Ticket cost 14 Pounds for adults and 12.70 for concession.

Royal Mile

The main street in the city of Edinburg. It can also be said as the grandest street in the whole of the city. It run all the way from the Castle to the Palace of Holyroodhouse, from end to end. On this street, you can find most stores and restaurants. St Giles Cathedral is also located on this stretch.

Edinburgh Castle

An amazing 11th century fortress perched on the top of the Castle Rock. Archaeologists have established human occupation of the rock since at least the Iron Age, The castle and barracks also housed the crown jewels and national war museum of Scotland. Tickets are popular and must be bought online in advance, tickets cost 17 Pounds. The castle is open from 9.30am daily till 6pm in summer and 5pm during winter.

Princes Street Gardens

This is the gardens that is located right next to the Edinburg Castle. It is super awesome to spend a nice afternoon here. It is also in between the old town and new town, which is Princes Street and the royal mile. Created in 1820, it have been constantly said as the most beautiful garden in Edinburg.

St Giles Cathedral

A grand gothic cathedral located on the Royal Mile, it was founded in 1124. Check out the place and absorb the place history. It is open from 9am till 5pm in the winter and till 7pm in the summer.


Dean Village

Located next to the Water of Leith to the west of the city, it is roughly a mile out and a 20 mins walk from the city, here you are able to see 19th century buildings. It is a perfect place for some pictures. Walk down Hawthornbank Lane, a narrow, cobblestone road that heads downhill along the Water of Leith. Enjoy the views of the small houses that line the street and the views over the river.


At the north east of the city lies, Leith a district near to the waters. It is home to hip creatives and locals. Waterfront seafood bistros and traditional pubs. The riverside Water of Leith Walkway and Leith Walk, a busy street with food and thrift shops. The bus 22 takes you to Leith from Edinburg Waverley. Great for a day out if you have additional time.

Rosslyn Chapel

This famous 15th century chapel is the filming location of The Da Vinci Code. It is located in the village of Roslin, just outside of Edinburg. Besides the remarkable history and architecture. This place will definitely be a popular spot for the book fans. The Intricately carved chapel built in 1446. It is open from 9.30am to 5pm from Mon to Sat.12pm to 4.45pm on Sun. It is roughly located about 22 mins by car from Edinburg.


Sunday Stockbridge Market

Located north of the city centre, this is a Sunday market that is held all year round from 10am to 5pm. Expect to find goods from local producer and stalls. It is a short walk from town. It is an experience. It is located near the Water of Leith.

Princes Street

Together with the Royal Mile, this is the most important streets in Edinburg, the street lines up against the gardens and here you can find most of the shops that you want.


Mary’s Milk Bar

19 Grassmarket, Edinburgh EH1 2HS, UK

The famous retro ice cream parlour that is popular for its homemade gelato. It is best to stop by for a little snack after checking out the Edinburg Castle which is just nearby. It is open from Wed to Sun, from 11am to 7pm, with later timings on Sun. Try their Doughnut Oyster or the Hot Chocolate Float, all with a view of the castle.


3 Bristo Pl, Edinburgh EH1 1EY, UK

This is one of the place to be in Edinburg, it is open from 10am till late daily. Perfect from breakfast till supper. The place is located in an old church and even a shipping container. Prices range from 7 – 14 Pounds. Perfect for dinner.

Mussels Inn

61-65 Rose St, Edinburgh EH2 2NH, UK

A local seafood speciality that also have branches in Glasgow, it is informal and priced on their fresh produce. Open from 12 – 3pm for lunch and 5.30 – 10pm for dinner. There are promotion for pre theatre menu and lunch specials as well. Prices are fair for seafood.

The City Café

19 Blair St, Edinburgh EH1 1QR, UK

An American diner if you are looking for something different. It is located near the royal mile. It is open from 9am till past midnight. They even serve up decent breakfast. Their milkshake are awesome.


41 Frederick St, Edinburgh EH2 1EP, UK

A tea room that serves up high tea and light lunches. Their cake are good as well. It is open daily from 9am to 6pm. Perfect ambience for authentic afternoon tea.



3a St Andrew Square, Edinburgh EH2 2BD, UK

This Indian restaurant that have news all over London have also an outlet in Edinburg. It serves up modern Indian cuisine with a twist, such examples include its famous bacon naan. It is most famous for its Bacon Naan which is only available during breakfast. Open from 8am till late. 9am on weekends.

Mimi’s Little Bakehouse

250 Canongate, Edinburgh EH8 8AA, UK

Located on the Royal Mile. It is a chain bakery that serves up great cakes and comfort food. The place is open from 8am to 6pm with opening timings at 9am on weekends. The location is good, although lacking seats. They have an outlet in Leith also. Prices are on the higher side.

Tempting Tattie

18 Jeffrey St, Edinburgh EH1 1DT, UK

This little fast food place is a local favourite. It is located just off the Royal Mile, open from 11.30am to 8pm and closed on Sun. The Baked Potato are awesome. It is more of a takeaway place.


34 Victoria St, Edinburgh EH1 2JW, UK

This place is a little stop while you are wandering around to grab one of their popular hog roast roll. It is so awesome and delicious. The roast is skin crispy and then tender inside. Prices range from 3.40 – 5.80 Pounds. Awesome for anytime.

Café Piccante

19 Broughton St, Edinburgh EH1 3JU, UK

Open from 4pm to 2am daily this is one of the best late night place to be in Edinburg, their Fish & Chips are one of the best. The food is good and the prices is nice as well. They sells everything from chips to kebabs and mars bar as well.