York, England                           

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York Minister

This is the most impressive and magnificent cathedral in the world, located in the charming city hub of York, the Gothic Medieval Cathedral is a must visit. The opening timings are from 9am to 4.30pm on Mon to Sat and on Sun 12.45pm to 3pm. Entrance are a little on the expensive tickets with adults and concession going for 10 and 9 pounds respectively.

Clifford Tower

The remains of the once standing York Castle, this impressive tower is still standing strong. Built by Willian the Conqueror, it has once served as a prison and royal mint. From the tower and surrounding grounds, you can get impressive panoramic views over the city of York. It is open daily from 10am to 4pm. Ticket cost about 5.40 for Adults and 4.90 for Concession.

St Mary Abbey

An 11th century church ruins that is extremely gorgeous. The place is medical and gorgeous, so is the surrounding gardens. The place was originally built in 1088, although it is destroyed over the years. It is located right outside the city walls. The museum gardens that surrounds the abbey is also extremely beautiful.

City Walls

Being a walled city in the past, another perks of being in York is the ability to do a walk on the city walls which were built originally in 71 AD. They are open daily from 8am to dusk. One of the access gates is located right from Fishergate Bar. The train station is right outside the walls.

The Shambles

This famous street can be said as the beating heart of York. It is lined up with timber framed buildings, with some dating back to the 14th century. Here you can also find the famous Shambles Market. It is an experience to walk through here. It used to house butcher shops although now it is more of a High Street


Shambles Market

Shambles Market is the place to be in the city, it is an outdoor market with a diverse collection, with over 70 stalls. You can find from fresh produce to unique crafts and even street food. It is open 7 days a week from 7am to 5pm.


Drakes Fish & Chips

97 Low Petergate, York YO1 7HY, UK

One of the best in York. It’s cheap, fast and delicious. Located in the city centre, this little place is perfect for grabbing some takeaway. It is open daily from 11am to 10.30pm. Prices start from 5.50 Pounds.

Shambles Kitchen

28 Shambles, York YO1 7LX, UK

Located in the vicinity of the Shambles Market. This place is good for grabbing a bite while touring around the area. It is famous for the pulled pork sandwich, coming at 6.50 Pounds is a must try while in York. Open from 9.30am daily till 3.30pm. With later timings on weekends. The sandwiches are available till sell out.

Betty’s Cafe Tea Room

6-8 St. Helen’s Square, York YO1 8QP, UK

You can be in the medieval city of York without trying some local high tea. Betty’s is a local favourite, popular with people of all ages. The food is good and the décor is amazing as well. Prices are although more expensive. Open from 9am to 9pm daily. With earlier timing on Sat.