Currency: Euro

Language: German

Tax Refund: Can be done together on your final departure from European Union

From Train Station to City

The main train station Heidelberg Hbf is located in the western part of the city, from there you can take a tram to any place downtown.



The old town part of the city, it is located along the city for more than a mile. With the main street Hauptstraße cutting across the town. This street is also the main shopping place in town, with numerous shops and restaurants.

Heidelberg Castle

The most popular attraction in this city, it is also known as the Schloss Heidelberg, it is a ruined 16th century castle on a hill with gorgeous red façade. The interior of the castle can only be viewed with a guided tour while the exterior grounds are meant to be enjoyed at your own pace. It is 8am to 6pm and from 1 Nov to 31 Mar from 10am to 6pm. In the winter months, guided tours in English are conducted at 1115, 1215, 1415 and 1615. The tickets cost 7 for adults and 4 Euro for concession while the guided tour are 5 for adults and 2.50 Euro for concession.


Also known as the church of the Holy Spirit. It is one of the largest one in the world. Although its exterior may not mean much but the interior of the church certainly have a little pull that you might enjoy.


A nearby mountain that offers a bird eye view over the whole of the charming Heidelberg. The mountain can be accessible by a hike or by the railway that departs from Kornmarkt. The railway connects both the castle as well as the Konigstuhl Mountain. A return ticket for both the castle and the mountain cost 12 for adults or 10 for Concession. The tickets also include entry to the castle grounds and wine cellar.

Alte Brucke (Old Bridge)

Open in 1788, this is the iconic arch bridge that you would have probably know of in this town. A visit here sure can’t be missed. The bridge also links both side of the town. Look at the nice Neckar River too while on the bridge.


The central square in the town, this place have numerous shops and restaurants. The town hall are located here too. There are usually many activities, from markets to fairs or even street performance.

Heidelberg University

Located west of the market square, this is the main university of the town. With a bustling student population it is always busy. Admire the campus, feel the vibes. If possible, you could also grab a bite at their student cafeteria, Zeughaus-Mensa im Marstall which was once an armoury.