Cambridge, University City

Currency: Sterling Pounds

Language: English 🙂

Tax Refund: Even though it is not part of the EU tax refund can be done together on your final departure from European Union

From Train Station to the City

Roughly only 80 km away from London, some of the London airports are in vicinity of Cambridge, but most will arrive on trains. Stansted airport for example is reachable via rail in 35 mins and take around 12.80 pounds.

Regular trains run from London King’s Cross and Liverpool Street station to Cambridge. The fastest trains are known as Cambridge Cruiser run nonstop and take under 50 min. The train station is located south of the city center, you can stroll into the center or there will be plenty of bus and taxi available.


Bridge of Sighs

Probably one of the most famous attractions in Cambridge and many one of the most famed one in the hearts and mind of Singaporeans since there is a famous picture of Lee Kuan Yew taken here.

Cambridge University Library

The must visit here would be the tower of the library. This place is also the main research place of the university with one of the greatest collection of books and research. With over 700 years of history, it is open from 9am to 7.15pm

King’s College Chapel

With almost more than 500 years of legacy, this chapel is both valuable and also extremely gorgeous. The exterior façade will definitely leave you jaw dropping. The chapel is built with late Gothic edifice with a vast fan vaulted ceiling, ornate stained glass windows. The interior are great and usually there are choir playing.

River Cam

The view of the chapel and Cambridge architecture across from the river is magnificent. Some have even said that this is city is one of the most beautiful one in the world. Enjoy the sweeping views and take in some education breath.

Mathematical Bridge

This is a wooden footbridge that connects both side of the river cam. What was impressive was the fact that this bridge was actually done without any nuts and bolts. But that was a myth. It is actually the arrangement of timbers in a way that they are rigid and support each other.

Great St Mary’s Church

St Mary the Great is a Church of England parish and university church at the north end of King’s Parade in central Cambridge. Built in 1519 it is older than all of us. The tower also offers great views of the city. It is open from Mon to Sat from 10am to 5pm.

The Backs

An area behind King’s College and King’s parade, it provide another angle to look at this pretty city of Cambridge, along together with the greens and amazing façade of the buildings. This is a great way to spend some of that precious afternoon of yours.


King’s Parade

The main street in the city of Cambridge, being the only shopping haven in town, this place has all sorts of things. Numerous shops and restaurant can be found here including cafes and souvenier shops. In the nearby market square, there is usually a general market.

Ryder & Amies

22 King’s Parade

Open daily from 8.30am to 6pm, 10am on Sunday, this place sells the university product, from clothing to cups and stuff, might be worthy of a visit if you are keen to get some university products.