Grand Canyon

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From Airport to the City

The main access to the Grand Canyon would be by driving. Most of the sites will require a vehicle. If you do not wish to drive you can join a day tour. A great place to base your trips would be from Las Vegas.


Grand Canyon Village

The main part of the Grand Canyon National Park and it is also most probably the first place you will reach after arriving. The visitor here and facilities are well equipped and they also have huge parking space. It is also the main transportation hub in the area. The area is also near to the Yavapai Point and Mather Point. Besides information on Grand Canyon you can also see exhibits and watch a movie about Grand Canyon. The parking at Lot 1 is nearest to the Mather Point outlook.

Mather Point

This is the place where you have the first view of the Grand Canyon. It is near to the village and you can walk for a short while from the parking. From here you can also take a short walk to Yavapai Point.

Yavapai Point

Yavapai Point is near the south entrance of the park and provides a spectacular view of the canyon. Because of the panoramic view it is a good location for both sunrise and sunset. It is famous for its view but has limited parking, it is also an easy walk from Mather Point.


The village is the historical part of Grand Canyon where you can see most of the development in the South Rim. Some of the sights here include the Santa Fe Railroad, several historical buildings and also the Verkamp Visitor Centre. Some of the trails and lookout here are gorgeous. The marketplace here also consists of a deli and some stores. Parking lot C is most convenient and closest. The village is also located near to the Hermit Road.

Hermit Road

A gorgeous scenic road on the west portion of Grand Canyon, it is immediately located to the west of the Village. The extremely popular route with many lookouts is only open to private vehicles from Dec to Feb, on the other months it is only accessible via the shuttle bus. The total length is about 7km.

Hopi Point

The first stop of our trip on Hermit Road, this overlook gives you unobstructed canyon vista views and it is especially popular during sunrise or sunset. The Colorado River comes into view to the west. Restrooms are available here.

Mohave Point

Located right next to Hopi Point, in addition to the marvellous view, it also offers view of the Colorado River deep into the canyon. The features here are the terraced cliffs, sandstone mesas and curving river.

The Abyss

This viewpoint provides an almost vertical view down into the canyon, looking down into the Monument Creek drainage area where backpackers often camp next to Monument Creek or on a small beach along the Colorado River at Granite Rapids. Check out the amazing vertical drop downs and if you are daring enough, a picture of you siting on the cliffs are impeccable.

Pima Point

Enjoy far stretch view over the horizon and the curvy rivers. The vastness will really leave you yearning for more. Many people review that this is one of the better overlook over the canyon. Parking is available here.

Hermits Rest

The final stretch of the route, this can be said as the ending point of the drive, the old miner’s cabin which is known as Hermit Rest is built in  1914 by one of the canyon famous architect. Hermits Rest has a gift shop and small snack bar. Restrooms are available here. Parking is available here.

Dessert View Drive

A scenic drive on the south rim of the Grand Canyon, it is roughly about 25 miles long and located to the east of the visitor centre. The road ends at the historical watchtower.

Grand View Point

This outlook viewpoint overlooks a panorama of colourful canyons, ridges & the snaking Colorado River. Parking is available here but may be limited. You can also see several bends of the river.

Moran Point

The highlight here will be the difference in the slights you will see. You will be able to see many unique rock formations. You will be able to see distinct levels of rock formation.

Lipan Point

From this viewpoint you can get expansive views of the inner gorge. The Hance Rapid is one of the many powerful white-water rapids along the Colorado River. Another prominent sight is the Unkar Delta which was once home to ancestral Puebloan people and is the site of active archaeological study.

Nevajo Point

Just a few minutes west of the Desert View Watchtower, this viewpoint offers a great view of the watchtower as well as panoramic vistas to the west and a view north up the Colorado River. Navajo Point is the highest overlook on the South Rim. The picture of the watchtower as well as the Colorado River is a worthy sight.

Dessert view & Watchtower

The historic Watchtower is a popular stop for many travellers and provides an excellent vantage point for viewing the canyon and Colorado River. You may reach the top of the tower via the steps. This historical tower is designed by Mary Colter.


El Tovar Hotel Dining

El Tovar Hotel, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023, United States

One of the better place to dine in the Grand Canyon, located in the south rim, it is actually a fine dining establishment but decent smart casual is sufficient. Expect rustic yet classic ambience complement with a traditional menu with south-western influences. The lounge also boosts amazing canyon views. Lunch is served between 11am to 2.30pm. Try to snag a window seat if you are lucky.