Ponza, The Hidden Island

Currency: Euro

Language: Italian

Tax Refund: Can be done together on your final departure from European Union

From Ferry Terminal to the City

Ponza is only reachable via Ferry. You can take the ferry from the port of Formia, Anzio or Naples. The ferry terminal in Ponza is located right int he heart of the city. You can reach anywhere on foot here or via a cab ride.


Chaia di Luna

This is the best attraction and the very must visit on Ponza. It is the greatest beach in the world. Known as Half Moon Beach it is shaped like a crescent. White sandy beach located right under the cliffs it is awesome. While pictures look amazing here, you got to try it for yourself and lie on the sand too. It is located to the west of the island.

Boat Trip


After all Ponza is an island that is surrounded by gorgeous waters and unique rock formation. Some of them are really unbelievable and you will go admiring how it has actually been form. Renting a boat to take you out and see the view from another angle is truly amazing. Seeing the island is truly magnificent and can’t be missed.

Piscine Naturali

One of the best scenic view in Ponza, it aren’t a beach but rather more feel like a rocky swimming area. You won’t be surprise to see many people jumping off into the sea as they feels like it. With reefs and white cliff the water here is calm and clear.


Osteria By Ponza Fish

Piazza Carlo Pisacane, 51, 04027 Ponza LT, Italy

The most romantic and the best restaurant in town. It boost sweeping views of the bay and the port. Even with this view and ambience, the food is even better. Old school, simple cooking and fresh taste. It is marvellous.

Ristorante Il Pescatore

Strada Provinciale la Forna, 04027 Ponza LT, Italy

Located in the La Forna district it is the constantly ranked number one in Ponza and also achieve high ratings. The pasta here are amazingly good. The fish baked with lemon comes highly recommended, similarly the octopus on polenta. Prices are fair for the quality. If you are staying in the port side, a bus will be required to reach the place. It is open daily from 7.30pm to midnight.

Il Tramonto

Via Campo Inglese – Le Forna, 04027 Ponza LT, Italy

One of the most amazing restaurant in Ponza, this place is especially famed for its sunset views with will legit leave you in tears. Feast on the local seafood caught right from the waters that you are looking at and you will enjoy the views of the Palmarola in the distance.