Brno, Capital of Moravian

Currency: Czech Koruna

Language: Czech, German and a dialect known as Hantec

Tax Refund: Can be done together on your final departure from European Union

From Train Station to the City

Brno hlavní nádraží is located close to the city center; almost all attractions are just within a few minutes’ walk. These attractions are to the north of the station, to the left coming out; follow the sign marked “Centrum,” not the one marked “Centra.”


Cabbage Market

Already established in the 13th century this place is a market square as well as a market where the locals come to get their daily needs. The stalls sell the freshest produce from the region. In the middle of the market you can expect to find the Parnassus Fountain, A huge grand fountain located in the centre of the Cabbage Market square. Of baroque style the statue depicts Hercules restraining three headed Cerberus.

Cathedral of Saints Peter & Paul

Located in front of the Denis Gardens. This impressive Gothic cathedral with a baroque interior is rather impressive. The interesting part of this place is the ringing of the bells at 11am. Built in the 14th century, the exterior is especially impressive.

Freedom Square

The heart of the city this place is the liveliest in Brno and also the place full of people, restaurants and markets. It is shaped like an inverted A. Many places are also within a short walk from the square. Lining up the square are also many buildings and houses in a mix of old and new fashion.

Špilberk Castle

A castle on a hilltop, the construction of this place begins in the 13th century under the Bohemian King. It used to be a fortress, and jails in its tunnels. It is just a short walk away from the city centre. Now, there is a nice park around it and there is plenty of sightseeing to be done. It is open in the winter months from 9am to 5pm. The admission fee is 90 Czech Crowns.

Church of St. James

One of the main church in town, it is a late gothic church which have been here since the 13th century. Although it isn’t impressive on the exterior, the interior lies to be discovered. The interior has huge high ceiling with magnificent carvings. Then in the later years the second largest ossuary has been found under the church, after the catacombs of Paris. It is closed on Mon.

Denis gardens

Also known as the Park Denisovy Sady, this is the most gorgeous garden in Brno. It is worth taking a walk around here, having a seat on one of the benches there and seeing the world goes by. There is an obelisk and a colonnade, and it offers a nice view on the city, including the Špilberk castle and the cathedral. This is also the oldest park in town.

Jakubské náměstí

The main street in town that is full of people bar and restaurant. This is the place to be and you could often see people coming here after work or school to have a drink with friends and chit chat. Located behind the St James Church, if you are lucky there could be performance or street shows on the streets.