Brighton, England Seaside City

Currency: Sterling Pounds

Language: English 🙂

Tax Refund: Even though it is not part of the EU the tax refund can be done together on your final departure from European Union

From Train Station to the City

Trains to Brighton run from Victoria, London Bridge and the below-ground level of St Pancras stations in London, taking about an hour. The city is in the center of the city and you can get to the nearby places simply by walking. To get further out you can take a bus.


The Palace Pier

Also known as the palace pier it is definitely recognizable. The seafront and the pier itself make a deserved background for the pictures. There are many activities and stalls selling food and items on it. Although prices then to be the same since they are being owned by the same company. The pier itself has a history of more than a century and it is more than half a km long.

Royal Pavilion

Being described as flamboyant, the Royal Pavilion or Brighton Pavilion is a palace by the sea built for King George IV. It was done with an Asian flair, from an Indian theme to Chinese décor. The building itself along to the gardens are amazing. Even impressive was the fact that it was built in 1786. Tickets can be bought online and is cheaper. In winter it is open from 10am to 5.15pm while in summer it is open from 9.30am to 5.45pm. Tickets cost 12.30Pounds or 10.50 with concessions.

Brighton Beach

Of course a visit to a seaside town couldn’t do without a visit to the beach itself. In summer this place would be packed with tourists and locals. It might be a little chilly in the winter though. The beach however is a little pebble like. To the east of it is a nudist beach if that is your liking.

Brighton Marina

One of the must see in town. It is located immediately to the left of the pier. A further walk down to the left would be the impressive cliffs off the coast of UK. If your legs are up to it you could try spotting it.

The Lanes

The main area in Brighton is known as the lanes, this is also the main shopping district in the town. There are plenty of jewellery shops although many bars, cafes and even record shops can be found here too. The maze of tiny lanes is an attraction too. There are much unique and quirky finds to be discovered here.


Seafood Stalls

Of course the best food got to be from the sea in a coastal area. On the pier itself and before reaching the pier there are many small stalls selling the freshest produce from the local region. On the west of the pier also you could find mussels, oyster and other product. This makes it perfect to grab some and find a bench to let the amazing views accompany your food. One great example would be Brighton Shellfish & Oyster Bar.

The Regency

131 King’s Rd, Brighton BN1 2HH, UK

A highly raved local restaurant serving up fair prices seafood from the region. Food is delicious and you even get views of the beach and pier to accompany you. The varieties of seafood that they have were also impressive. It has also been cooking since 1930. Saying about that experience. Open daily from 8am to 10.30pm.