Siena, The Medival City

Currency: Euro

Language: Italian

Tax Refund: Can be done together on your final departure from European Union

From Train Station to the City

For the majority, the train will be your method of entrance to Siena, There are hourly train that goes to Siena from Florence. The train station in Siena is located approximately 2 km from Siena’s historical center. Buses numbers 3, 8, 10, 17, 77 leave from the station to Piazza del Sale and bus 17 departs from Piazza del Sale for the train station. if you don’t mind the walk, the center can be reached in roughly 20 mins also.

Once you are in the city center, most of it can be covered on foot.


Palazzo Pubblico

With a legacy for more than 800 years, this city hall has been in the books of the ups and downs of Siena history. The Gothic style town hall with red brick strikes among the Siena skyline and is undoubtedly. The fresco and museum collections are worthy of a visit. It is located on the Piazza del Campo, the central square.

Piazza del Campo

This square is one of the greatest medieval one in the whole of Europe and it is priced for its striking architecture and beauty. Its distinct shape which looks like a fish tail is also used as a racetrack. The square is the most glamorous right under the sun.

Torre del Mangia

Right next to the Pubblico Palace and also located on the plaza del campo is this stone tower towering 87 meters into the sky. It is built close to 700 years ago. On the top, besides the impressive view of the city red façade, it is also impossible to get a view of the country side. Tickets can be bought to go up and no more than 50 visitors are allowed at a single time.

Duomo di Siena

One of the must visit in town, this place is actually extremely gorgeous, some even once said that it is actually nicer than the tower of Pisa. Built in 1215 and towering 70metres into the sky this place is built with white and black stripe marble pillars. It is unique and they also believe that this would help in attracting the Muslim believers to convert. Inside the cathedral is also the Libreria Piccolomini, a library inside the duomo. It housed books, music instruments and is lined up with amazing fresco on its walls and ceilings.

Palazzo Salimbeni

Located in the north of the city centre is this urban palace built in 1400s. It is also the home of the world oldest bank. It is still currently a working bank and there is also an exhibition that tells the history of the place and past stories. Overall the palace is a great visit and definitely worthy of some pictures.

Donatella Tours

Donatella is a true Italian who lives in Siena. She offers on the ground tours and show you the true image of the Italians life. Do enquire if you can join her for a tour. Enquiries can be made online and through email with Donatella.

Fortezza Mediceana

A fort built in the 1500s, the place boost great views and amazing fresh air of the great country. It is a place for peace. A walk here will be amazing too. On Wednesdays, there is a market in the area from 7am to 2pm.


Consorzio Agrario Di Siena

Via Giuseppe Pianigiani, 9, 53100 Siena SI, Italy

Also known as the farmers’ association of Siena, this place is the place to go if you would like to get authentic local food produce. The prices here may not be cheap but you will definitely get the authentic product from the local region. It is closed on Sun and on Sat it is open from 9am to 8pm. On other days it is open from 8am to 8.30pm.

Montestigliano Olive Estate

Loc. Montestigliano, 53018 Fraz. Brenna, Sovicille SI, Italy

One of the most impressive estates located in Italy for food. The main product that they specialise in is olive oil. It is even possible to do a tasting of it here. It is roughly a 30mins drive from central Siena. The scenery and rustic luxury are impressive, with 2500 acres of lush olive trees and greenery.


Trattoria I Barberi

Via Stalloreggi, 10, 53100 Siena SI, Italy

Near the Duomo and serving up excellent Tuscan cuisine it is perfect for some hearty meals. One of the recommended to order would be the tagliolini with Black Truffle. It is open daily from 11am to 11pm.

Osteria Sotto le Fonti

Via Esterna di Fontebranda, 118, 53100 Siena SI, Italy

Located in the city centre but off the beaten path this is the place to get good Italian cooking in the heart of the city but not with the tourists. The owners serve you personally and recommend you wines. The restaurant also boosts views of the top of the Duomo. It is open from lunch from 12.30am to 14.30pm and 19.30pm to 10pm.

L’OSTERIA dei Rossi

81, Via dei Rossi, 79, 53100 Siena SI, Italy

The pasta here is amazing and unique. Prices are fair. It is located near to the main square. It is closed on Sundays and on the other days it is open from 12.30pm to 3pm and from 7pm to 10.30pm.

Pasticceria Nannini

Via Banchi di Sopra, 24, 53100 Siena SI, Italy

The best place in town for a true experience of having coffee at the bar just like how the Italians do and also here you can get the best pastry from Siena. The cenci, panforte and ricciarelli is the best in town. This place is one of the famed ones in town. It is open from 7am to 10.30pm daily.