Welcome to Seeing The World In Steps. This isn’t your average Travelogue where there will be numerous posts every month or week. Hopefully, even with my limited content, which I only have when I travel, I am able to bring you my little adventures, allowing my readers to see the world in steps, from an average working Singaporean perspective. This would also act as a little travel diary of mine. It will be something for me to reminisce about my past travels when I am old and frail.

A Traveller from the little red dot, Singapore

Aspires to visit all the cities and countries in my lifetime!

Recording my various experiences, exposure and adventures from my trips is something that I would like to achieve here. Travelling is something that I love and am passionate about. To be able to see the world, gain a new perspective and try new stuff. Accompanying them with my ever-expanding Magnet collection. I believe that travelling is something exceptional. We should make use of technological advancement and the “openness” of the world we currently own! From travelling, I would be able to experience first-hand, the interactions with locals and their cultures to widen my perspective and way of life. I do believe in learning from seeing, as an old Chinese saying “读万卷书不如行万里路”. Being in Singapore also makes me yearn for travel even more. I would love to see what the world looks like and the culture of different regions and societies. With Singapore being such a developed city and one that is rather young, this is something that we can’t enjoy here. Being a Singaporean also makes me feel so blessed, given that I have such a powerful little red book that enables me to travel to so many countries visa-free.

Some of my favourite blogs that I love are Ben from One Mile at a Time and Rachel from Dubai Dairies. Although my dream is to just travel around the world, it’s kind of unrealistic given that I am not born with a silver spoon nor did I strike the lottery, but rather just an average working Singaporean. Speaking about my favourite place in the world, there is never one. I explored to find new places to overtake the current favourite. As of now, this accolade goes to Isle of Skye in Scotland. I really love Europe, the people, the ancient cities and the culture, it just has that indescribable pull on me. Just a little about me, I love baguette, olive oil, white wines and champagne in particular. Europe over Asia. Hate blue cheese as well as century eggs. In general, I love things that people don’t. Exclusive vibes ya! While I continue my travels around the world, hopefully, I can continue finding new places that impress and surprises me. I hope to be able to share my trips, reviews and itinerary here.

My Top 10 Cities in the World:  

1.Isle of Skye


3.Cinque Terre




7.New York City




Hope you enjoy reading. Before you check out my posts here is a summary of the countries that I have travel to! Let me know if you have any suggestions for me!


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