Currency: Qatari Riyal (QAR)

Language: Arabic, English

Tax Refund: Tax Free Shopping Country

From Airport to Downtown

A ride from Doha Airport to city centre cost around 30 QAR or 11 SGD.

The city also have a well-established metro system that operates from approx. 6:00 – 22:30 and it connect the airport to downtown in 20 mins. Ticket price is 3 QAR per ride or 9 QAR for a day pass.


Katara Cultural Village & Katara Beach

Located north of the city, near The Pearl, this attraction is a must visit in Doha. It is the new cultural hub. Here you can find an amphitheatre, museum & convention centre, plus shops, eateries & a beach. It is directly connected with the metro as well. The close vicinity to The Pearl makes it perfect to check them out together.

The Pearl

Nicknamed the “Arabian Riviera”, this is a manmade island made to look like a string of pearls. It is the glamour’s part of Doha of every luxurious item to be found. Come here, walk thru the cafes and shops while scooping up the luxury yacht berth here. Walk around the Qanat Quartier while there.

Museum of Islamic Art

The most famous attraction in Doha. Located in the city centre in a dedicated off site island, it is also surrounded by a nice park. Besides the amazing exterior, the museum is also worth a visit for its Islamic Art collection. The best spot to take a memorable photo from your trip is to position yourself next to the promenade, close to the Museum of Islamic Art from the park, and from there capture the panoramic view of the skyscrapers. Open from Sun to Thu from 9am to 3pm.

Corniche Waterfront Promenade

The Doha Corniche is an attractive waterfront promenade that stretches seven kilometres along the Persian Gulf from the Sheraton Hotel in West Bay to the Museum of Islamic Art and is lined with palm trees and green parks. This is one of the best place for catching sunsets as well. A great place to get a pic of the Museum of Islamic Art as well.

Souq Waqif

The renovated Arabic market quarter with maze-like corridors. This is the place to come to get a feel of what it is like in the past. Although touristy, it is still a nice place to wander around. You can find a busy old marketplace and shopping artery filled to the brim with traditional Middle Eastern handicrafts, garments, souvenirs, home accessories and spices, to cafes and restaurants. While here, check out the park as well which is right next door.


City Centre Mall Doha

Great shopping centre near the exhibition centre, this is one of the largest mall in Doha and you can probably find everything that you might need. Plenty of food options available here as well.

Villaggio Mall

One of Doha’s newest malls, the mall is designed to look like Venice in terms of architecture. A little out of the city centre but connected via the metro as well for easy access. Nice to wander around if you have some time before heading to the airport.