Chippy Chat & Fast Food Magazines – Get Your Klaws Into This! (2021)

An editor from a UK based food magazine reach out to feature one of my Food Review that I wrote back in 2019 during my trip to Dublin, Ireland. It definitely brings back good memories of the food I had in Dublin. Klaw, a little seafood bar concept just off the Temple Bar area. You can find the article in the September 2021 issue. Here is a link to the article on page 36-37.



The Wall Street Journal – Failed ‘Travel Bubble’ Dashes Hopes of Stir-Crazy Vacationers—Again (2021)

I was featured on The Wall Street Journal, sharing my views on the Hong Kong – Singapore Air Travel Bubble. I was interview by Feliz from WSJ, an American business-focused, English-language international daily newspaper based in New York City. You can read the full article here. I have also insert some snippets of it below.

Wall Street Journal Snippets 2

Wall Street Journal Snippets

TODAYonline – HK-S’pore air travel bubble (2021)

I shared my views on the HK – Singapore Air Travel Bubble. Being a traveller on both the first time it launched back in November 2020 and this time round in May 2021. I will be giving it another try and heading to Hong Kong this coming summer under the ATB where travellers from both Singapore and Hong Kong are able to travel quarantine free, the way of travelling in this new COVID world. I was interview by Natasha from Todayonline, a Singapore English-language digital news provider under Mediacorp. You can read the full article here. I have also insert some snippets of it below.



Channel News Asia – Money Mind (2021)

In 2021 April, I took an interview sharing my views on doing staycations, hotels stays while in my home country and sharing my views on it. A little feature on Channel News Asia an English-language news channel based in Singapore. The interview starts at 09.21. You are able to watch the full program here or at meWatch. I have also insert the clip right below.

Veritat (2015)

Some of you might not have know, but actually I do hold a full time finance job! This probably relates to this blog, which explains why I have to see the world in STEPS due to time concern and more importantly money concern. Even with that in mind, I will still work towards my goal of seeing the world. My aim to pen down my travels aren’t to make me famous or gain sponsorship but to actually allow me to look back at these places that I have once been to. Although, I definitely won’t mind a sponsored trip any time!  Recently, I had an interview for my company weekly newsletter which I have attached above. Hope you guys enjoyed!

Seeing The World In Steps Veritat

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