Peking to Beijing: Prime Hotel Beijing Wangfujing

Beijing International Airport is one of the most airy one in the world, immediately after landing, I can start to feel how stuffy the place is, especially in this time of the year where beijing is so hot. Beijing Summer is really no joke! The immigration process is pretty well thought out. Although for any new visitors, you will have to go to a automated kiosk to log in your fingerprint, after that you can head to the counters, although there was a queue, it is moving rapidly, given how many counters are in operations. We then collected our bags and head towards getting a cab. Taxis or cabs here are call “Si Zhao Che” which literally means private hire cars. Although you can take the mrt or buses, taxis are your best bet, they are cheap and efficient. A journey cost about 100 Yuan to the city centre and take about 45 mins. After much research, I have chose to stay in Prime Hotel Wangfujing, a 5 star hotel located at the northern end of Wangfujing and also walkable distance to a metro station.

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Trip de Americae: Millennium Biltmore Los Angeles

I had a little trouble during the final part of my trip in the states. I guess sometimes, your plans doesn’t always goes accordingly. I have to say that I am already very glad that so far, everything have been rather peaceful up to this moment. If anyone still remember the crazy California wildfire that just went crazy and rip throughout the whole state. Yup, I was caught right in the middle of it! One of them was even super close to UCLA, and burn down houses in Bel Air. In fact after San Francisco, I was suppose to do a 2d1n drive down to Napa Valley, then make my way to Los Angeles, although after seeing footage of the Wildfire, I decided that taking a place might be much better. Thankfully I managed to cancel my car rental and hotels at no extra cost, since they understand my plight! I book a last min flight and flew Virgin America down to LAX. I will not review the flight again since it is rather similar to my previous one. Los Angeles is a huge city, with many district, in fact, no one really have a good suggestion on where to stay in LA. I decided on downtown since I could get to all the district in LA like Hollywood, Santa Monica easily. I found quite a good deal on Millenium Biltmore Los Angeles and decide to stay there.

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Trip de Americae: Parc 55 Hilton San Francisco

Upon arrival in SFO, the main airport in San Francisco Bay Area, we took the transfer to the rail and then head towards the city using the BART! The BART is like the mrt or metro that we have in other countries! It serve most of the Bay area! Usually the most important stations in San Francisco downtown area are from Civic Centre to Embarcadero! The ride from SFO takes about 20-30 mins and cost about 10 bucks! After all San Francisco is an expensive place! Parc 55 location is perfect, steps from Powell St Station and right in the heart of the city! Union Square and the major shopping district are just steps away as well as many eateries! You really can’t get any better than this!

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Trip de Americae: Hilton Seattle

The flight was short and sweet, I flew in Delta again, the experience is roughly the same as my previous one when flying in to Vegas. We actually landed in Seattle, before 3pm. I am so happy to finally been in Seattle after hearing about this place for so long! Grey’s Anatomy is one of my very favourite all time TV Series, I am so glad to be finally in the place where the show is set in. Something adrupt happen after collecting my baggage, my luggage got damaged by the airline, so I spend a little while sorting out stuff with the airline before taking the Light Link Rail to my hotel. The ride was fast and cheap, costing only 3 USD. I love how quaint and chill Seattle is, compared to other destination, it is so much less touristy here. It also seems that the people here have a very high quality of life! Seattle also have a pretty great population of Koreans and Chinese! The University Street Station is located right in the heart of Seattle, is just steps from the Hilton. Although the street are pretty hilly, so might be a little tough with the bags!

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Trip de Americae: New York New York Hotel & Casino 

Apologies for the confusion, but despite the title makes it sound like I am still in NYC, this is actually the hotel that I am staying at in Las Vegas! Continuing on the previous post where I landed in Las Vegas McCarren International Airport, it was an efficient landing and in minutes after collection of my baggage I was whisked off to the offsite car rental centre to pick up my rental car. I will have a whole post on my experience with Sixt and driving in Las Vegas so hang on a while for that. Despite getting lost a bit and figuring out the unfamiliar roads, we stop off at Walmart to grab some supplies for our stay in Las Vegas before driving to the New York New York Hotel & Casino. The New York New York Hotel & Casino is located right in the strip and on the southern end of it. Of course, with any visitors to Vegas! I will definitely recommend to stay right in the Vegas. As with Vegas, you will want to be in the action of it!


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Trip de Americae: The Westin New York Grand Central

Yeah, Yeah, Im’ma up at Brooklyn, now I’m down in Tribeca

Right next to DeNiro, But I’ll be hood forever

I’m the new Sinatra, and since I made it here

I can make it anywhere, yeah they love me everywhere

I used to cop in Harlem, all of my dominicanos

Right there up on Broadway, brought me back to that McDonald’s

I guess New York City is everyone dream, it used to be the place and the symbol for freedom and independence and it is right now still a place for anyone to express your views and ideas without fear. New York City, the Big Apple is definitely one of the most culturally diverse place that I have ever been, it is nice to see how people from all places and different background coming together in this community. I guess I can finally say that I have been in NEW YORK CITY! However, this is also one of the most touristy place in the world, and, it is definitely not a cheap place to travel! New York City actually consists of 5 main borough, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island. Personally I guess most of the people would want to stay in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Although everywhere is well connected by the Subway, which is also the best way to get around town. I choose Manhattan since it was close to the action and then of course it is also nearer to everywhere in town. I was with my parents so cutting down on the travels is much better. I chance upon The Westin New York Grand Central which is right smack in 42 St, near the Grand Central Station!

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Chapter Wanderlust: Hotel Palace Bologna

After a fast 30 mins train ride from Florence, I arrived in Bologna. It was short and crowded. Thankfully the ride was short. It was the most crowded Italian train that I have ever taken, thankfully I still managed to get some space for my luggage. Bologna can be said as the major connection or railstop in the northern part of the country. So the trains here are pretty frequent. Bologna train station is located just on the fringe of the city, so from there it is an easy 15 to 20 mins walk to the central area. I booked my accommodation kind of last min since I was actually due to stay with a friend in town. However there is some glitch that she has last min which result in me making other plans. I decide to put up in Hotel Palace Bologna since the location is good and it is well priced. I would say that it is a solid 3 star hotel.

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