Officially known as an Executive Room, this is also a Demo room. Unofficially as the nicest room in the whole of Hilton Singapore. That is 1 out of 423 rooms and suites that they have over here. This is really one of a kind and my very first time staying in a Demo room as well. I can’t believe that I am back again at Hilton Singapore. The staff must be thinking I am some stalker or Hilton Singapore addict! Couldn’t miss up the opportunity to check out this room, I am back again for another staycation, two more night credit, a little more points clocked. Sadly the wallet is getting lighter at the same time. Just a little about this Demo Room! Hilton Singapore is currently in the midst of renovating their rooms, especially the Executive floors. As such, they have done up one of the room as a Demo, to see how it will be like to trial things out. Thus, there is only 1 of them in the whole hotel. Yes the one and only one! Although given the impact of COVID and the pending new Hilton that is coming up in late 2021 – 2022. Renovations plans are not certain yet. The Demo King Executive Room is a drastic change from the tired and last era counterparts. Don’t worry, I will reveal the room number at the end of the post so you can try to experience it as well. Having shared so extensively on Hilton Singapore previously, I will just skip right to the room itself for this post. Check out my previous post on their, King Executive Plus Room and the King Executive Suite if you would like to read more of the property itself.


King Executive Room / Demo Room

The room is located on the 21st floor, 2101 to be exact. This is a very special room for me and I was kinda really excited for it. It is located just to the left of the lift beside the Presidential Suite. Even the door have a different shade than the rest. I really can’t believe that this is the only one room in the whole of the hotel! Squeal guys! Immediately after entering the room I was amazed by how classy and chic the decor! THIS IS NOT A HILTON!!! The use of dark grey and brown colours finishing, non carpeted floors, combine with gold / bronze trimmings on the touches, such as the rack theme, the dining / working desk and then a little light grey love seat at the far end of the room. OMG! It is so fresh and classy in comparison to the usual rooms here or at Hilton worldwide. This is definitely one of the nicest and welcoming room that I have stayed in a Hilton besides Hilton Rotterdam. It felt like a Conrad or WA! Now this is the kind of hotels we need to have! The room have a modern classy minimalist design style with an open concept, where both the wardrobe and washroom are open to the entire room, making the usual 32 Sqm room look bigger than it is. Immediately towards the left of the room you can find the open wardrobe concept which is incorporate into the room design. The gold frame provides a hanging rack for your clothes above the luggage rack area. This “frame” further extends towards the mini bar area and the TV console. I do feel that this area is a little tight and might not be sufficient for your belonging if you have a long stay. For a local staycations or short trip it’s sufficient. Then next to it is some additional storage. Where the safe is located too. I also love how they use some dark grey boxes instead of classic drawers to store the amenities provided such as bath slippers, iron and a hair dryer. Very nicely done while keeping to the theme.


Adjacent to that you can find the mini bar area. Everything is exactly the same as the normal rooms. You can find a kettle, Nespresso machine and TWG teas are also provided. A little fridge is provided as well and kept empty, probably due to the Covid situation.


Right smack in the middle of the room lies a lush and comfortable king size bed. Hilton beds never disappoints and I had a comfortable sleep on this as well! The bed firmness were just to my liking! I also love the pillows which were not paper thin!


Two night stand surrounds the bed, one circular and one squarish table. I love the design of them as well as the side lamp. It’s commendable that they didn’t forget the basics when designing this room. Multiple international outlets and even USB outlets can be found easily on both side of the bed as well as light switches! Blinds are also controlled electronically over here. Wifi strength is very good in the room and you will have no trouble working or streaming shows here.


The large 55 inch Samsung Smart TV faces the bed, mounted on the wall, incorporated into the golden rack! The mount is also a rotatable one, making it easy to angle the TV towards any area of the room, such as the Bathroom or the couch and table area. I feel that the TV was of a good size, perfect for a lazy day on bed after breakfast.


At the far end of the room, next to the bed, you can find a nice light grey couch which looks super classy and comfortable as well. It can be used as a daybed for lazing, as well as a little extra bed for kids, if you are staying with your family.


Amid size circular table can be found on the side of the room with a chair. This act as the working desk as well. Multiple outlets can be found convenient here too! Given the location of the table against the side of the room towards the window. I felt like another chair could be added actually given how the table would fit 2-3 person nicely. It would be nice for dates, having dinner with your partner in the room or working together.


Back to the bathroom which is located near the entrance. Although it’s an open concept, they do have sliding doors for some privacy. Do note that it does not comes with any lock though if that is a concern. I would not say that the bathroom is spacious, but the open concept does helps! You can find a cosmetic mirror in addition to the main mirror with lights built into them above the squarish sink. This makes the whole place looking very tech savvy and chic. Keeping to the theme, on the side you can find some gold racks where you can find the usual toiletries placed.


The bathrooms comes with a standing shower concept with both a handheld showerhead and a rainforest shower! The water pressure is alright, but not excellent! I also feel that it would be nicer if they could install some sort of hooks or rack. I have difficulty finding a place to hang my used bath towel.



One of the nicest and newest room I ever got to stay in. I also love every area and aspect of the room. While certain small areas can definitely be improved on such as the luggage area, bathroom. I do also want to point out that the room is a little dark with all the warm lighting. This is definitely my favourite room and the one to go to if I am ever back at this Hotel! Hope you guys get to try it sometime soon as well.

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