Bali Mattress Run: Eating and Dining in Bali

From simple grab food to babi guling and by the beach. Bali never disappoints! Balie, the famous island for it’s beach and resort, I knew these would be the impressive ones, but I never knew the cuisine or food here would have a lasting effect on me as well. That is impressive and out of the blue. Surprisingly the food in bali is drastically different to the rest of the country, since the predominant religion here is hindu, the food are more pork dominated rather than beef, which suits me better. Every single meal I had was memorable and full of praises from me, even randomly ordered delivery ones was gobbled down with me wishing I had ordered a double portion. I have actually wanted to just include in my main sharing on Bali itself, but the meals I had were that good that they warrant a separate one.

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The Bucket List: Bouillon Chartier

One of the most iconic bistro in town when in Paris is Bouillon Chartier. It is one that is popular with both locals as well as tourists. A bistro served up which is said to have its roots from Paris is a local small restaurant, serving affordable simple meals with alcohol. Bistros are defined mostly by the foods they serve. You can expect to find French home-style cooking, and slow-cooked foods like cassoulet, a bean stew in them. Let me just say that Bouillon Chartier is nothing but small or modest. It is one of the most famous dining joint in Paris. Serving up iconic French dishes since 1896, it is more than a century old. Located in the 9th arrondissement which is also the main shopping district, it is perfect after a long day being on your feet. It is also open from 11.30am to midnight everyday. No reservation is allowed. Do expect long queues at peak hours although given the amount of tables, it move rather fast.

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The Bucket List: Astrance Three Star Michelin Restaurant

When in France, or particularly Paris, you can never miss up the chance to have authentic French Cuisine! Especially in France, the country with the most 3 Star Michelin Restaurant in the world after Japan! I always take the opportunity to find and dine at Michelin Restaurant when I am overseas, since I always find it to be much more worth it than having it in Singapore. It is much cheaper. A rule of thumb, go for the lunch and it will allow you to experience at a fraction of the price. This time around I choose to have my fairytale like French Food at Astrance. The chef is Pascal Barbot. Astrance  is also constantly ranked by S Pellegrino as one of the 50 best restaurants in the world. Reservations are compulsory, after all there are only 25 seats here. There would be a credit card hold as well and I made a reservation 2 months in advance.

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The Bucket List: Klaw by Niall Sabongi

Finally it comes the time for me to share with you my favourite seafood place or shack in Dublin Ireland. Here comes the renowned Klaw by Niall Sabongi. I would call it more of a seafood shack rather than a restaurant. Happening, hyped and cosy, these are the terms that I would use on Klaw! Located right in the Temple Bar area, this little cosy restaurant or shack serve up the freshest lobster rolls, oysters, chowders & crab of all kinds. They are a group of funny passionate people that strives to serve up the best sustainable seafood in town. Even the name is a playful twist from the crab claw! This place have constantly been named as the best place in Dublin.

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The Bucket List: The View Restaurant Cuillin Hills

When in the Isle of Skye, there are two main groups of tourists, one that rents a self catering accommodations such as those cottages which are literally located in the mountains or by a loch or those who choose to stay in hotels and airbnbs in the towns. For me I belong to the later, but don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of good food and fine restaurants for travellers to check out in Isle of Skye, in fact the cuisines are one of the best in the country. Just like the award winning Three Chimneys. Portree is home to a couple of nice one as well. Located just a short walk from town lies Cuillin Hills Hotel and I have heard good things about their restaurant as well, The View. Such a simple name, but I guess simplicity is everything since the view is really amazing over here.

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The Bucket List: The Oyster Shed Skye

I guess that anyone that have been to Isle of Skye would have heard of The Oyster Shed! I love how rustic this place is, hidden in the hills, off a random dirt road. The perks of it being hidden from the town means you are going to get the most original, freshest food. And of course, the best view ever! Follow the little signs and you will be in paradise, this  to me is the real michelin star and really from water to the table! The Oyster Shed is located in the town of Carbost, where Talisker is housed as well. Making it a perfect combination to grab some whisky and go it with your oysters. It is located just behind the distillery in the hills. Follow the roads up and there would be signs to guide you. Google Maps works as well! This is by far the most awaited place that I would like to share with you guys!

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The Bucket List: Rudy’s Pizza

Writing this post with the same emotions that I encountered when I had that very first bite into the pizza as along the amazing sensual feeling of having it together with the most amazing chilli infused olive oil. I never knew how good a pizza could be especially given that we are in Manchester and not Naples in Italy. It is definitely unexpected that the most recommended restaurant in Manchester is Rudy’s Pizza! In fact, I guess the close to 2 hours wait in Manchester cold probably should give us an insight in what we are about to have. I went to Rudy’s, right at their Ancoats branch. Located in the northern part of the city, surrounded by office buildings as well as residential areas lies Rudy’s along with all sorts of pubs around this square, where you can certainly see that the office crowd are getting into it. Come along with me and check out Rudy’s Pizza.

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The Bucket List: Trof Restaurant

Another one of the more impressive meals that I had in Manchester was at Trof. I was there for a lazy brunch. Trof if one of the most recommended place in town. As they say on their website, Trof, a dandyish den of indulgence in the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter. In the day you can find the most amazing creations of egg dishes as well as the finest roast in town. In the evening, the whole place turn into a chilling bar with nice vibes. Of course, maybe, it would be a good pairing, beer and full english breakfast.

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The Bucket List: Bills Restaurant

Bills is British Chain restaurant that you can find in most places around the UK. For example, they have more than 21 restaurant in London. I am sure you will not miss it. They serve up pretty good western dishes at a fair prices. The quality is pretty good as well. Sometimes, it is really awesome, especially when you are looking at the set lunch or something. It might be a good spot if you are looking for a balance between quality and price. Furthermore they are also prized for using local produce. I had the chance to try it while in Manchester!

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The Bucket List: Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester Three Star Michelin Restaurant

Hunting for good or perhaps amazing food is one of the things I constantly do when I am out travelling, especially when I am with my family or friends. When I am doing solo travelling, I am rather casual with my meals. I do not know why but it always seems that fine dining, especially when aiming for the “stars” are constantly cheaper abroad than in Singapore. All of my michelin experience with the exception of one have been out of Singapore. Up to date all my 3 Star Michelin dining is in New York, London and Paris. Sounds expensive but still much cheaper in SG! Odette, a 2 star establishment here cost almost 200SGD for four course. While this lunch at Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, a 3 Star Michelin Restaurant cost me 80 Pounds, 143SGD all included with 2 glass of wine, coffee/tea to finish.

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No. 24, Taiwan: Shin Yeh Taipei 101

Although not bearing any Michelin Stars, Shin Yeh is one of the most try while you are in Taiwan. They are a local brand that is famed for serving up traditional Taiwanese Cuisine. It is a household name right over there. There are numerous outlet of Shin Yeh located throughout the island and in Taipei itself, however the most famous well-known one got to be the Taipei 101 outlet since it is located right up 85th Floor. This is definitely one of the highest restaurant that you can dine at in the world. At first, I was weighing up the options of whether to visit the Taipei 101 observation deck, seemingly since I am a first time visitor to Taipei. Pondering over it, I was thinking, rather than spending 600 TWD per person for a ticket up to the deck, I might as well just spend that on a meal itself. There comes Shin Yeh in mind.

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Peking to Beijing: Siji Minfu Peking Roast Duck Restaurant 四季民福烤鸭店

Being in Beijing, of course you must have the most famous dish in the city, Peking Duck. The fact that the duck is named by the city proves everything. Where there are the famous London Duck or Hong Kong roasted delight. Peking duck thrives in Beijing, China where there are more priced for their skin rather than the meat. This is perhaps why Peking Duck is so marvelous. Peking duck, a dish from Beijing that has been prepared from the imperial era. You can also delight your eyes with the dish usually being sliced in front of the diners by the cook. The crispy skins are usually paired with thin pancakes and cucumbers. After making the decision to travel to Beijing, same it goes for the hunt, of the best Peking Duck in town!

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Trip de Americae: Bubba Gump Shrimp Co

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co is a family chain restaurant that specializes in seafood style dishes. They are a common sight around the states! You can surely find them throughout your travels. For those people who like to have seafood, this is the place to be! They are a normal diner, nothing very special but still a pretty decent place for some grub. I had the opportunity to try them when I was in Santa Monica, the restaurant is located right on the pier. I’m sure it is easy enough for anyone to spot their quirky exterior! Prices for a main usually cost around 20 bucks and as per the norm, their portions here are very generous!

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Trip de Americae: Taylor Street Coffeeshop

Classic American Breakfast! Or a lazy brunch! There’s is simply nothing better to do that waking up late in the morning. Dragging your feet out of the house, heading to a nice cafe and grabbing a hearty meal! Comfy at the max as time pass by! Brunch, a clever word where it combines both breakfast and lunch! Breakfast and brunch is a thing here in San Francisco or in fact the culture in the states. One of the recommended one is definitely Taylor Street Coffeeshop which is famous for their bacons. It’s small and nice,  very boutique style! In fact there are no more than 20 seats in the cafefrom what I can see!

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Trip de Americae: Jack’s Fish Spot

Jack’s Fish Spot is one of the hidden gems in Seattle, more specifically in Pike Place Market! I had the best seafood here while in Seattle which is why I would like to share this little hidden spot with you guys! Pike Place Market is the main tourist attractions here and it’s also the main go to place for seafood! To the extent that you can even get the renowned Salmon and shipped it anywhere in continental US. Being in the heart of clear and calm Puget Sound, you definitely have to try the produce from the region!

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Trip de Americae: The Coffee Cup

One of my all time favourite foodie show is the famous Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives hosted by the acclaimed Guy Fieri! The show always show him driving around the states in his cabriolet, going on road trips to visit good ol fashion American eateries and recommending them. One of them is The Coffee Cup, which is located in Boulder City, Nevada. A quaint town that is just 15 mins or 8 Miles away from the Hoover Dam! The location is perfect, right on the way for tourists that is based in Las Vegas and making your way to the Hoover Dam or Grand Canyon, which is what I have done this time around. Leaving Las Vegas when the sun barely set, we drove out, and stop by The Coffee Cup for a good American Breakfast before making our way to the rest of the attractions of the day!

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Trip de Americae: MGM Grand Buffet

Everything is about being big, being the best. You are in a place where size matters! Being impressed is very much the selling point! Previously as mentioned, my room rate in Vegas actually included 2 buffet meal daily, which can be used for breakfast or lunch. Although it kind of didn’t complement with my plans since around half of my stay in Vegas, I will be out of the city. I dine twice at the MGM Grand Buffet during my stay in Las Vegas, and there you have it. Even in the name of the restaurant is right in your face that you are in for an impressive one! Everyone knows that buffet is the thing here! Frankly speaking, it is also pretty affordable, tip is welcomed, but optional, given that it is a buffet! Here in Vegas you can find the cheapest buffet that goes for under $10 or a luxurious champagne brunch that set you back $100 buck with free flow champagne!


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Trip de Americae: The Comfort Diner

A visit to the States can’t go without a breakfast at a classic old fashion American Diner. This is definitely the way how the locals do it. Something part and parcel of their daily life, like the Cha Can Ting in Hong Kong and the Hawker Centre and Coffee Shop that we have here in Singapore. On the day before I left New York City, I just went into any diner across the street from my hotel and that turns out to be The Comfort Diner. Certainly look like it came out from some retro hollywood movie scene it was warm inside. Pretty crowded as well! As per the norm, people in groups are sited along the walls while the solo diners choosing to sit at the bar. Then you have the waitress roaming the place to offer coffee refills to empty cups.

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Trip de Americae: Jean Georges ☆☆☆ Three Star Michelin Restaurant

This has been one of the more exciting episode that I am really looking forward to. I have been wanting to share my by dining experience with you for quite some time. I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to dine at the Jean Georges when I was in New York City. The lunch was also something that I have been really awaiting since making the reservation. This is my very first time dining at a Three Star Michelin Restaurant! I have always love occasionally treating myself to a fine dining experience from time to time and it has always been more cost efficient to do it overseas. Somehow I feel that fine dining back in Singapore is so much more overpriced. I was really blown away at my previous trip to the 2 star powerhouse, The Ledbury back in London, and I was expecting something even more impressive, this time around at Jean Georges! Feast with me!


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Chapter Wanderlust: Manarola

Finally I would like to share with you the cream of the corp, the love of my life, Manarola! It is the gem of Cinque Terre. Manarola is also the place where I use as a base to explore Cinque Terre! Out of the 5 village of Cinque Terre, I love Manarola the most. it has that undesirable charm and pull on me! It felt like a little romantic spot off the coast! The day that I saw the sun set over the horizon, it is one that I will never forget! Of the 5 Manarola is also the most picturesque one. I love how the village look when the sun falls on it, especially during sunset!

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Chapter Wanderlust: Corniglia X Bar Terza Terra

Sadly to say, Corniglia is my least favourite out of all the other towns. Corniglia is also the only one that does not lead to the waterfront. Instead it is perched on top of a hill! It is very different from the others! This is also the village that I will not recommend anyone to stay at or use as a base for travelling around Cinque Terre! The location of Corniglia does not make it very easy to travel around. The train station is located at the foot and you can either take a bus up or hike up. The walking path is well maintained and easy enough to do so. It is pretty tough though, with 365 steps to reach the top and also slope. Each step of the path represent each day of the year! Although tough! You also get sweeping view of the surrounding! At the top you can even see Manarola, which is the town that is next to Corniglia!

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Chapter Wanderlust: Vernazza X Taverna del Capitano

Coming from Monterosso where I spend the morning at! I am off to Vernazza, the second village of the day! Feeling famished since I had not have much to eat in the morning, I am also on the hunt for lunch at Vernazza! As per the usual! I missed the train again, although my time have always past by in a breeze! Afterall, resting on a bench, using your phone with such a view isn’t too shabby! Vernazza is the 4th stop of my Cinque Terre adventures! It is a short 2 mins train ride away and there is sure a crowd now in the afternoon where all of the day trippers just made it to the area! Vernazza is the only town that have a natural harbour and you can still see many of the fisherman activities around here! It sure felt more vibrant and happening from Monterosso!

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Chapter Wanderlust: Trattoria dal Billy

Cinque Terre is famous for its view, landscape, olive and wine! Fish dishes is of course another famous part of the region, after all it is just next to the waters. In fact, I don’t believe that there is a bad place to dine at in Cinque Terre, but perhaps places with touristy prices or not! Almost everywhere serves up seafood and it is one of the must have at least if you are ever here. Seafood and the local white wine, a perfect match for the impeccable view itself. Trattoria Dal Billy is located in Manarola, it is one of the little hidden restaurant and yet a famous one. I will definitely recommend a reservation if you are ever coming here. Trattoria dal Billy pride on cooking the freshest fish and seafood, their hand made pasta is also very lovely! In fact many restaurant in the area itself are owned by the fisherman, which explains why someplace are open only in season!

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Chapter Wanderlust: Trattoria I Barberi

The Tuscany region in Italy is famous for its renaissance arts and architecture as well as the lush olive groves and vineyard especially in the region of Chianti! With such background and natural resources it is with no doubt that the culinary scene in the area is awesome as well! Trattoria I Barberi, located in the heart of Siena, is one of the most acclaimed restaurant in the city as well. It is priced for serving up authentic Tuscany cuisine with great servings and price point. Tuscan cuisine strives on simple cooking, usually just done with olive oil and the freshest ingredients. Fast and simple fancy food. They use the freshest seasonal ingredients daily to add on to their regular menu. During the time that I was there, nov, the seasonal items are Truffles and Porcini mushrooms!

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Chapter Wanderlust: Ristorante Calabasico

While I have not heard about this restaurant prior to my travels, while doing my research, I found Ristorante Calabasico while doing my planning. It was perfect since I was looking for a place that is near the Vatican City. Ristorante Calabasico is only around the corner, roughly a 5 mins walk away. Feeling famished after walking around for almost the whole morning, the distance that we have covered was also pretty amazing, from the Colosseum till the Vatican. We decided to come here for lunch after leaving the Vatican!

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Chapter Wanderlust: Giuda Ballerino ☆ One Star Michelin Restaurant

For those who are unsure with the Michelin Star Guide it was first out, yes, by the tire manufacturer as a guide for their customers. It has since revolves around to be as recognised as the olympics in the food industry and the guide offers a guidance on whether on how high the caliber of the restaurant is. For the chefs it is also a showcase of personal success. Besides the food, even the ambience, service and how mind blowing the experience is all comes into consideration. It have 4 main category starting from the recently included Bib Gourmand category to the main 1 star to 3 star. 1 Star which means it is “A very good restaurant in its category” 2 Michelin stars reflects “Excellent cooking, worth a detour” and the cream of the crop, 3 Michelin stars “Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey”. Giuda Ballerino serves up modern cuisine right in the heart of Rome. Helmed by Celebrity Chef Andrea Fusco, Giuda Ballerino is located on the top level of the historical Hotel Bernini. Besides the awesome food and service, it is also a place where you get a great view of the Eternal City!

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Chapter Wanderlust: Zum Germalten Haus

Hey Peeps, I am finally in Frankfurt a city that I have spoke about it for so many times and so long. Oh I am flying to Frankfurt, Oh I am transiting in Frankfurt. Huh, I have even spend the night at the airport like a hobo now! It is a city that I have frequently talk about but never once on my list since it kind of seems like a modern european city. I mean it is like Singapore, with all the skyscrapers. But after all, I am sure that I will be here one day since my favourite airline, SQ flies here frequently, it is also a transit stop for the flights to New York City! Well, it is pretty nice and in fact the german city that I will choose to migrate to, I will keep my thoughts on it in a separate post. German cuisine is probably not one of my favourite since it is too heavy and over reliance on meats, sorry my German friends. However, I still decide to share this very traditional gasthaus with you guys, Zum Germalten Haus. I honestly felt that it was the best meal that I had in the whole of Germany! Zum Germalten Haus is located in a very hip quarter of the city. It is famous for the Apple Wine or Apfelwein.

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Chapter Wanderlust: Best Pizza in Naples X Pizzeria Pellone

After making the way back from Pompeii I was keen to check out Naples. The train was much more spacious on the way back from pompeii, seeing that there was not as much crowd as there is in the morning on my way there. Seemingly Naples is a city that was said to be very vibrant and have an acquired vibes. But it turns out to be too “acquired” for my taste. In fact Naples was the worst city that I have been to! It felt like junk. In fact it is so dirty that it look like some third world country! I definitely did not felt save walking around in the city. It definitely did not like like Italy at all. There was more migrants than locals. more rubbish on the floor than in the bins! The local government definitely need to do something on the rubbish and migrant issues! However the locals were really nice though! I was famished after the whole morning of walking and climbing at Pompeii! While taking a walk out of the station in search of a decent restaurant. I stumble across Pizzeria Pellone which turns out to be the best pizza experience that I ever had IN MY LIFE!

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Chapter Wanderlust: Cafe Central Vienna

Simply when you are in Austria, especially in Vienna, you can miss out on the opportunity on visiting one of the cafes. Cafes in Austria are not just a place for food and coffee but a way of life for the locals, the Austrians. If you need a good measure of Quality of Life, this is one way you can see how. As a local coffeeshop down the block of the public housing that I have back home here in Singapore, Cafes in Vienna are a good place of seeing how the Viennese life and pass by everyday. The rush every New Yorkers felt every work day when they take the subway to work. The buzzling and steam you felt at a teahouse in the morning in Hong Kong. The slow pace of life with whispers of chat over coffee and cakes in a Viennese cafe or the mens reading the papers over a dose of caffeine. They are a way of life around the world! One of the best place to experience the Viennese way is at Cafe Central Vienna.

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Chapter Wanderlust: Dining in a 1400 house at Braugasthof Hallstatt

One of the very best decision that I made in Hallstatt or perhaps the whole of Austria is to have a meal at Braugasthof Hallstatt. It is one of a little traven or cottage located along the banks of Hallstatter See! Dreamy, scenic and peacefully, you can choose to dine at little tables along the banks and have your meal with the view accompanying you or choose to dine in the traditional house where the restaurant is housed in, this houses are more than 600 years old. Built in the 1400s, it is definitely a warm cosy feeling while eating inside! Dining the freshest fish from the lake, by the lake, doesn’t gets much more real than this!

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Chapter Wanderlust: Cafes in Salzburg




They all go hand in hand! Please don’t tell others that you have ever step foot in Austria if you didn’t visit an authentic Austrian café, drink a cup of coffee and order a cake from the ladies in the café. Oh yea, a good note to remember is if the staff are polite to you in it. It isn’t an authentic Austrian café! In an Austrian café, the waiter will always take your order from the menu, this includes coffees and other food items and then the females would be the one that goes around with a platter of cakes for you to order from. The funny thing is that you paid for the cakes and coffee in separate bills, this, I could never understand!

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Chapter Wanderlust: La Maison des Crepes Brussels

This is probably a little funny! Dennison this guy is going to share about a crepes place when he is in Brussels. Isn’t Crepes a french thing. In Belgium, due to the close proximity to France and influences, especially Brussels, you can definitely find a lot of french influenced food. Crepes is definitely one of it! If you didn’t know, French and Flemish is the two main languages in Belgium! In Brussels it is definitely the french part! Cut the story short, this place is actually recommended to me by my host Chloe! Now you know that it is good! Especially when it comes from the local. The place is right in town, just a five mins walk from Grand Place.

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Chapter Wanderlust: Brasserie De Jacob Ghent

On the weekend, where I was based in Brussels, I took a day trip to Ghent. I was really glad to cover another city of mine. Step by step, what was even better was the company that I had! My host very delightfully join me on this day trip! It was really so fun. No matter how great the experience might be to travel alone and be independent. It is always nice to have a company, a partner and definitely a photographer to travel together. Before I come and share my thoughts on Ghent, which I will cover in the next post of mine which I promise that it will come very very soon! Today I would like to share on the meal that we had in Ghent. After about an hour of train ride here we are in Ghent! The first impression was it being so different from Brussels. It look the similar but you can definitely feel that the vibes are different. To cut things short, we took a tram into the city centre and after a hour or so of walking around, photos and trying to find out the local market. Somehow we realise that the market wasn’t open on the day that we were there. Feeling the hunger in us, especially Chloe who can really eat a lot. We finally settle at this restaurant called Brasserie De Jacob! It is located in one of the squares, anywhere Ghent is pretty walkable.

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Chapter Wanderlust: Noordzee, Best Seafood Place in Brussels

Hey peeps, I am here today to share on one of the best meals that I had this trip of mine. I was with my host, Chloe and she brought me to this seafood stall near the area of Saint Catherine. It is really one of the best meal that I had in Brussels. Of course I had to thank her for bringing me here, it is kind of one of the little hidden spot. Definitely, I had not seen it online anywhere while researching my places to go to in Brussels. Which is why I have decided to share it with you peeps. It is one of the place that you definitely have to go to for seafood in Brussels. If you think that Brussels is only all about mussels for seafood, Nordzee is the place that you have to come!

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Sawadikap: Ban Khun Mae Restaurant

When it comes to the Best Thai Restaurant in Bangkok, this is probably the answers that no one could really give you an exact and definite one. Some people would recommend Somboon Seafood and some would just tell you to hit out any stall in town, since you probably can’t really get awfully food here. Even the worse one in Bangkok would be so much better than what you get here in Singapore. Authentic from the locals, ingredients from the local regions, even a cooking dumb would be able to whip up something simple and taste divine. After all, when the stuff is good, not much effort is needed. Thai cuisine stresses on the usage of spices and have focus on the sour and spicy taste buds of your tongue. The iconic dish of Mango Salad is a great example, from the tart crunchy thinly sliced green mango mix in a dressing of Fish Sauce, Lime, Bird Eye Chili and sometimes even powdered peanuts to give it the appealing appetite inducing starter. The usage and stress of usage of the main ingredients also rely on their country main produce, a heavy usage of Seafood and Tropical fruits from the region. While there are countless restaurant in Bangkok central alone, I would like to share with you guys Ban Khun Mae, which was recommended to me by a friend and it definitely didn’t disappointed.


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Sawadikap: Mei Long Restaurant

This is probably a rare guest on most reviews about food that you probably have googled for great suggestions in Bangkok. Mei Long Restaurant is sort of a hidden gem right in Yaowarat, the Chinatown of Bangkok. Known for the traders, precious dried seafood and numerous Thai influenced Chinese cuisine by the immigrants back then. It has now become the bustling market place early in the morning and afternoon and then a supper haut in the night for tourists and locals whom like slurping down some shark fin soup or pig organ stew, it is also famed for fresh seafood and Tzi Char style dishes. Expect crowd, sweat soaked clothes if you are here in the morning, and the accessibility doesn’t help either, although a simple cab right here may only cost about a hundred-ish baht, the time taken doesn’t depend on your luck though. Coming after the sun have set may prove to be a better choice with the heat behind you and far less traffic, but you do tend to miss out on the bargain on getting cheap dried seafood. In compared to the famous  T & K Seafood that is always packed and busy, Mei Long may seems more quiet, but if you know about this place, you will never stop coming back.


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Sawadikap: Best Oyster Omelette in BKK (Nai Mong Hoy Tod)

Now this is a special one. After the usual norm and food reviews that you have seen in the famed and widely spread food reviews and blogs in Singapore and abroad, this is one of the stalls that lack coverage and the kind of recognition that it deserves. Bangkok is also the one place that no ones knows to link it to Oyster Omelette! Whenever people think about “Orh Luak” or Oyster Omelette, the natural places that people will associated it with are Singapore or Taiwan, but actually Bangkok in my opinion is the place where you can find the best among the chinese community over there. It is way too underrated! This also relates to the main topic of today post, NAI MONG HOY TOD, supposedly in Thai, it practically means the best place and the most famous Oyster Omelette in Bangkok. Located in Yaowarat, Bangkok Chinatown it is a small stall in a side aisle. Even without advertising and being in a prominent location you should be able to find it easily, it isn’t too far away from the main street and the crowd should be able to show you where it is.


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Sawadikap: After You Dessert & Cafe

After you or before you? Probably you will be amaze with how bread could be used in cooking AFTER YOU have visited this place. While honey toast is no longer a mystery to us anymore and it is probably getting more and more common in the industry, After You Dessert & Cafe still remains to be one of the hottest cafes and place to go to when in Bangkok. Started out as a branch it became famous and slowly become one of the hottest place in the locals mind and also the tourists, now there is numerous branch throughout the whole city. Practically the main malls that all the tourists hits, you are bound to find one. The most famous one still remain to be the branch at Siam Paragon. It is always crowded, although the wait is definitely worthy for their desserts. Warm bread, some cold ice cream as the sauce, the liquid, the moisture. It hardly goes wrong. Similarly, they are always right, THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM FOR DESSERT!


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Sawadikap: SabX2 Wanton Mee

Probably many of you Singaporeans would have already know this place since it is like a meeting spot for the Singaporeans over there in Bangkok, Thailand. Located near Platinum Fashion Mall and the Pratunam Market, it is a popular spot for lunch and a late breakfast. Perhaps they are the reason that is why this place is so popular among us, after all nothing is better than some hearty Wanton Noodles and Braised Pork Trotter to accompany the resting of legs after shopping through the large unfinishable among of stalls and sellers. It is located directly down the alley across the Platinum Fashion Mall. You will probably see the sign showing you and then saying that there is only one branch in Bangkok and especially none in Singapore!!! It is open from 9am till 3pm in the afternoon but you should probably not head there just before closing since the Braised Pork Trotter do get sold out pretty fast.


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Sawadikap: Kalpapruek Restaurant

After a great relaxing session of massage done at Asia Herb Association, when your body is done and happy the next thing that you got to do would be treating your stomach well. Kalpapruek is a great modern thai restaurant at Central World, one of the largest shopping mall in Bangkok. It is the place to be, with many shops of brands that you can and cannot think of. Food wise, restaurants are plentiful, from the usual BBQ Plaza to Macs and MK Steamboat. Even the great popular cheese tart from Japan has a stall here. P.S There is no queue here at all. Although prices are quite similar to the Singapore one. If you are in the vicinity or shopping at Central World, the place to be to fill your stomach or to rest your legs, Kalpapruek is the place to be. There is 3 branches in town, with the Central World one located on the 7th Floor.


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Down Under In Mel: Krimper Cafe

A warehouse stocked with food? I literally mean like freshly bakes, poached eggs, avocado and a warehouse that smells of coffee? Your answer is right in the heart of Melbourne, right on Guildford Lane! You do actually have to screen the tiny laneway with your hawk eyes to find out actually where the cafe is. One of the greatest things about bars, cafes in Melbourne are the location their are housed at, with many in the numerous laneway that the city have in town. They simply hide in plain side and you will never realise how it’s like from the outside. It may seems desolated and quiet with totally no traffic on the outside, but once you enter them, it is a totally different oasis of itself. That is actually the case that I had encountered here at the Krimper Cafe. I arrived slightly before 11am in the morning on a weekday. There was no one outside and it certainly took me some screening before noticing that little little blackboard on the ground and also the mini neon sign. Disguised into the surrounding, with the 1980s kind of metal and wooden planks warehouse doors. There was even a punty Strictly No Admittance and All Enquires At Office wordings on the entrance. You just gotta push open and let your eyes be surprised.


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Down Under In Mel: Winter Night Market @ Queen Vics

In the previous episode, I had covered the normal Queen Victoria Market on a normal market trading day. However, if you are in town in the winter season, you are definitely in for a surprise and special treat. Only opened on Wednesdays in the couple few months, it is a highly popular event in town, with many of the locals flocking to it, besides great food and vibes they would also socialise it with the warm ambience inside. Seemingly in the quiet city at night where all the shops and stores are closed, down in that shed of the market the noise never stops, accompanied with it, the smell of food! Given that Melbourne is a cosmopolitan with people from all over the world, the stalls were the same, there was food from all over the place, from Italian to Asian fusion food with bao replacing the burgers. A show case of the hospitality of Melburnians and the expats community the market is open from from July to August from evening till late. Dates may also change in accordance to each season.


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Down Under In Mel: The Hardware Societe

Hardware Societe or Breakfast Societe? This is hands down my favourite place out of the numerous cafes and restaurants that I have been to in Melbourne! From what I have heard to the actual dishes being savour by me, it really didn’t let me down and live up to it’s legendary reviews online! If there is a cult in the world that I am interested to join, I would choose to join this Breakfast/Brunch Societe cult straight away. In fact, everyone should join it, after all, who doesn’t love running yolks, crispy baguette where you can dunk into the savoury mixture of creamy potatoes and ch0rizo that gives it a slight kick. All together being paired with a selection of gourmet freshly brewed coffee! From the start this has always been the cafe that I really wanted to recommend to you, so glad to be finally starting on this post! Many would say Melbourne as a city of cafes and if it is, this is the King of the cafes! Totally ranked number 1 by yours truly! If you ask me which to go of you only have time for one, this is the one to go all out.


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Down Under In Mel: Forage on the Foreshore @ Port Campbell

If you guys are planning a trip to the Twelve Apostles you will definitely know that the only establishment or town nearby would be Port Campbell. This also makes a great place nearby to rest, grab a decent meal and go around doing your business. Practically the only town where there would be shops and restaurants and also help if you ever need it. Pretty, sandy, pier and sea gulls, there you have it, Port Campbell fits the typical coastal town that you have ever imagine. The slow pace of life, where the locals wake up when the birds start chipping and head home when the sun goes down, spending their day working nearby or running a little small business in town. When it is the weekends or holidays, they would most likely be with their family, cooking a meal at home, taking a stroll by the coast and playing with the kids running on the beach. Say about that work life balance, something that we lack so much here. Most of the shops and restaurants here are along the stretch facing the pier and the beach. The locals are also proud and engaging, promotion and sharing stories from this small little town that they love so much. Along this stretch, parking are widely available and you probably won’t need to pay for it, just make sure you don’t hinders others and block the traffic. Even the parking lots have great impeccable views of the vast ocean.


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Down Under In Mel: Hammer & Tong

Besides Hardware Societe, which I would cover soon in a review, the other two cafes that I really want to visit and try were Top Paddock and Hammer & Tong! As you have know, Melbourne can be said as the king of cafes, notwithstanding the ones you can find in the CBD area, there are many more to be discovered in the suburbs which might be a little inconvenient without driving. Both these two are a little out of the city, with Top Paddock in Richmond and Hammer & Tong in Fitzroy. While I would save Top Paddock for my next trip to town, I pounce on the chance to have my brunch at Hammer & Tong right after collecting my rented car in the morning. With my Volvo, which literally means “I Roll” in Latin, I’m all ready to roll to Fitzroy for Hammer & Tong, which is a short 15 mins drive away. Here I come, my Soft Shell Crab Burger!


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Down Under In Mel: Cutler & Co

On the previous episode, I mentioned that I was in Fitzroy for Lunch. Cutler & Co is one of the recommended restaurant to be in Melbourne. Located in Fitzroy, this award wining restaurant is as hype up as it’s surroundings. Chef Andrew McConnell helm this upscale Australian fine dining restaurant. The venue is in a gorgeous restored metal works factory. Placed in the nation’s top ten restaurants at the Gourmet Traveller 2014 Awards the interior is well finished with wood, steel top and high ceilings. It feels sleek, cool and stunning. It is also worth pointing out that the location is highly accessible.


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Down Under In Mel: Manchester Press

Cafe and Melbourne, these two are intertwine! You can’t do but understand how both cafe and Melbourne relates to each other, from their lifestyle, culture and also their history. If you would to make a choice or a survey, Melbourne can definitely be deserving of the title “City of Cafe”! Without even touching on the food wise yet, this city is a one that is famed of their coffee, from the sustained farming on the beans to the cup of coffee that can be found in the numerous cafes found in town. One of the most famed are the Seven Seeds Speciality Roasters which many cafes uses. Another is the laid back culture, Melbourne definitely isn’t fast paced and for the rush, in fact, these people would find it boring. Many of these unique, special cafe are found in hidden alleys and off the bustling streets, perfect for the laid back morning or afternoon. It also represents some adventure in finding the perfect one for each other. After some research, some of them really interest me! On this particular day I had actually wanted to visit Hardware Societe which was really top of my list but after waking up late the queue was really long. However another surprise lies in wait thereafter.


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Down Under In Mel: La Petite Creperie

Previously I have once said that Melbourne is really such a cosmopolitan with many varied groups of ethnic people besides the locals! Of course beside the people, another way to tell is definitely by the cuisine that you find on the streets. It isn’t like pasta after pasta that you see in Italy, but Chinese, Indian, Thai even for Western, you can differentiate it between French, Italian……etc. Cafe hopping is the thing to do in Melbourne, given the amount of unique and hidden cafes in this city, it is up to you to chance upon them and explore.  La Petite Creperie is one of the foodie place that I am to visit and try them out, they sell French crepe, with many unique creations, they are highly raved after. There is two location in town. One of them is just a stall selling their favourites on the corner of Swanston Street and Little Collins Street while the other is a fully sit down cafe on Hardware Lane, one of the hippest foodie place.


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2015 Europe Trip: Tapa Tapa

Tapa, which also mean appetizer in English. The restaurant name literally translates appetizer appetizer! Appetizer or perhaps the Spanish equivalent, Tapas is a known cuisine by itself and there is so much to be learned from it! It may be an appetizer but it can definitely be a replacement for dinner, actually, even better than dinner! This is also one of the reason why I love Tapas so much, the portion aren’t huge and when sharing wth friends, you could even order many different kinds to share! There isn’t anything better than having some of the best local, subtle but definitely Catalan Tapas in Barcelona! With plates of Tapas, a glass of wine, friendship are forged and relationships are made! Tapa Tapa is a chain restaurant in Barcelona that serve up delicious authentic Tapas! some of the adventures of eating here include the great variation of dishes! The benefits of eating in a chain restaurants also means that the menu are likely to be cater towards the foreigners, menus in different languages will be provided and the locations are likely to be close to the city area and convenient with public transport. Many people think that such places are usually overpriced and lacking in depth, however, Tapa Tapa prices are fair and the food is definitely delicious!


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2015 Europe Trip: Les Quinze Nite

Located under the glimmering Placa Reial, the gorgeous square full of restaurants, bars and clubs lies Les Quinze Nite, a gorgeous restaurants which literally translate into fifteen nights! With the cooling weather and bright and sunny sun the weather is perfect for alfresco dining, sipping a glass of wine while enjoying some people watching with those amazing fountains and trees. Putting on some shades you got the best of both worlds, great food great atmosphere! Sitting outside is a must! Just check out this amazing atmosphere!


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