Chapter Wanderlust: Ristorante Calabasico

While I have not heard about this restaurant prior to my travels, while doing my research, I found Ristorante Calabasico while doing my planning. It was perfect since I was looking for a place that is near the Vatican City. Ristorante Calabasico is only around the corner, roughly a 5 mins walk away. Feeling famished after walking around for almost the whole morning, the distance that we have covered was also pretty amazing, from the Colosseum till the Vatican. We decided to come here for lunch after leaving the Vatican!

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Chapter Wanderlust: Giuda Ballerino* One Star Michelin Restaurant

For those who are unsure with the Michelin Star Guide it was first out, yes, by the tire manufacturer as a guide for their customers. It has since revolves around to be as recognised as the olympics in the food industry and the guide offers a guidance on whether on how high the caliber of the restaurant is. For the chefs it is also a showcase of personal success. Besides the food, even the ambience, service and how mind blowing the experience is all comes into consideration. It have 4 main category starting from the recently included Bib Gourmand category to the main 1 star to 3 star. 1 Star which means it is “A very good restaurant in its category” 2 Michelin stars reflects “Excellent cooking, worth a detour” and the cream of the crop, 3 Michelin stars “Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey”. Giuda Ballerino serves up modern cuisine right in the heart of Rome. Helmed by Celebrity Chef Andrea Fusco, Giuda Ballerino is located on the top level of the historical Hotel Bernini. Besides the awesome food and service, it is also a place where you get a great view of the Eternal City!

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Chapter Wanderlust: Zum Germalten Haus

Hey Peeps, I am finally in Frankfurt a city that I have spoke about it for so many times and so long. Oh I am flying to Frankfurt, Oh I am transiting in Frankfurt. Huh, I have even spend the night at the airport like a hobo now! It is a city that I have frequently talk about but never once on my list since it kind of seems like a modern european city. I mean it is like Singapore, with all the skyscrapers. But after all, I am sure that I will be here one day since my favourite airline, SQ flies here frequently, it is also a transit stop for the flights to New York City! Well, it is pretty nice and in fact the german city that I will choose to migrate to, I will keep my thoughts on it in a separate post. German cuisine is probably not one of my favourite since it is too heavy and over reliance on meats, sorry my German friends. However, I still decide to share this very traditional gasthaus with you guys, Zum Germalten Haus. I honestly felt that it was the best meal that I had in the whole of Germany! Zum Germalten Haus is located in a very hip quarter of the city. It is famous for the Apple Wine or Apfelwein.

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Chapter Wanderlust: Best Pizza in Naples X Pizzeria Pellone

After making the way back from Pompeii I was keen to check out Naples. The train was much more spacious on the way back from pompeii, seeing that there was not as much crowd as there is in the morning on my way there. Seemingly Naples is a city that was said to be very vibrant and have an acquired vibes. But it turns out to be too “acquired” for my taste. In fact Naples was the worst city that I have been to! It felt like junk. In fact it is so dirty that it look like some third world country! I definitely did not felt save walking around in the city. It definitely did not like like Italy at all. There was more migrants than locals. more rubbish on the floor than in the bins! The local government definitely need to do something on the rubbish and migrant issues! However the locals were really nice though! I was famished after the whole morning of walking and climbing at Pompeii! While taking a walk out of the station in search of a decent restaurant. I stumble across Pizzeria Pellone which turns out to be the best pizza experience that I ever had IN MY LIFE!

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Chapter Wanderlust: Cafe Central Vienna

Simply when you are in Austria, especially in Vienna, you can miss out on the opportunity on visiting one of the cafes. Cafes in Austria are not just a place for food and coffee but a way of life for the locals, the Austrians. If you need a good measure of Quality of Life, this is one way you can see how. As a local coffeeshop down the block of the public housing that I have back home here in Singapore, Cafes in Vienna are a good place of seeing how the Viennese life and pass by everyday. The rush every New Yorkers felt every work day when they take the subway to work. The buzzling and steam you felt at a teahouse in the morning in Hong Kong. The slow pace of life with whispers of chat over coffee and cakes in a Viennese cafe or the mens reading the papers over a dose of caffeine. They are a way of life around the world! One of the best place to experience the Viennese way is at Cafe Central Vienna.

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Chapter Wanderlust: Dining in a 1400 house at Braugasthof Hallstatt

One of the very best decision that I made in Hallstatt or perhaps the whole of Austria is to have a meal at Braugasthof Hallstatt. It is one of a little traven or cottage located along the banks of Hallstatter See! Dreamy, scenic and peacefully, you can choose to dine at little tables along the banks and have your meal with the view accompanying you or choose to dine in the traditional house where the restaurant is housed in, this houses are more than 600 years old. Built in the 1400s, it is definitely a warm cosy feeling while eating inside! Dining the freshest fish from the lake, by the lake, doesn’t gets much more real than this!

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Chapter Wanderlust: Cafes in Salzburg




They all go hand in hand! Please don’t tell others that you have ever step foot in Austria if you didn’t visit an authentic Austrian café, drink a cup of coffee and order a cake from the ladies in the café. Oh yea, a good note to remember is if the staff are polite to you in it. It isn’t an authentic Austrian café! In an Austrian café, the waiter will always take your order from the menu, this includes coffees and other food items and then the females would be the one that goes around with a platter of cakes for you to order from. The funny thing is that you paid for the cakes and coffee in separate bills, this, I could never understand!

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