A Cathay Present: Cathay Pacific CX840 777-300ER HKG – JFK First Class

Finally it is time to share on my Cathay Pacific Flight! Its been a long 6 months! I have been waiting for this day since I got the ticket on Jan 1. Way too excited to fly in Cathay Pacific First, up till now, I have only tried premium cabins on SQ, so was wondering how other airlines square up to them. I have already did up a comparison earlier, this time around I am going to share my full experience on Cathay. Just be prepared, it’s gonna be a intensive and long post of pictures as well! I have already read countless reviews online to see how the experience would be like. Good things sure take times! Furthermore I am going to be stuck in the plane for more than 17hours, my longest flight ever. Surely, I am doing it in style! Before that I was at The Pier, all the way at Gate 62 before knowing that my flight depart from Gate 4. It was a mad rush to the gate, super far, even with walking briskly, it sure took me about 15 mins. I wanted to be the first to board to get some good pictures of the cabin. A little avgeek! Boarding almost begin when I reached, with everyone lined up to get the security interview! Thankfully it was organised and I was still the first to board, allowing me to take some pretty good pictures.


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A Cathay Present: Thoughts on Cathay First Class vs SQ Suites

I just flew Cathay First from Hong Kong to New York City a couple days back and heck the 17 hours flight was simply too short! I am so looking forward to the return flight that is coming up next week. This is definitely one of the moments where I wish time would stop still and the flight got delayed. While the memory is still fresh in me, I would like to do a comparison between Cathay and my all time favourite Singapore Airlines. I will definitely be doing up a full review of the Cathay First Class soon. But for now, it is Cathay First Class vs Singapore Airlines Suites. Let’s go with a side by side comparison on the different areas, Service, Seat, Food and Beverages and Lounges!

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A Cathay Present: Cathay Dragon KA221 A320 DAD – HKG Business Class

0115 Singapore / Hong Kong Time

1315 Eastern Time

I am currently at 34,000 FT, FL340 lounging in the awesome Cathay First Class, just off the shore from Seattle and San Francisco enroute to JFK. With a pot of peppermint tea, here I am sharing about my Cathay Dragon flight earlier in the day. I was on KA221, A320 flying from Da Nang to Hong Kong in transit to JFK. As I mentioned earlier in the previous post there was no queue and the check in, immigration as well as security was smooth, furthermore it is impressive that Cathay have a dedicated First Class Check In line even though there is no first class out of Da Nang. HAHA perhaps they know that there are plenty of us flying First on the error ticket routing through here. In fact the Flight was late upon arrival, the boarding time was 9.10am and the plane just arrived as I reach the gate. I even got to see it land. Boarding only started about 9.35am, 20 mins later than scheduled.

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No. 24, Taiwan: Scoot 787 Dreamliner SIN – TPE – SIN

There is always time for a first and this is one of them, my very first time onboard a Scoot flight. While there are usually nothing much to share about on Economy flight, let alone on a budget carrier, I will still like to briefly share my thoughts on Scoot. Scoot is consistently assume to be the best among their counterparts, probably due to the new planes and connections to Singapore Airlines. I am also very keen to try them out for the very first time. I will only be sharing very briefly on the experience and I will definitely not do a separate one for the return flight. Scoot currently depart out of Terminal 2 from Changi Airport, a little out of the norm given that most budget depart from Terminal 4.

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Peking to Beijing: Singapore Airlines SQ802/807 A380 SIN – PEK – SIN Economy Class

Singapore Changi Airport is always a gem to transit or depart from, the experience is fuss free and immigration was a breeze, especially in the early morning. It is a shopping destination as well. However, do note that security is at each individual gates, so do cater some time for that! Previously, I mentioned that I was departing from Changi Airport Terminal 3 for my flight to Beijing, it was an awfully early departure and in fact, I have to be at the airport at 6am. Thankfully, the airport is so accessible in Singapore, and in fact, it is literally mins from my house, since I stay in the east. I was kinda excited for the upcoming flight since it has been so long that I have flown on Singapore Airlines Economy Class that I literally can’t remember when was the last time that I have done so. I will be also looking forwards to see how they square up to Emirates.

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Trip de Americae: Singapore Airlines SQ007 777-300ER ICN – SIN Business Class

Welcome to the last part of this Trip de Americae Series, it is sure nice if there is someone still following from my introduction post till today. Writing this right now actually gave me so much feels on this amazing trip that I took back last year. Continuing from my previous post where I was at the SilverKris Lounge in Incheon, it is now time to head on to the last and final flight for this trip, my ticket back home to Singapore, SQ007. This is going to be a rather short review since my experience was rather similar to the flight that I shared earlier from LA to Seoul! So check out my previous post for a more indepth review. However I do still want to share my thought on this flight and the crew specifically.

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Trip de Americae: Singapore Airlines SQ007 777-300ER LAX – ICN Business Class

Finally, the last journey on this whirlwind trip, heading back to my home, Singapore, who else could it be, of course, Singapore Airlines. I will be flying back home on their Business or J Class on board their 777. SQ007 will take me back home to Singapore via Incheon, South Korea. I am so looking forward to be back in their business class after a trying out the more older product 2 years back. Many people have said that the business class on board Singapore Airlines is so much better than what other airlines offered on First. With plenty of time left after leaving the lounge, I roam about the gorgeous Tom Bradley International Terminal for a while before heading to the gate. As I told you earlier, the check in process was crap and it turns out to be just a little beginning to what comes next!


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