A Cathay Present: SilkAir MI631 737-800 DAD – SIN Business & Economy Class

Having just flew on Cathay Dragon, CX regional arm, I was particularly interested to see how SQ regional arm, SilkAir, pit against them. From my previous 2 flight, it does seem that Cathay Dragon is pretty not bad. With an awesome Business Class as well. As part of my whole routing for flying the Cathay error fare, I need to base myself from Da Nang and only SilkAir flies there. Previously, I have said that I have redeem 12,500 miles for a Economy ticket to Da Nang and add on the DAD – SIN sector on Business class to my next long haul ticket at no additional miles. I gives me the perfect routing to try both Economy and Business.  SilkAir is also in the midst of merging into SQ, thus it is important to see their seats and the crew caliber in comparison to the big leagues. SilkAir flies out of Terminal 2 and I was there around 2 hour early. It is definitely crowded, but at least all the queues move.

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A Cathay Present: Cathay Pacific CX865 777-300ER YVR – HKG First Class

I stayed onboard after the previous flight as I was continuing on to HKG, there is a stop for about an hour where the plane is refreshed. There is also a change of crew. It was actually pretty interesting to see the behind the scene action. It sure is busy and furious. In fact I think it was the first time. Seems like I actually wasted my money in getting the Canada Visa.It actually feels to be a little weird to be onboard when the cleaning crews are around. Perhaps they could keep a bottle of Krug to keep me accompanied. There was full occupancy in First on this sector to HK. Besides the 3 of us continuing on. 3 more Asian man board to join us. The crew for this leg is also a mixture of a Vancouver and HK set as well. For this 12 hours flight to HK, I was in 2F, the first row on the right.

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A Cathay Present: Cathay Pacific CX865 777-300ER JFK – YVR First Class

Can’t believe that time pass by just like that in the states. Kinda having major withdrawal syndrome actually, I had a good last walk in NYC prior to my first back home. The first out of 3 flights that I have to take. I actually got lazy and ditch my subway plans. Sigh, instead, splurging 50 bucks to get an airport transfer instead. Perhaps it was for the good, since I am leaving with 3 bags now and have some awful blister on my feet. I felt so loved at this point, since my newly made Singaporeans friends came to send me off! My heart is full! The ride to the airport was smooth and it took about 30 mins! I intend to be the first to check in to maximise the time I have in the lounge, CX only open up 3.5 hours prior to flight. Thinking that I might have to wait for a bit, check in actually open up much earlier. Security was light and im thru in mins. This time around I am interested to see how the service and offering is on a mid haul flight.


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A Cathay Present: Cathay Pacific CX840 777-300ER HKG – JFK First Class

Finally it is time to share on my Cathay Pacific Flight! Its been a long 6 months! I have been waiting for this day since I got the ticket on Jan 1. Way too excited to fly in Cathay Pacific First, up till now, I have only tried premium cabins on SQ, so was wondering how other airlines square up to them. I have already did up a comparison earlier, this time around I am going to share my full experience on Cathay. Just be prepared, it’s gonna be a intensive and long post of pictures as well! I have already read countless reviews online to see how the experience would be like. Good things sure take times! Furthermore I am going to be stuck in the plane for more than 17hours, my longest flight ever. Surely, I am doing it in style! Before that I was at The Pier, all the way at Gate 62 before knowing that my flight depart from Gate 4. It was a mad rush to the gate, super far, even with walking briskly, it sure took me about 15 mins. I wanted to be the first to board to get some good pictures of the cabin. A little avgeek! Boarding almost begin when I reached, with everyone lined up to get the security interview! Thankfully it was organised and I was still the first to board, allowing me to take some pretty good pictures.


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A Cathay Present: Thoughts on Cathay First Class vs SQ Suites

I just flew Cathay First from Hong Kong to New York City a couple days back and heck the 17 hours flight was simply too short! I am so looking forward to the return flight that is coming up next week. This is definitely one of the moments where I wish time would stop still and the flight got delayed. While the memory is still fresh in me, I would like to do a comparison between Cathay and my all time favourite Singapore Airlines. I will definitely be doing up a full review of the Cathay First Class soon. But for now, it is Cathay First Class vs Singapore Airlines Suites. Let’s go with a side by side comparison on the different areas, Service, Seat, Food and Beverages and Lounges!

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A Cathay Present: Cathay Dragon KA221 A320 DAD – HKG Business Class

0115 Singapore / Hong Kong Time

1315 Eastern Time

I am currently at 34,000 FT, FL340 lounging in the awesome Cathay First Class, just off the shore from Seattle and San Francisco enroute to JFK. With a pot of peppermint tea, here I am sharing about my Cathay Dragon flight earlier in the day. I was on KA221, A320 flying from Da Nang to Hong Kong in transit to JFK. As I mentioned earlier in the previous post there was no queue and the check in, immigration as well as security was smooth, furthermore it is impressive that Cathay have a dedicated First Class Check In line even though there is no first class out of Da Nang. HAHA perhaps they know that there are plenty of us flying First on the error ticket routing through here. In fact the Flight was late upon arrival, the boarding time was 9.10am and the plane just arrived as I reach the gate. I even got to see it land. Boarding only started about 9.35am, 20 mins later than scheduled.

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No. 24, Taiwan: Scoot 787 Dreamliner SIN – TPE – SIN

There is always time for a first and this is one of them, my very first time onboard a Scoot flight. While there are usually nothing much to share about on Economy flight, let alone on a budget carrier, I will still like to briefly share my thoughts on Scoot. Scoot is consistently assume to be the best among their counterparts, probably due to the new planes and connections to Singapore Airlines. I am also very keen to try them out for the very first time. I will only be sharing very briefly on the experience and I will definitely not do a separate one for the return flight. Scoot currently depart out of Terminal 2 from Changi Airport, a little out of the norm given that most budget depart from Terminal 4.

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