First Class Run: Silverkris Lounge Manila Terminal 3

Besides the main Silverkris Lounge in Singapore, SQ also maintains and operates a couple of them overseas, especially in key markets. Manila is one of them where you can find a Silverkris lounge in MNL airport terminal 3. This is not surprising given that Singapore Airlines flies 4 times daily to Manila, there is even a flight with First Class on it. Although this lounge is a shared first & business class lounge. There isn’t any particular space reserved for first class passengers as well. It is certainly great to have their own airline operated lounge since there are no good offerings from partners in this airport. For those who are interested in going on a lounge hop, there are a couple of contract lounges which you can access with Priority Pass in Terminal 3. None of them look particular nice. The only other interesting lounge I saw was the Cathay Lounge. The Silverkris Lounge is located one level above the main departure floor, there are clear signs leading to the elevators. SQ departing gates are usually just a short walk away from the lounge.

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First Class Run: Silverkris First Class Lounge Changi Airport Terminal 2

A very different definition of First Class! This is what I will say! In a stark contrast to Terminal 3, there is no The Private Room in Terminal 2 and there is also no contrast on whether you are flying Star Alliance metal or SQ metal. The Silverkris lounge in Terminal 2 only have a general Business Class section and a First Class section. This is my very first time visiting the First Class section over in the Terminal 2 lounge. The lounge is certainly aged and not in a good way, this is definitely the oldest lounge of SQ over here in Singapore. SQ operated from both Terminal 2 and 3 and usually regional flights fly out of here as well as Silkair! Unlike the T3 one, the lounge here is not open 24 hours. It is open only from 5am to midnight.

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First Class Run: Marhaba Lounge Changi Airport Terminal 3

I am sure that many of you would have know that the Singapore Airlines lounges in Changi Airport are going thru a process of renovation during this period which is something that is long overdue. The lounge are no longer cutting edge and in fact an embarrassment to the standards of Singapore Airlines. It is going to take some time and probably until 2021. During this period, the airline also sign a contract with one of the newest lounge in Terminal 3, Marhaba Lounge as a overflow lounge to ease up the crowd while they renovate one by one. The Marhaba is one of the newest addition to the offering in Changi Airport and also under priority pass. So in addition to SQ premium customer, Star Alliance priority members you can also get access under the usual lounge programs such as Priority Pass. In fact it might be an awesome time to visit it now since there are slight “upgrades” in the soft offerings given that SQ customers use it as well. This might just be the best contract lounge in Terminal 3 right now! Let’s take a look!

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First Class Run: The Private Room Changi Airport Terminal 3

Welcome back to another review of Singapore Airlines The Private Room, this is probably the last time that I am visiting it before it undergoes a huge renovation. This time around I spent around 15 hours in Changi Airport overnight which gave me a good opportunity to check out the private room all day round, from dinner to breakfast! For those who do not know, The Private Room is Singapore Airlines best lounge and exclusively only for First Class & Suites passengers flying on SQ metal itself. Members and those flying on star alliance metal do not get access. As a measure of hand, a flight range from around 4 to 12 first class and suites passengers. As such, despite the lounge not being overly huge, it will never be too crowded at anytime of the day. TPR is also known as the lounge within a lounge and a lounge since you got to pass by the business class lounge, the first class lounge to get to the actual TPR. This is also known as the famous lounge within a lounge and another lounge!

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Chapter Wanderlust II: Swiss Senator Lounge & Business Lounge E Zurich Kloten Airport

Outdoor terrace in a lounge, you know that Swissair played it right by using incorporating this idea into a lounge. Afterall Zurich is a very picturesque lounge and the alpine views are amazing. Together with tarmac views and the sleek Swiss Air livery. It is a total AVgeek over here. Under the Lufthansa group, lounges for Swiss Air and in Zurich Kloten undergoes the same grouping. It follows First Class, Senator and Business Class. Technically both First Class and Senator Lounges are both first class lounge. Although First Class lounges are reserved for their own ticket holder and their own Hon Circle Members, then Senator lounges are open for Star Alliance members as well. A Second Class, First Class Lounge it is. I have heard alot of good stuff about the lounges in Zurich Kloten, especially after they are recently renovated. The Swiss Senator Lounge is located in the E Gates, for non schengen departures and one level above the main terminal.


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Chapter Wanderlust II: Berlin Airportclub Lounge Tegel Airport Terminal A

This is going to be rather short since I barely warm up the seat even in the lounge. Continuing on my journey from Berlin which is actually my very last stop in the EU. I decided to cut short my trip prematurely and fly to Zurich for almost a week in lieu of my returning flight on Singapore Airlines Suites back home. I flew Swiss Air, the price was alright and it was a direct routing so that is appreciated. I decided to take a flight rather than winging it out on the road since I need to be at the airport for tax refunds and trains are always a bitch when it comes to VAT Refunds! The airport is easy to get to for me with the direct airport bus from Alexanderplatz. Flight experience was a twist. I will get to that in the next post. Berlin Tegal Airport is certainly not cutting edge and seems to be struggling with capacity as well. It is certainly one of the smaller ones in Germany. There is only 1 contract lounge in Terminal A which I was flying out on which is the Airportclub Lounge. On the first note I was surprise that it is located landside although it seems that the configuration of the airport is such that there is almost no transit area. Small group of gates are located just behind the check in counter with the security as barriers.

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The Bucket List: T2 Lounge Dublin International

I was flying out of Dublin to head to Paris, the last city of this very trip. Dublin Airport is fairly modern and new, especially in Terminal 2. It was a short taxi ride from the hotel and Aer Lingus is amazing, in fact, anything after Ryan Air first class. I will share more about the flight in detail in the next post. Dublin Airport have two contract lounge, both accessible via Priority Pass. There is one in each terminal and practically enough they are just simply named T1 Lounge and T2 Lounge. At least there are still good coverage for all of us. They are the only contract lounges in Dublin Airport.

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Penang Mattress Run: Plaza Premium Lounge Penang International Airport

Plaza Premium Lounge are known for their standards in the contract lounge world. They are constantly better than their counterparts and a symbol for quality. They can be said as the industry leader in the lounge aspect and there are a couple of famed ones such as their lounge in Heathrow as well as Vancouver which I have heard lots of praise about. They also have the super premium lounges where they can rival airlines operated first class lounge known as the Plaza Premium First. I was flying back from Penang International Airport. There is only 1 contract lounge in the airport and it is the Plaza Premium Lounge. There is one in both the international terminal as well as the domestic terminal. I was in the International one. The lounge is open from 5am to 11pm daily, so that timing should be rather fitting for most people that is passing through. I was there in the evening around 8pm ahead of my flight to Singapore.

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Penang Mattress Run: Dnata Lounge Changi Airport Terminal 1

While I have been to tons or most of the Priority Pass lounges in Singapore Changi Airport this past few years. Singapore is a galore of Priority Pass lounge, across the 4 terminal and Jewel, we have 11 lounge and 1 restaurant! You could definitely do a 12 round lounge hopping if you have the mood for it. I realised that the Dnata Lounge in Terminal 1 is missing from my list. My go to lounge in Terminal 1 is usually the Plaza Premium since the food is pretty good, this time around, I decide to give the Dnata a try and I could review it as well. I came from the TGM restaurant in Terminal 2 but since my flight was departing from Terminal 1 I decide to come here and wait for my flight. Dnata lounge is located one level up from the main terminal. It is located just beside the new Qantas First Class lounge which is definitely on my radar!

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Penang Mattress Run: TGM Priority Pass Restaurant Changi Airport Terminal 2

Welcome to another brand new trip series of mine! Penang Mattress Run! I finally decide to check off another bucketlist of mine, especially in South East Asia. Penang, a city that I have wanted to head to for ages, especially after watching the drama that was filmed in Penang. Travelling never stops for Seeing The World In Steps! Fresh off Europe and even a trip to KL with my besties, I am constantly complexed by my need to travel. Seeing that I had time on my hand as well as needing to clock some nights to renew my status for Hilton. There comes about this trip. Furthermore tickets were rather affordable and there is a huge promo for Hilton. I will share more on it when I get to the hotel review next! First up. TGM! A restaurant under Priority Pass! Now, is this a lounge or a restaurant? I am sure that everyone is very familiar with Priority Pass but this restaurant thing is rather “new”. Priority Pass takes in some restaurant where members get a credit to spend on food items in places when lounge options are hard to come by. They are usually stateside, although surprising there is one in my home airport, Singapore Changi Airport. I went about to try it during this trip of mine. TGM is said as an Japanese Korean cuisine restaurant

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The Bucket List: Upper Deck Lounge Glasgow

Dublin was my next destination after 2 nights in Glasgow. Located off the shore of cointentinal UK, the only way is by air to get to Dublin. Time for some Guinness I guess! I was at the airport super early, more than 3 hours in advance for my very first Ryan Air flight and the last one as well. I will share more on the disastrous experience on Ryan Air in the next post. To sum it up, that almost took up most of my time and together with the long security lines at Glasgow Airport I barely had 20 mins in the lounge, it is going to be a rather short review. This just makes me appreciate how amazing train travels are in Europe and how easy it is. Back to the lounge! The only Priority Pass or contract lounge offering in Glasgow Airport is the Upper Deck Lounge, and it is a crowded one. Certainly it couldn’t cope with the amount of passenger in the Airport.

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JED’S In KL: Changi Lounge at Jewel

On the way back from KL, I got the opportunity to stop by Jewel and decided to pay a visit to one of Singapore latest offering this year, the Changi Lounge at Jewel! Jewel have been the pride and talking point for the whole of 2019 so do check them out if you have not heard of it! I have to say that I am constantly amazed and impressed by this place every time I visit. What is different is that this Changi Lounge is operated by Changi Airport itself and is located in the public area so technically it is less convenient for most travellers. It does still have its purpose since Jewel offers early check in so it does allows passengers to rest up and take a shower as well. Furthermore they are also targeting air cruise customers. I had an opportunity to check it out when it first open months ago and the decor was impressive. Thankful, this time around I get to experience it fully!

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The Bucket List: Krisflyer Gold Lounge Changi Airport Terminal 2

Continuing on my lounge hopping. I went next door to check out the Krisflyer Gold Lounge in T2. In addition to the usual Silverkris lounge operated by Singapore Airlines that you can find worldwide, they also operate the Krisflyer Gold Lounge in Singapore. This is for crowd control and accessible by Krisflyer Elite Gold Members travelling in Economy Class as well as Star Alliance Gold Members. Although for Star Alliance members, you can use the Silverkris Lounge as well which is much better. It is going to be a rather short review since I just pop in for a quick look.

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The Bucket List: Silverkris Lounge Changi Airport Terminal 2

While I have been to the Silverkris Lounge in Terminal 3 multiple times, I have actually not been to the one over in Terminal 2, usually when I am out on SQ it is on long haul and they fly out of T3. This time around I cater myself additional time to head over to T2. One look and I already feel it to be much more comfortable than the ones in T3. it is so much quieter and cosy. T3 just feels like a busy market place with all the late night departures. I was ushered in and informed to cater additional time to head over to Terminal 3. Similarly, there are separated first class and business class section in the lounge. On the left would be Business Class.

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The Bucket List: Royal Silk Lounge Changi Airport Terminal 1

With my flight only departing at around midnight, I was at the airport pretty early as I wanted to check out a few of the lounges that I missed out previously. After spending some time and grabbing dinner at the Silverkris Lounge in Terminal 3. I took the Skytrain to Terminal 1 to check out the Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge. Perks of the Singapore Airport, All the main terminals are connected airside. This is the other Star Alliance lounge in Changi Airport and the only one in T1. Terminal 1 is more of an oneworld hub. Signs are clear and you can definitely see it. The lounge are all located together around the same area, beside this Royal Silk Lounge, you can also find the British Airways lounge and Qantas lounge as well. I am really looking forward to check them out as well in the near future. The host was polite and there is no wait to enter!

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The Bucket List: Silverkris Lounge Changi Airport Terminal 3

It has been almost 2 years since I was in the Silverkris Lounge in Terminal 3, this can be said as the flagship lounge of Singapore Airlines. If you have been paying attention to the news recently, you will know that SQ recently just announced that they will be investing more than 50 million to renovate their lounges in Singapore. This will take place from the later part of this year to mid-2020. I have to say that they are definitely in need of a makeover. It was interesting to see how things have change since I was here back then. Similar to my previous experiences, the host at the entrance will verify your access, there is usually no wait since it is highly manned.

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A Cathay Present: Cathay Pacific The Bridge Lounge

The Bridge Business Class Lounge was the last stop of my lounge tour for the day. It is located near Gate 40 and the location is awesome since it is right at where the train let you out from Gate 1 area. This makes it super easy to visit. Perhaps this is also the reason why the lounge is super crowded. The lounge is located on level down the main floor and the exterior is definitely impressive. I have no idea why the lounge is called The Bridge, perhaps it is due to the reception being like a bridge between both sections of the lounge.

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A Cathay Present: Cathay Pacific The Pier Business Class Lounge

The previous occasion when I was in Hong Kong on my outbound flight to the States, I had a fairly short layover and did not have enough time to check out the business class portion of The Pier. This time around, while waiting for my massage session at The Pier First Class, I decided to check out the business class lounge. Do note that the Business Class Lounge is located totally in a different space from the First Class side, The entrance to The Pier Business class side is located near Gate 65, just next. Similarly, it is located one level down the main terminal. There is a host at the entrance who will check your access, it does seems like the staff here are less polished than their First Class counterparts! This is literally Cathay newest J Class lounge in HKIA. One of their newest offering. It was fresh, new and absolutely gorgeous. Definitely, it is way more crowded here. I am also super keen to check out the lounge since I heard that they have a very unique offering now, A Yoga relaxation area which is unheard of actually!

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A Cathay Present: The Qantas Hong Kong Lounge

Shall we just take a little break from Cathay? I am afraid that people are getting sick of hearing Cathay and Cathay! This is the other awesome Oneworld lounge that you can visit in HKIA. Frankly speaking, HKIA is full of awesome lounge, besides what I am going to cover in this trip series, you also have the Plaza Premium First which I have heard much good things about. Furthermore there is also the AMEX Centurion Lounge as well. Hopefully, one day I will have a chance to visit them. Frankly speaking, I have not idea why Qantas would want to operate their own lounge here given that Cathay already have such great facilities. The Qantas Business Class Lounge is located right after security on the opposite side of The Wing. Do pay attention to which security side to use if you are visiting any of them in particular. It was open from 7.30am to 11pm. You are able to access with any OneWorld premium ticket or with Oneworld Sapphire status.

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A Cathay Present: Cathay Pacific The Deck Lounge

Continuing on my tour in Hong Kong International Airport, and while waiting for my Cabana at The Wing, I made the journey across to The Deck, another Business Class Lounge, it is located near Gate 6, right at the far end of this area. I finally understand why CX need that much lounge in HKIA since the gates are really very far apart. I really love how classy Cathay name it’s lounge, especially their chinese name. 玲瓏堂, how cute it that! It is located a level above the gate area as well which you can easily access via the escalator. It does seems to be much smaller than the other lounges that Cathay have.

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A Cathay Present: Cathay Pacific The Wing First Class and Business Class Lounge

Hong Kong International Airport is a major Oneworld Hub and a lounge haven. I have specifically book a super long layover during my return from the US. Together with my early landing, I had close to 11 hours to kill in HKIA! Call me crazy, but my schedule was actually pretty packed. Earlier, I have shared about The Pier First Class Lounge in this series, this time around, I am headed to The Wing. This is the other flagship first class lounge in Hong Kong International Airport and in fact the older one, it is one of the two awesome First Class Lounges that Cathay have on ground! There is two entrance to The Wing, one located near Gate 1-4 while the other is on Level 7, just after clearing security, I was there bright and early, in fact it is not even bright yet, as it is only 6am.

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A Cathay Present: American Airlines Admirals Club JFK

It does seems that I have been praising AA too much these days, now, let me bring them back to earth! While there used to be 2 Admirals Club in JFK, one of them became the current Flagship Lounge. The remaining one was located in another concourse and near gate 42! It was a short walk there. The Admirals Club is kind of like a membership lounge and you can pay to have access. Besides elite status, you can have access as well if you hold a Admirals Club Membership, which is actually pricy or a Citi AAdvantage Executive World EliteTM MasterCard primary cardholders. Oneworld elites get access as well. I don’t see that you should pay for access since they are pretty crap. It is nice to see that US Military get access as well when travelling.

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A Cathay Present: Flagship First Dining JFK

Previous, I have shared about my visit to the mind blowing Flagship Lounge in JFK, this time around, I will share on the cream of the crop. Something even more mind blowing in the lounge. In the recent years, AA repackaged their premium products and even come up with Flagship First Dining. A first class dining experience and facility specially designed for their international first class passenger and 3 class transcons first class pax. Thankfully there is an agreement with Cathay for CX First customer to get access to. This is awesome since it is the best part of the Flagship Lounge. I am thankful, since this is the best part of the lounge. While I will not call it a separate lounge for First Class since it is located within the Flagship Lounge. It is a dedicated fine dining facility for first class passengers and Concierge Key members do get a few passes for access every year.

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A Cathay Present: American Airlines Flagship Lounge JFK

As this post goes on, be prepared to be wow, be enlighten because you will never expect this to come from a company called American Airlines. You will be impressed! This lounge and product is definitely a game changer in the country and in fact elevate it it standing among the Big 3. In fact in the recent times, both AA and United have repackage their premium products as Flagship and Polaris respectively. Leaving Delta way behind! The Flagship represents a new milestone for the company, from Flagship First Class to Flagship Check In as well as their Flagship Lounge. In this post I would like to cover my visit to the Flagship Lounge JFK which will blow your mind off. It is such a leap above the old Admirals Club and in fact, you will see so soon since I will be sharing the Admirals Club!


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A Cathay Present: Cathay Pacific The Pier First Class Lounge

After hearing so much about Cathay Pacific lounges, I am so glad that I am finally able to be able to check them out. I am like a little kid, bursting out when the transit bus arrive and speeding through transit security like a season traveller. Belts off, laptops out, two bins each. The security check let us out around Gate 1, same as if you are departing from Hong Kong. I decide to head to The Pier, which is located around 62, it is a long walk. Thankfully there is a train that takes you from Gate 1 to Gate 40, but it only goes in one direction. Weird! This is one of the two awesome first class lounge in Cathay Pacific base, with the other being The Wing.

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A Cathay Present: CIP Orchid Lounge Da Nang

Feeling rather peckish, I actually had a very good sleep last night at the Hilton Da Nang, I was awake by 5am, naturally, with the sunrise right in front when my eyes open. You have no idea how good that felt to be awake naturally. I left the hotel and check out around 7am and got a grab to the airport. The journey was quick and took about 10mins. It does seems that the roads had a little more traffic and the locals getting busy with their lives as well as more of the constant driving while on the horns. Da Nang International Airport sure look fresh, although rather no fills, it was a quiet morning and I was let out just as where the desks of Cathay were located. The desks have just open a couple of mins ago, some customers were already there, although there is no wait for First! It is nice to see that they actually have a dedicated line for First Class passenger even though Cathay Dragon does not have First Class on this route. My bag was checked and I was issued boarding pass all the way to JFK. It is surely a nice sight to see these boarding pass and lounges invites. Cathay uses the CIP Orchid Lounge in Da Nang, in fact all the airlines uses it since it is the only lounge in the Airport.

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No. 24, Taiwan: Plaza Premium Lounge Taoyuan Airport Terminal 1

Most of the time Plaza Premium does not disappoint when it comes to Contract Lounge. I feel like they are a step above others when it comes to non airline operated lounges. The plaza premium offerings are usually fairly impressive among their peers. They are a hospitality group headquartered in Hong Kong and operate lounges around the world. I have heard impressive things especially of their lounges in Heathrow as well as in Vancouver. Most of their lounges are also part of the Priority Pass network and you could access them with your membership. In some location, they do have arrival lounges as well. On my way back form Taipei, I was in Taoyuan International Airport. After getting my favourite mochi from I JY SHENG we went to check in. There was a slight wait despite the long line.

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No. 24, Taiwan: Ambassador Transit Lounge Changi Airport Terminal 2

It had been ages since I flown out of Terminal 2, in comparison to the other terminals, it felt kind of foreign, unfamiliar. Usually, I am either in Terminal 3 for SQ long haul, if not, Terminal 1 for budget airlines for trips to nearby countries. I was in fact hopping to have a chance in trying the newest Terminal 4, but Scoot loves being the odd one out, the only low cost carrier left hanging out in Terminal 2. But I believe this is due to code sharing and ease of transit for passengers towards Singapore Airlines. I have actually planned to visit the SATS Premier Lounge, but in a turn of events, ended up at the Ambassador Transit Lounge instead. That is another story for another day.

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Peking to Beijing: Air China First Class Lounge Beijing Capital Airport International Terminal

While my flight home to Singapore only departs at 4.40pm, I headed to the airport much earlier than expected. After returning from a little walk in the morning, we took a cab slightly after noon to the Airport. The journey was smooth, although still took about an hour. Beijing Capital Airport is one of the most gorgeous one out there, the design definitely made it look airy and spacious. There was a little queue for check in although it definitely didn’t took long given the amount of counters that were open! I even managed to get an Extra Leg Room Seats at upgrade, which was so awesome. How impressive was the airport when you have a dragon sculpture at the Airport. I was really excited to check out the Air China First Class Lounge! I was impressed that it is a Priority Pass Lounge since this is like the flagship lounge of an airline in their own hub!

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Peking to Beijing: SATS Premier Lounge Changi Airport Terminal 3

I have previously did a comparison of Priority Pass lounge in Changi Airport Terminal 3 as part of my previous trip report that I did back in 2017. Do check that out if you are keen to have a summary of the lounges offering in Terminal 3. This time around, since I was flying out of Terminal 3 towards Beijing, I took on the chance to check out the SATS Premier Lounge in detail this time round. Personally, I think that it is the best Priority Pass Lounge in this terminal. Tons of credit cards in Singapore now offers Priority Pass access, from probably about 2 access per year to unlimited ones. The advantages, more people have access to such lounges, free drinks and food, while on the other side, these lounges aren’t as special as it used to be, and the trend seems to be such that there are always on the crowded side. My flight depart at 8.45am in the morning, which means that I have to be at the airport way before even the sun rises. Thankfully, my house is less than 10 mins away from the airport, and at this timing, traffic is barely a thing.

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Trip de Americae: Silverkris Lounge Incheon Airport

Shortly after deplaning, we had to go thru a security screening before entering the transit area! I was in a desperate need to get a shower after being in the air for more than 13 hours, feeling sticky and all after the journey. Thankful security was a breeze, we arrive late and night and got to deplane ahead of the other passenger. Incheon Airport is constantly one of the best in the world, competing with MY CHANGI AIRPORT and I am interested to see how different it will be after last being here back in 2012! The lounge is a short walk away and on the fourth level, next to the China Eastern Lounge and Korean Air Lounge. Do note that this lounge is due to be closed from 18 Jan 2018 till further notice. Trust me. It is definitely in need of a renovation! Seems like the review might not be relevant anymore, but I will just share a little on my thoughts here.

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Trip de Americae: Korean Airlines Lounge LAX Tom Bradley International Terminal

I had plenty of time left prior to my boarding time after leaving the Star Alliance Lounge which I have shared on in the previous post. There are actually plenty of lounges in the Tom Bradley International Terminal, there is a Etihad, Qantas, Oneworld, Emirates and also a Korean Air Lounge. Seeing that the KAL is under the Priority Pass Program, I decided to check it out. In case if you are not flying any premium cabins out of TBIT or have loyalty membership, this is the lounge that you will be able to use, if you have a Priority Pass membership. I have an unlimited access from my Standard Chartered Card and took full use of it. The Korean Air Lounge is located on the 5th floor, one level below the Star Alliance Lounge.

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Trip de Americae: Star Alliance Lounge LAX Tom Bradley International Terminal

Although the bulk of the lounges are operated by the members airlines in the Star Alliance network, there are still a couple of them that are open themselves by Star Alliance itself. I have previously visited the First Class and Business Class Star Alliance lounge in Paris, so check them out if you would like. There are currently 7 Star Alliance lounge in the world in LA, Paris, Rome, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Nagoya and Buenos Aires. And the 8th is coming in 2019 in Amsterdam! Coming from my last city in this around the world affair that I had back last year, I was flying back in Singapore Airlines Business class back to Singapore from LA. I arrived in the airport right at noon, roughly about 3-4 hours early, giving me plenty of time to check out the lounge and one of the more gorgeous airport in the States, Tom Bradley International Terminal!

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Trip de Americae: Sea-Tac Alaska Airlines Boardroom 

The train ride was quick and in no time I am in SeaTac, Seattle Airport. What a cute name for the airport. Seattle Tacoma Airport have one of the most cost friendly public transport to the city, since a ride on the light rail is only 3 USD. I quickly got my boarding pass printed and drop off my bags at the Virgin America check in desk. While there is not much of a wait to drop off bags, there was a huge congestion at the security. It was crazy. I have no idea what is going on and this is the worse queue that I have seen in an America airport. I was caught by surprised, seeing that this isn’t NYC or Vegas, neither is it the holidays.

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Trip de Americae: The Club at LAS

Check in was a breeze after getting to the McCarren Airport, as per the norm in the states, you got your boarding pass from one of the kiosk after keying your passport details and then if you have any baggage you can drop it at one of the check in desk. It sure was fussless, and got in done in minutes. There was a little line at the security check, but we were through in no time as well. Just get ready all you stuff when you approach! Laptops out, shoes and belts off! The McCarren is surely one of the most memorable airport that I have been to, since when do you get to have jackpot machines at the Airport! It sure doesn’t hurt to try your hand while waiting for your flight!


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Trip de Americae: Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt

A great Star Alliance alternative will be the chic Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge that is nearby. If you are travelling with a Star Alliance ticket or a holder of a member frequent flyer program, this lounge might be a good choice in comparison to the Lufthansa offerings. The Maple Leaf Lounge is on the second level as well, located near the Mcdonalds. The lounge opens as well at 6am. I was there bright and early. It is definitely one of the better moments for me to check out the lounge fresh and bright. Definitely the perfect moment as well for me to snap all the pictures while the crowd isn’t around. This is a good offering in comparison to the frequent overcrowded lufthansa lounges. I love that the Maple Leaf Lounge have such a chic exterior and entrance.

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Trip de Americae: Lufthansa Senator Lounge Frankfurt

Nothing feels better than a hot shower after hoboing at the Airport overnight sleeping on a hard bench! That is my exact thoughts when I was in the Lufthansa Senator Lounge in Frankfurt Terminal 1. A little recap on my itinerary, on the previous night, I arrived from Bologna on Air France with a long transit in Paris. What a day of travelling it had been. I was expecting to make my way to the transit area in Terminal 1 after dropping off my bag with Singapore Airlines, but it turned out that the check in counters were closed for the night. That means Seeing The World In Steps spend its first night in an airport! It was surely different seeing one of the busiest airport in Europe turning into such a quiet place. At 5am, I managed to be the first to check in my bags and got the golden suites ticket printed and then immediately rush to the Lufthansa Senator Lounge for a much needed shower!

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Chapter Wanderlust: Star Alliance First Class Lounge Charles de Gaulle

I was coming off my flight from Bologna, making my long journey to Frankfurt and then my SQ flight the next day to New York City for the second part of my adventures. Due to scheduling and flight timing, I would need to arrive the night in Frankfurt before to make it in time for the SQ flight to NYC. What a long day of travelling. I actually made 3 cities, 3 flights all in less than 30 hours. I had a long transit in Paris CDG, more than 7 hours actually. Once arrival in Terminal 2G, I made the long way to T1, which is the international departure and main airport in CDG. I first made my way to the tax refund counter to get everything settled since this is technically one of my last stop in Europe. I then headed my way to the SQ counter to see if I could try to get a lounge pass. I had a long layover and then I am going to spend the night at Frankfurt Airport from 10pm till my next flight to NYC at 8am. It is going to be crucial if I can rest for a little while and feed myself.


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Chapter Wanderlust: Marconi Business Lounge Bologna Airport

Sadly to say, I am on the finishing end of my Chapter Wanderlust, Bologna was my last city in Europe and I am making my way to Frankfurt to meet up with my parents to continue the journey to NEW YORK CITY where I will start my adventures in the states. My last day in Europe was actually a day of travelling. I was flying Air France out of Bologna to Frankfurt, connecting in Paris. I had a airport transfer book by the hotel to get me to Bologna Airport. The ride was comfortable and took about 20 mins. It cost me 18 Euros. Upon reaching the airport, I check in and settled all of my tax refund stuff before heading to the Marconi Business Lounge. Marconi Business Lounge is the only lounge in Bologna Airport and is available to enter with Priority Pass.

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Chapter Wanderlust: Air France Lounge Frankfurt am Main Terminal 2

Continue my adventures of checking out Priority Pass lounges at Frankfurt am Main or Fraport in short! I cater extra time prior to my flight. Leaving the LuxxLounge in Terminal 1 I head off to check out the Air France Lounge in Terminal 2. At first I had the idea to head to Terminal 2 inside the transit area since the lounge is located there. I had information that it was possible to do it in the transit area using the airtrain. However it turns out to be one huge circle for me! KEEP IN MIND, YOU CANNOT CHANGE TERMINALS IN THE SECURE AREA! I guess that this is due to the Schengen area thinggi that is making things such a mess. I am so used to the Singapore pattern where all the secure area are linked. It just makes things so much easier. A certain tour of the Frankfurt Airport results in me entering and leaving Europe in less than a hour!

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Chapter Wanderlust: LuxxLounge Frankfurt am Main Terminal 1

I trust that all of you are familiar with the Priority Pass program, in Frankfurt International Airport where there is Terminal 1 and 2, there are a couple of lounges that are affiliated with the Priority Pass program. However there is only 1 options in Terminal 1. If you do not have any status or are flying economy, Priority Pass remains your best options for a lounge. Terminal 1 is the main terminal in Frankfurt. It is also the nearest terminal to the train station. After a 15 mins train ride from the central station you will lead out straight to Terminal 1. Frankfurt certainly have the easiest airport ground transport, it isn’t cheap though! With a one way ticket costing 4.80 Euros.

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Chapter Wanderlust: OBB Lounge Wien Hauptbahnhof

Welcome to another lounge report of Seeing The World In Steps travel dairies. As with the DB Lounge in munich that I have shared earlier with you peeps. I felt that train lounge are great and perfect, especially for the travellers that are not used to travelling by train frequently and also the travellers out of the country. The are a great use to leverage on the refreshments, toilets and a safe place to keep your baggage at times. As a traveller the most hurdles that I faced are finding complementary toilets in train stations and also a “safer” place to put your stuff when travelling alone! The use of it even increase especially when you are making transfers or miss a connections. The previous lounge saved my life while travelling through Munich! Access are usually given when you have a loyalty card or are travelling on a first class train tickets. When buying in advance, the price difference are not that much of a different, so you can put this into consideration when making the purchase.

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Chapter Wanderlust: DB Lounge Munich Hauptbahnhof

On my previous post, I mentioned that I was taking the ICE train from Amsterdam all the way to Salzburg, oh god that was a long journey! To make things even worse, my first train was delayed which created a domino effect and I miss all my subsequently train. Thankfully I took first class which gave me access to the lounge, if not I would be a monk from 8am in the morning till 6pm when I finally arrived in Salzburg! Cutting things short, after finding the next available train, I had an hour to spare which I went to check out the DB Lounge located in Munich Hauptbahnhof. I was pretty impressed by it. Yea Train Lounge are a thing despite it being not as famed as their airline counterparts. They are usually located in the few main stations and there are a few various ways where people could get access, one of the most common one would be travelling on a first class ticket!

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Chapter Wanderlust: Changi Airport Krisflyer Gold Lounge

Since I had plenty of time towards my flight and to make things even worse, my flight was being delayed for about an hour due to thunderstorm and weather! I decided to check out the nearby KrisflyerGold Lounge located in T3. Previously being in the Airforce, it sure felt like a common thing, happening day in day out where usually due to weather and rain, our plans for the whole day just comes to nothing. Most of the time we will just shrug it off, since it doesn’t really affect my stuff and life goes on as per usual, we will just fly on the spare days instead. Cat 1, heavy winds, no ground activities. This time around I was really feeling it, even though I would absolutely love to stay in The Private Room and the Suites for even longer, I had a train connection to make! I certainly didn’t want to miss it. Stay tuned for the story for this as well, which I will share very soon in the flight report of the suites that I recently flew. Speaking about access to the lounge, although I didn’t really qualify for access into the KrisflyerGold Lounge, the attendant just waved me in since I was holding on to a suites ticket anyway.

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Chapter Wanderlust: Changi Airport Silverkris Lounge

After having my scrumptious dinner and experience at The Private Room, if you guys remember about my last episode, I was sharing on the best lounge of Singapore Airlines, where you can only access it when flying Suites or First Class on SQ. I got to work out some of that calories and decide to check out the rest of the lounge, which comprises of the First Class and Business Class section. While I have been to the business class portion of the lounge, I have never been to the First Class portion of the lounge. I am also keen to see how things have change in the business class section. Since The Private Room was located inside the First Class Section, immediately out of it would be the First Class Lounge. The Silverkris lounge is available for access if you are travelling in Business or First Class on SQ or Star Alliance Partners. It is also available to the top tier membership of SQ, PPS Club. For all other Star Alliance Gold card holder or KrisGold holder, you are able to access the KrisFlyer Gold Lounge instead.
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Chapter Wanderlust: Comparison of Priority Pass Lounges in Changi Airport T3

After my hiatus in Changi Airport and also having much calories in me to kill, I went on a lounge hopping around Terminal 3 of Singapore Changi Airport. Using my unlimited access Priority Pass lounge card from Standard Chartered Bank, I am determine to find out which is the best Priority Pass Lounge in Terminal 3. For those of you who are unsure. Priority Pass owns the largest network of lounge in the world, while it does not owns the actual lounge it actually collaborate with many different lounge operators to provide it’s card members with access. There are shitty lounge in the network, to some really nice airlines ones like the Air France Lounge, Plaza Premium Lounge and also even one world lounges. Some will have to pay, but mostly people can get for free with collaboration from their credits cards. There are more than 1000 lounge in the world and you can find them on their apps or the website. Speaking of this, Singapore Changi Airport actually have many lounge in the network. We have actually 10 lounge throughout Terminals 1 to 3. There are currently no lounge in Terminal 4. My go to lounge in Terminal 1 would be the Plaza Premium Lounge, it is one of the newest and also one of the best. The lounge journey begins.

I visited a total of 3 lounge in Terminal 3, this will be pretty good research for my future holidays. I visited the SATS Premier Lounge, dnata Lounge and also the Ambassador Transit Lounge. I will share my thoughts here. The first one would be dnata lounge, the décor look fresh and cool, it seems to be well maintained as well. It has a quiet reading area as well with some nice brown couch to rest on. It seems really nice. What I really like about this lounge would also be the individual toilets with showers. Instead of a huge shared ones, this is really good and they are well maintained as well.

Speaking about the refreshments, there was a small buffet area between the main lounge area and the entrance. The buffet area also had a couple of actual proper dining tables for those who would like to have a meal. They have hot options like Chicken Satay, Teriyaki Salmon some salad corner and also cup noodles. The satay looks pretty good. Drinks wise, the coffee machine look professional and a soda machine, the alcohol options looks pretty limited and no individual bottled water.

The next lounge that I went to next would be the Ambassador Transit Lounge, it is located near the food court, at the far end of it. This lounge is packed. Like really crowded, seats were mostly taken up, some of the people even took off their shoes and rest their legs on the couch. I was promptly welcomed into the lounge by the agent and after swiping my PP card, I was given a wifi code and also two drinks coupon. So in comparison to the dnata Lounge, this lounge is even more stingy and controlling the drinks. They a pretty cool business corner with touch screen computers and it is probably the most spacious area in the lounge currently. The lounge should have views of the planes and runways, although it is at night and couldn’t see a thing.

Refreshments wise, there was three to four hot options and some cakes. There was a pretty cool salad bar though and they were covered. Speaking about hygiene. There was also a made to order laksa station which I though was pretty good.

Given that it was a Priority Pass Lounge I was very impress by its showers and also the toilet. They have individual showers which actually looks pretty chic. It is actually even better than the bed and breakfast that I am staying at right now. There are rainforest showers, although soaps are by dispenser I am still okay with it, given that it is a priority pass lounge. There are also a make up area, with mirrors, chairs and hairdryer.

The last lounge that I visited was the SATS Premier Lounge. I had the highest expectation with it, given that I always visit them in terminal 1 and was always pretty fine by it. The décor was nice, looks fresh and new. They also had flowers and the lounge sort of extend into the terminal, which makes it look more spacious. They have comfy couches and warm lighting that makes it comfy for relaxing and also screen that shows the flight details as well as international news. They had these nice tall leather arm chairs that were really cool and nice but doesn’t provide a lot of privacy though.

Refreshments wise, there are nice coffee machine and definitely more comprehensive and nicer alcohol selection out of all the lounges that I have visited. Perhaps I am there when the dinner crowd is over, there isn’t much food and I only saw a salad bar with some cold cuts. There were bottled water though.

To conclude, I can’t really say that there is a best Priority Pass lounge in Terminal 3, I think that each of the three lounge that I went each had its stong points and weakness. The best lounge in Changi Airport would still be the Plaza Premium Lounge in Terminal 1.

Best Décor and Lounging Space: SATS Premier Lounge

Best Showers: Ambassador Transit Lounge

Best Refreshments: dnata Lounge

To me a priority pass lounge, would be to have a quiet and relaxing place to rest. It isn’t for any gourmet dining or what. A nice clean place would be the best. Something extra would definitely be the hot refreshment. Showers as well when I am in transit. Another thing that can’t be missed will definitely be small bottles of water. Sometimes when I am in a rush, I would just like to grab a bottle of water and then board the plane. It is a good way to escape from all the overpriced water at the airport. With this I hope you guys have a clearer idea, my go to lounge should be the SATS Premier Lounge, since my home is in Singapore, I do not need a shower and I believe that during dinner time, the refreshments would be more substantial.


Chapter Wanderlust: Singapore Airlines The Private Room Changi Airport

Writing this 36,000 Ft in the air, currently on-board SQ26 to Frankfurt, it is a dream come true and also gleaming at the Suites. I have always wanted to try the Suites since it was launched back then in 2007, now I can finally say I did it! Before I start sharing all about the Suites experience and get crazy I shall share a little on the ground experience first.

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Sawadikap: Oman Air First & Business Class Lounge Suvarnabhumi Airport

Finally getting the time down to “pen” down this entry after such a long time. It is probably the right time to do so since I have been forgetting stuff so easily these days and my memories of the lounge is getting more and more vague. Sometimes I do ask myself whether I should quickly finish jotting down my trip experience or just continue as it is now. Some of my friends have also laughed at me for taking so long and actually writing a trip that was last year! Back to this post, the last part in this non stop eating and sleeping Sawadikap trip series. On the lounge offering in Suvarnabhumi Airport, the international airport of Bangkok, for the Priority Pass, you do get access to the Oman Air First & Business Class Lounge. In terms of offering and free entry simply by being a Priority Pass member which is easily attainable by most credit cards, the lounge is a good one. Especially when you are offered to the same product that is used by Oman Air premium passengers. While I will touch on the experiences later, the lounge is located in Concourse E , Level 3 on the West Side. A side note to keep in mind, the Suvarnabhumi Airport is a huge one and if your flight is not departing on the same side do cater necessary walking time.


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Sawadikap: Plaza Premium Lounge Changi Airport Terminal 1

This was actually my second time visiting this lounge. Plaza Premium Lounge in Terminal 1 can be said to be the newest one in Changi Airport. It was only opened a year ago. In comparison to my previous visit, this time around I arrived in the wee hours. I was admitted after presenting my Priority Pass membership. A great feat about lounge access would be the Priority Pass membership, which provide you with access to more than 800 lounges around the world. While paying for access is expensive and definitely not worth it, many credit cards now pair up with a Priority Pass membership which entitles you with a couple free visit or even unlimited ones. A great example would be the Citi Prestige Card. Perhaps it is the timing, but the lounge definitely didn’t seems to be crowded or busy on my both visit. There were a few people who arrive after me but it is never too packed or noisy. This is also the reason why Plaza Premier Lounge is such a nice, relaxing place to spend your time.


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Down Under In Mel: Plaza Premium Lounge Changi Airport Terminal 1

Given the agony of missing out on the lounge to visit, seeing that I have close to another hour prior to boarding, I went in search of the Plaza Premium Lounge. It was located close to the gates in the C side of the terminal, directly above the transfer counters and right opposite the Emirates Lounge on Level 3. Two lounge prior to boarding? No sweat for a travel blogger right? Since my Priority Pass Membership provides unlimited access, no harm trying out another lounge right? Furthermore I have heard so much about this lounge, given that it the newest one in town.


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