There is no doubt that Bangkok is one of the culinary destinations in the world there is so much history and culture to explore in this aspect. There are way too many things to eat here. You should check out my itinerary and all the different pins that I have on my Google Maps. Bangkok is never a sightseeing destination for me but rather, one to be constantly stuffed! I covered some of the places that I visited in May 2022 here. You will never go hungry in this city. Let me share my food adventures in this post. I will add some of the items that I had from my September trip last year too.

Food in Bangkok

Let’s start with some fine dining! My favourite fancy Thai food goes to the Front Room at Waldorf Astoria Bangkok. The food here is amazing and getting 25% off is an absolute gem. It might be a little more pricey but cost the same as a normal restaurant price in Singapore.

Kub Kao Kub Pla! Great grub in malls! You can get really good and clean Thai food here.

Mr Joe Kway Chap! I prefer Nai Ek Roll Noodles in Yaowarat! Definitely won’t recommend you to come all the way here just for this!

Somtum Nua! You can find this in various malls in the city! Come here for their Somtum and Northern Thailand food.

Kha Mu Charoensang Silom! This is hands down one of the best food I had in Bangkok. The pork trotter is very good and affordable! Do come early as they do get sold out pretty fast! I love this! Must try! Worth the effort to get down.

Ba Hao Tian Mi! Really good Thai desserts! They are famous for their pudding! I feel that it is a little pricey! You can find it near Central Embassy or Yaowarat!

I finally visited On Lok Yun! Good place if you are in the area. The custard or kaya is very good! Very affordable as well! I love the vibes here. It is as if you are transported to the 1980s in Bangkok.

Brix Dessert Bar! Can try, can skip!

This might come a little weird but there are a couple of really nice Japanese outlets in the city and prices are often more affordable than in Singapore. You have to visit Kenshin Izakaya for some drinks and snacks. Go to the one near EmQuartier!

Jok Prince! Great local spot for congee! Perfect if you are in the area!

Polo Fried Chicken! One of the best spots for lunch and dinner. Great place to get fried chicken topped with amazing shallots and garlic. They are is located near Conrad Bangkok as well. The prices are very good!

Here Hai! Famous for their crazy crab-fried rice! Expect to wait a long time and come here before they open to put down your name. I waited for around 45 mins despite arriving on the dot. Pretty affordable given the amount of crab in the meal but it is more like try once and skip kind of feeling. It is just a good plate of crab-fried rice to me! I do not mind having it if I don’t have to wait but an hour, pass!

Kimpo Khao Tom Pla! Great Teochew fish porridge! Prices are on the high side!

Bualoy Parinya! Affordable traditional Thai dessert cafe! Good spot to gather with friends!

MaeVaree Mango Sticky Rice! Must try! The mango sticky rice is really good! This is quite a famous spot and the price is slightly high but worth every single cent! Super sweet mangos with soft sticky rice and warm coconut milk! I am craving for this right now! I got the smallest portion for 150 THB and look at the amount of mangoes!

Hoi Tod Chaw Lee! Good spot for an oyster omelette if you are in Thonglor. It is right beside MarVaree and you can buy both together back to your hotel to enjoy!

Prachak Roasted Duck! One of the best meals I had in Bangkok! The noodles and ducks were divine. Prices are very good and the portion is generous. I got both the rice and noodles and polished them all.

Somboon Seafood. Come here for their curry crabs! Prices are decent.


Here is all I managed to fit into my tummy during a week in Bangkok. There are certainly much more places that I would love to try and dine at! Some of them like Mei Long are a family favourite and we will always visit them when we are back in the city. Do also refer to my post last year as I shared some food places I visited too. Come and eat with me! Don’t read this when you are hungry. Can’t wait to feast again when I am back in town.