What else could it be besides Singapore Airlines? Similar to how I got there, I took Singapore Airlines back as well. I lucked out with the Hong Kong route being on the Spontaneous Sale. I paid just 23,800 miles and 58 SGD in taxes. Tickets were very easy to get since HK just reopened and their tourism is still on a recovery path. It is definitely lovely to get a 30% discount on the standard price. I am also flying during the Lunar New Year period which seems to be the low season. This is quite an impromptu booking as I jumped on the opportunity to visit once quarantine-free travel was possible. It is always nice to have a first-entry advantage since hotel prices are thru the roof these days. I love the flexibility you get when paying with miles. You can check out some of the hotels that I stayed at in Hong Kong. AKI M GalleryThe Park Lane Pullman and The Hari were excellent. You can check out one of my older reviews of Singapore Airlines Business Class on a long-haul flight here. I will be on the 380 with SQ’s latest business-class product. I can’t say that these are my favourite SQ business class seats. I did manage to get bulkhead seats for this flight which makes things slightly better. It has been a long time since I was in the 380.


Checking In

I arrived at the airport at about 3.50pm for my flight back to Singapore. I took a taxi from my hotel to Hong Kong Station and then took the airport express. This is the fastest and most cost-effective way for solo travellers. The airport express is very comfortable and takes you to Hong Kong International Airport in about 24 mins. It cost me about 50 HKD for the taxi and I got the return airport express tickets. Singapore Airlines uses Terminal 1 and their check-in counters are located at Row F. Shortly after my arrival, the check-in counters are open. There is already a long line of passengers even in business class. This is another reason why I do not like to take the A380. Even the PY / Star Alliance Gold queue is faster and I checked in there instead. I switched my seat to 96A to have the entire mini J Class cabin all to myself. Turns out, I am not flying on 11A at all. It is always better to have an empty and exclusive cabin.

Boarding Process

My flight is assigned Gate 5 which is just a short walk away from the Plaza Premium Lounge that SQ uses. Boarding started slightly ahead and I was one of the first to board. It just doesn’t feel that exclusive when you are in the 380 since there is a whopping 78 business-class seats. There was no queue at all. I was welcomed by the crew before I made my way to the end of the plane since I was seated in 96K. This is the bulkhead seats of the mini cabin at the end of the top deck. I opted for this seat at check-in since I thought it will be nice having the entire cabin all to myself. I was offered a welcome drink and the crew came around to introduce themself.

Singapore Airlines A380 Long Haul Business Class

This is the latest business-class product of the SQ long-haul fleet. All 380 in the fleet now featured this product. It is only the second time that I am flying this product. I never liked it unless I am in the suites. When I am in business class, the 350 is my preferred product. The premium cabins are located on the top deck with the suites in front and the business class filling up the rest of it. There is a mind-boggling 78 business class seats. I am not a fan of these seats and the plane as you don’t get the exclusivity of being in business. I was in the bulkhead seat of the mini cabin. It is quite a walk.




Here are some pictures taken of the seat. Having the cabin all to myself makes you feel like you are in a private jet. The bulkhead seats offer much more space and privacy. You have a huge large screen TV that comes with the best IFE System. KrisWorld has more shows and movies to loop around the world multiple times. The screen is touchscreen so you can control it either with the remote on the side of the seat or on the screen itself.




The plane is also equipped with Wifi and currently, all PPS club members, business class and first class passengers get unlimited wifi onboard. KrisFlyer members get a 2 hours allowance. Then on the sides of the screen, you can find a compartment where you can store some little items for easy accessibility and there is also a drinks holder. The console also has some space for drinks. The seat controls are near the console and they are not very sensitive. You kinda need a lot of pressure to activate it.



I love the location of the outlets on the seat and there are even two of them. This is something that I like about the new design, kudos to them. It is something so small yet so crucial. There is one at the console which is super good for phone charging since you can use it while lying down or lounging, it even comes with a USB charger. While the other one is located right under the window and next to the magazine rack.


I went to check out the toilet and it was spacious enough with lots of amenities. Penhaligon’s products were provided. They are always well-maintained by the crew. You can also find other amenities such as toothbrushes, shaver can be found in the toilet.

Meal Service

For this particular flight, they are offering a dinner service. You can find the menu here. Service almost starts immediately upon levelling off with a round of after-take-off drinks with nuts. It is nice to see the full service being back. Let’s hope the hot towel comes back soon. I always appreciate having an after-take-off drink. I got one of the SilverKris Sling, one of my all-time favourite drinks. It was around 30 mins later before the meals are served. Book The Cook service is currently suspended from Hong Kong Station.


I opted for something Western given how much Asian food I had over the past week. The meal started with Prawns with Lemon scented oil salad. It is rather good. I was famished at this point. Soon the crew came over with a bread basket and the garlic bread was awesome. It is nice that they are doing the service course by course. I am so sick of the one-tray service. Hong Kong is a nice route to have a full meal service.


I then got the Pan Fried Halibut for my main. I have heard a lot about the Seafood Hor Fun but shall leave it to try sometime later. It was served with some mashed potatoes and spinach on the side. I love the mash. It was very flavourful. The fish is also well-heated and stay moist.


The crew then came around with the cart and offer me some desserts. I got the cheese plate and the Floating Island “Ile Flottante” dessert which was disgusting. It is like melted egg whites or meringue. The chef that created this should be fired yesterday. I would rather just have ice cream or something. The cheese plate was delicious and I enjoyed it over a glass of wine.



The crew were great and one of the better ones that I had. The high crew-to-passenger ratio makes it even more amazing. It is nice having an entire section all to yourself. Hong Kong route is one of the best regional ones to enjoy a flight in a premium cabin. You can rest and relax still after a leisurely meal. Of course, I enjoyed the flight even if this is not my favourite cabin. All in all, a decent flight with a spectacular set of crew.