After my adventures in the Turkish Airlines lounge, I am off for my next adventure. There are a plethora of Priority Pass Lounges in Bangkok. You literally have access to 14 different lounges. You just need to find the time to do so. Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Bangkok is huge and depending on which gate you are at, some lounges might not be that convenient for you to visit. Here we go, the journey to splurge on my unlimited Priority Pass Card. There is something unique about The Coral Finest Business Class Lounge.

Access Requirements

The Coral Finest Business Class Lounge is open 24 hours and available to Priority Pass members. I use my unlimited Priority Pass from Citi Prestige. You should be able to enter using Lounge Key as well.

Arrival & Location

The Coral Finest Business Class Lounge is located near gate D1. You can find it easily. This is my first time visiting this lounge. The main purpose of my visit is to get a 15-minute massage. Upon arrival, I was warmly welcomed by the staff and ushered in after presenting my Priority Pass card. It feels like a classy tea room instead of a lounge. The decor was kind of weird. The first room seems to be a private room that is off-limits.

The Coral Finest Business Class Lounge

The lounge is much bigger than I expected. There is a huge space after I was led into the main lounge area. The décor is pretty good and the lounge mainly consists of one huge long room that is separated into various seating areas. The little rooms and cubicles make it quite private. That will be a good choice of seat.

There are plenty more tables and chairs all around the lounge. Here you can find some pictures of the lounge.

The refreshments are located at the end of the lounge. By the main seating area, you can also find some drinks counters and a full bar. I will come back to this later on. In the middle of the lounge, this is also where you can find the spa room.

My main purpose for coming here. Guests are entitled to a 15-minute neck and shoulder massage at the lounge. If you can’t find the therapist in the room, do try to spot her around the lounge. How lovely is it to get a massage while waiting for your flight? It was 15 minutes of bliss as the knots in my shoulder, neck and arms were worked on. Do note that there is only one therapist and you might need to wait for your turn when it gets busy.

Toilets and Showers

The lounge has toilets which are fairly basic but located in individual rooms.

Food and Drinks

Let me first share about the beverages. We can find some instant coffee machines and packaged tea. They even have an ice cream counter.

Then you have a fully stocked bar and this is one of the most impressive aspects of the lounge. The maned bar offers multiple drunks options and a huge list of cocktails. You can check out the menu here. Choose from all sorts of wines and 18 different cocktail options. I had a couple of drinks and they were really good. I am sure that they can wipe up something you fancy that is not on the menu.

The main buffet counter is located at the end and you can find various hot dishes as well as a salad station. The Hokkien Mee and Chicken are pretty good.

Here you can also get some bottled water and soft drinks.


The strongest point of this lounge besides the complimentary massage will be the bar. The drinks options are really solid. I had some cocktails and they are as good as what I found outside. How lovely is it to have a massage in the lounge? Can we have some therapists making the rounds in Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge as well? I can see myself coming back here for the massage whenever I have a flight out of BKK.