After I reviewed the brand new Singapore Airlines The Private Room I went to check out the SilverKris First Class Lounge next. The lounge is also spanking new. The SilverKris First Class Lounge can be said to be a secondary lounge as it caters to Star Alliance First Class passengers as well as PPS Solitaire Club members as well as their guests. On the occasional affair, guests of First Class / Suites passengers on SQ Metal. You can check out my review of The Private Room here, the best lounge of Singapore Airlines. I have also visited and reviewed the old First Class Lounge. It is lovely to see that Singapore Airlines have decided to refresh and renovate the lounge offerings in Singapore as the previous décor was way outdated and tired. This will be the product to stay for the next decade or so until the future Terminal 5.

Access Requirements

There are two main tiers of lounges in Singapore. The KrisFlyer Gold Lounge for Krisflyer Gold and Star Alliance Gold members flying in Economy Class. Premium passengers as well as PPS Club members are invited to the SilverKris Lounge instead. You will then be able to access either the Business Class Lounge, First Class Lounge or The Private Room. PPS Solitaire members are invited to the First Class lounge. The Private Room is reserved exclusively for passengers flying in First Class / Suites on Singapore Airlines metal only. Star Alliance First Class pax are ushered to the First Class lounge instead. Arriving passengers from a Singapore Airlines First Class, Suites or PPS Solitaire passengers can also access the facility. This means that this lounge is usually only used by Star Alliance First Class Passengers and PPS Solitaire members. As of this moment, only Lufthansa and Swiss Air offer First Class out of Singapore.

Arrival & Location

In the past, it is known as a lounge within a lounge and a lounge. You must get thru the Business Class lounge before heading into the First Class lounge. This is no longer the case as they now share the same oval entrance. Depending on your entitlement you will then be ushered into the respective lounge by the agent. The entrance of the First Class Lounge is just next to The Private Room. The Silverkris First Class lounge is open 24 hours.

Singapore Airlines SilverKris First Class Lounge

The new SilverKris First Class Lounge has a capacity for 134 guests. The space of the new lounge has been increased from the previous one with definitely a much more modern decor that feels brighter and chic. Immediately upon entering, you can see the centrepiece of the lounge, with the gorgeous bar being the focal point. I love the look of the bar and the batik-designed lighting. They are decorated with Lalique crystals. It is extremely gorgeous. Let me come back to the offering later on.

Right by the entrance, you can find a meeting room that business guests can use for some last-minute meetings or calls. This will come in handy for business travellers.

Near the bar, there are also plenty of high-top seating and barstools. This is a good place for mingling over some cocktails. Opposite the bar, you can also find some seats that act as sort of an overflow area when needed. Power plugs and even wireless chargers are readily available.

The rest of the lounge is packed with even more chairs and lazing couches. They are laid out in pairs and in various groups such that you can have your little area. Power outlets and even wireless charging are always within reach to juice up your devices. You can also find some cubicles designed seats that are perfect for solo travellers. These are the ones that you should go for if you would like to work. They are great. Here are some pictures of the lounge.

Play Room

There is a Play Room in the lounge which you can find nearer to the back of the lounge towards the toilets. This room comes equipped with a TV and a couple of bean bags. But the primary use is for the younger ones to play around inside. Some toys and colouring materials can be requested from the staff.

Day Rooms

Similarly to the TPR, the First Class Lounge also comes with day rooms now. This is the most obvious change and a great amenity to have. There are also 4 dayrooms in the First Class Lounge with two of them having adjustable recliners, and two of the rooms with beds. These could come in handy since Singapore Airlines does plenty of transit flights for travellers from the northern hemisphere to the South East Asia region. I have heard that they are popular with the LA flight that arrives just after 1am. Since the lounge opens 24 hours, these are popular.

When compared with the TPR, the day rooms here are much smaller. The ones with the bed are the ones to go for. Inside the room, you can also find a work desk. I had an excellent nap in the room during my stay, the rooms are equipped with a Tempur Zero G bed with a Tempur Firm Supreme mattress. The mattress offers top-notch back support and does try out the Zero Gravity position. The sheets are plush and smooth. I felt they could preemptively offer a bottle or two of bottled water by the side as well as install lighting control near the bed.

Toilets & Showers

The toilets and showers are located all the way to the end of the lounge. They are a step above the previous offering and come in a refreshed decor. I love the marble finishes and how bright the place is. Showers are also located in individual rooms rather than all of them inside the toilets. The First Class Lounge has a total of five shower suites, each equipped with GROHE fittings and electric bidet toilets.

Inside the shower rooms, you can find amenities from Lalique Neroli as well as Penhaligon. Toiletries are house branded and in pump-size bottles. I was hoping that SQ can do something better here. They are well maintained and the attendants go around constantly to tidy and freshen things up.

Here are some pictures of the toilets.

Food & Drinks

The dining area takes up the majority of the space in the lounge and you can find typical dining tables in the middle as well as larger tables along the wall. The seatings along the wall are my favourite choice to seat at when dining. The round tables are larger and it also comes with a gorgeous batik pattern embossed on the back. This spot is perfect for larger groups.

The main food offerings are located on the extensive buffet line which is designed with an open concept. You can see the staff preparing some of the food items from the live station. Here are some options that I saw when I visited in the evening. You can find Dim Sum, Chicken, Vegetables, SQ Signature Laksa, and vegetarian options. There are also more substantial options that you can order from such as Hokkien Mee, Pasta, Stuffed Taupok, Satays and Wagyu Slider These will be served by the staff and brought over to the table for you.

Towards the corner, you can find more snacks such as fruits, cakes and cheese.

There are several drink stations in or around the lounge. Everything is self-served. You can find an automatic wine dispenser, self-poured liquors and beers. Non-alcoholic options include soft drinks, bottled water, juices, coffee and TWG tea. They also have branding collaboration and offer Oatly products during this period. Speaking about juices, I hope SQ can do better than Marigold for their First Class Lounge. Movenpick Ice Cream is also available in the fridge.

Singapore Airlines offers the Piper-Heidsieck Rare Brut Millesime 2007 champagne in the First Class Lounge.

The bar is also open from 6am to 10am and 5.30pm to 1am. In the morning, you can get coffee made from an actual espresso machine. In the evening, a bartender is on hand to whip up some cocktails. Here is the cocktail menu. Besides the signature SilverKris Sling, the rest looks ordinary. I would have wished for them to come up with more signature cocktails perhaps with some Singapore flair. An all-day barista and bartender service also don’t seem impossible. Perhaps they could be something like Pandan Infused Gin Tonic? Coconut Shake Mocktails?

I tried one of the SilverKris Sling during my time at the TPR.

Right before I leave for my flight, I manage to check out the breakfast offerings. There is a good selection of food on the buffet including some quality Dim Sum, Laksa and Chwee Kueh.

Similarly, you can also order items off a menu which includes Bak Chor Mee and Teo Chew Fish Porridge. I had the BCM which was delicious. The hot sandwich was ordinary.


It was still very quiet when I visited in the early evening as well as in the morning. The lounge is not life-changing but definitely a step above the Business Class lounge with refinement in terms of improved F&B and a much quieter environment. The environment and decor are also a step above the previous product. The gorgeous bar is a nice touch and a great place for socialising. If you are flying out on Star Alliance First Class or a PPS Solitaire member, this is the lounge to be in. There are certainly better First Class lounges out there. Keep in mind that The Private Room is the true “First Class” offering and the best there is on the ground. This isn’t!