This is my second time flying Singapore Airlines short-haul First Class. There is a couple of regional destinations where SQ still maintain a First Class cabin. Some of the shortest destinations include Jakarta as well as Manila that I flew to a couple of years back. It is certainly a treat when you have a long-haul product on a sub 2 hours flight. SQ operates the 777 wide-body aircraft with four cabin classes. It is nice to do a review and check out an SQ short-haul flight after such a long time. With only 4 seats in First, this is one of the most exclusive and private cabins in the world. I bought this ticket roughly two months ago when the “stopover” trick is still very much alive and paid just 27,500 miles and 52.30 SGD in taxes. I issued it with an earlier Bangkok flight in Business Class. It would have cost me around 2200 SGD if I paid cash. The main reason why I wanted to fly First Class for this trip was to check out the newest lounges that reopen recently after the renovations.

Checking In 

I arrive at the Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 way in advance of my flight since I wanted to maximise my time in The Private Room and the First Class Lounge. You can check in up to 24 hours in advance of your flight when flying on Singapore Airlines out of Singapore Changi Airport. Passengers in First Class / Suites as well as Solitaire PPS Club members are invited to the First Class check-in facility which is located in the annexe of Terminal 3. This facility is better accessible for those arriving at the airport by car. Do make sure to remind your driver to turn left immediately upon arriving at the departure area of Terminal 3. It is located to the left of the terminal before door 1.

I was warmly welcomed and the porters immediately came over to help me with my bags. There was no one at this hour. The area is comfortable and check-in is a sit-down affair here. There are also some seatings here which are barely being used. I waited for my partner to arrive here before heading over to check-in. I do wish that they had made use of the pandemic down period to touch up and renovate this area to keep in line with the decor of the refreshed lounge.

Check-in was fast and prompt. Soon I had my boarding pass as well as the golden lounge invitation in my hand. They were polished and I was constantly addressed by name during the check-in process. Guests can then use the exclusive immigration counters and you are let out right opposite the entrance to the SilverKris Lounges inside the transit area.

Boarding Process

In the weeks leading up to the flight, I keep checking the seat map to monitor the occupancy. I am secretly hoping that I will get the whole cabin to myself which would be a lifelong dream. This turn out to be true as I was informed when checking in that we are the only one in First Class. My flight departs from gate A12 which was just a short walkway from the lounge. There was no queue when I was there and security was a breeze. I boarded straight away. It is so nice to be back on board a Singapore Airlines flight. The crew came to the jet bridge to welcome me and ushered me onboard. I was addressed by name and they help me with my bags. They also offer to hang my jacket. I love SQ First Class and given how we are the only ones, I took the opportunity to get plenty of pictures of the cabin. The other passengers boarded via the second door and this ensures that you are not disturbed. I was offered a welcome drink and opted for Champagne. The crew inquired if I would prefer the Krug or Taittinger! Only onboard Singapore Airlines do you have to make such a decision! Krug it is! Refills are offered during the boarding process.

The lovely crew also came by with a Penhaligon’s amenity kit while apologizing that the First Class amenity kit is not available given the short flight. I am excited to collect the new pouch colour which is blue now. Our flight ended up being delayed due to a slight technical issue for about an hour which went by in no time. The Krug kept flowing and I had a nice chat with the stewardess about our mutual travel hobby, travelling!

The view is amazing as it gets brighter.

Singapore Airlines First Class

While no longer the most cutting-edge product out there, they are still great to fly on. This is a product that serves the long haul routes and having this for a breezy 1hr 45 mins flight is more than sufficient. There are only 4 seats onboard the 777 which makes for an intimate cabin. The seats are super spacious that I and my partner could sit side-by-side and not feel cramped at all.

The seat comes with a plush leather pillow. Let me introduce the seat to you. It comes with a huge high-quality large screen television and this is connected to the amazing IFE system. The Krisworld is one of the best with plenty of movies and shows. A noise-cancelling bose headphones complement the set-up. Wi-fi is also available onboard and First Class / Suites passengers enjoy unlimited data allowance throughout their flight. The seat comes with a spacious ottoman for you to rest your legs. You will never have to squeeze into a little cubby.

Under the ottoman is also the storage area where you can store your carry-on. With the lack of overhead compartments in First Class, this is also the only area to store your baggage.

There are various compartments around the seat that you can use to store smaller items throughout the flight like your glasses or wallet. You can also find an international power socket and a USB charger outlet.

The seat controls are located to the right and are intuitive.

You can also find a touchscreen remote control to control the IFE.

The table is found under the TV and slides out from there. It is a spacious one. One main criticism about the seats is that they do not support couple dining. You can also find some compartments on the side of the seat with some reading materials and the menu for the flight. I appreciate that physical menus are back. I do wish that they bring back those leather casing as it looks classy.

Meal Service

Upon levelling off, the crew sprang into service. After all given how short this flight is, every second matters. The crew came by to reconfirm my Book The Cook orders. I ordered the signature Lobster Thermidor for my meal. This is a revamped version that was launched recently. Check out the menu for my flight here. For this flight, the Krug and Taittinger were available. SQ use to also serve the Dom Perignon but from November 22 onwards only Krug and Taittinger will be available. Everything is served at once given the short flight. You still get the full service with a white tablecloth. What a classy setup is this. Lobster and Champagne for breakfast. This is a feast fit for a king! I got the Lobster Thermidor which was served with fondant potatoes and brussels sprouts. The meal also came with sliced fruits and yoghurt. Soon after, the crew came by with a bread basket and I got a croissant to go with the meal. The Lobster Thermidor was excellent and it feels like a lighter dish than before. I paired it with a glass of the 2016 Riesling Grand Cru from Alsace France which was perfectly executed by the crew from pouring of wine to tasting and showing the wine label.

Service was excellent with an amazing 1:1 crew ratio taking care of us. I ended the meal with a blue mountain double espresso and with the view keeping me company for the rest of the flight. My favourite way to end a meal in the air.


What else could you find fault with? Flying First Class on one of the world’s foremost premium airlines for a mere 1hr 45 mins flight. It is perfect! I also checked off one of my lifelong goals by having the entire cabin all to myself. I am pampered and arrived well-taken care of onboard by the spectacular first-class crew. You can simply do this on budget airlines but SQ First Class is definitely in style and a treat. It is so impressive that the crew can do a full meal service with polished hospitality in one hour and 45 mins. It never felt rushed. I had time for a full meal and a couple of drinks before ending with a freshly brewed espresso. I just wish that the flight never end and I had a lengthy delay. This is always my wish whenever I am onboard Singapore Airlines First Class / Suites. There is no wait at immigration and I was thru in minutes upon landing. There was however a long wait for baggage.