Having an unlimited lounge membership always comes in handy especially when you are flying in economy class or budget. I went to use the Song Hong Premium Lounge at Hanoi airport before my flight back to Singapore. It came in really useful since I did not have breakfast included at the hotel as such we got it at the lounge instead. This is the only contract lounge at Hanoi airport. Check it out with me.

Access Requirements

The Song Hong Lounge is open daily from 4.30am to 11pm. You can access this lounge via lounge program membership like Priority Pass. I have an unlimited Priority Pass thru my Citi Prestige Credit Card and used that to access the lounge. A normal entrance will cost 32 USD. This lounge is also used by some airlines for their premium customers including Singapore Airlines. There was no wait at the entrance and I was admitted entrance after showing my card and boarding pass.

Arrival & Location

The lounge is located on the 3rd floor of the terminal and is a short walk away after clearing security. Simply turn right and soon you will be able to see signs to the lounge. You can see all the accepted payment and entrance methods at the entrance of the lounge. I was warmly greeted by the staff and entered in no time after my card was swiped.

Song Hong Business Lounge

The lounge is not too huge but felt very spacious, especially with the open terminal design. I love the concept as it had plenty of natural light which makes it airy. The lounge is pretty quiet when I visited in the late morning too.

Although the lounge is mainly in one big room, they have segregated the area into various seating areas with the use of some partitions which help it feels cosier. You have both more typical dining tables to lounge couches and even some high-top seatings. Outlets can be easily found and they have wifi available too. Here are some pictures of the lounge.

There is also a business centre with some computers and a printer. This might come in useful if you do not have your laptop with you.

Toilets & Showers

The lounge also comes with toilets and showers. This will be very conducive for those who want to freshen up. I always appreciate contract lounges having their facility as they will probably be better maintained and cleaned compared to the public toilets in the terminal unless you are talking about Singapore Changi Airport. The showers here are decent but nothing memorable.

Food & Drinks

As far as contract lounge goes the F&B offerings here are pretty good and in fact one of the better ones that I have been to. It is nothing fancy but decent for a meal when you are stopping by between your flights or before your flights. I came here for a meal before boarding since I didn’t have breakfast at the hotel. There was quite an extensive buffet lineup. You can find a salad bar, all sorts of hot food, bread rolls and some extra continental options. There is also a little small dessert and pastry section.

I also appreciate that they had this a la carte noodles station where you can get some noodle soup cooked to order. They also had other instant noodles on offer. Surprisingly the iconic pho wasn’t anywhere to be seen here.

The lounge comes with solid drink offerings, you can find all sorts of soft drinks and bottled water in the fridge. Also equipped in the lounge is also an instant coffee machine. As far as the booze goes, you have some wines on offer, including sparkling wine. There are also various spirits such as whisky, gin, rum and vodka.


Decent offering at Hanoi airport and the only one in the airport. I appreciate having a space to wait for my flight and perhaps if you like, a drink or two while waiting. This also helps in avoiding those overpriced snacks and drinks in Airports. This is certainly not one lounge that you should come to the airport early for but it is a decent one, at least among the contract lounge level. I have been to worse lounges elsewhere. It came in handy since I need to grab a bite before my budget flight later on and I didn’t have breakfast included at the hotel. Hope this helps.