It has been almost 2 years since I was in the Silverkris Lounge in Terminal 3, this can be said as the flagship lounge of Singapore Airlines. If you have been paying attention to the news recently, you will know that SQ recently just announced that they will be investing more than 50 million to renovate their lounges in Singapore. This will take place from the later part of this year to mid-2020. I have to say that they are definitely in need of a makeover. It was interesting to see how things have change since I was here back then. Similar to my previous experiences, the host at the entrance will verify your access, there is usually no wait since it is highly manned.

This time around, I only had access to the J class portion, it will be interesting to see how the experience differs when I am flying the Suites previously. It will also be the first time when I am in for the dinner service. Unlike Suites and TPR experience 2 years ago, no usher is offered. Furthermore, when I enquire that I would like for them to hold my baggage while I shop at the duty free shops, it was rejected simply due to security reasons. I clearly did so 2 years back. Simply disgusting, I would rather they just say that they do not offer the service. Lame ass reasons.

Immediately after entering towards the right, you can find some computers, there are also some agents also there, whom are able to help you with any ticketing issues that you might faces. SKL is known for being a lounge between a lounge and a lounge. The J class section is located to the left, it is also the largest part. This time around I was there around 6pm. The lounge is clearly pretty packed, although it is not the worst. SKL gets really crowded when it is around 9-10pm, due to the bulk of Europe and Australia departures.

There have been simply no change to the seating area. It still consists of the same furniture as far as I can tell. The lounge still looks gloomy and tired, lack of natural light which is much needed. If you prefer to find a less crowded place, I will recommend heading really deep inside the lounge, after the booze corner, there is usually less people, here.

The dining area is located to one side of the lounge. This is also where all the food offerings and refreshments can be found. There are some long high top table as well as counter seats and the more restaurant style dining tables. To a corner you can find a coffee and TWG tea corner. SQ is impressive for their tea selection where you can find up to 12 different tea options on offer. This is rather impressive. TWG is also a pretty premium tea brand. What I really love about the lounge is that they have a couple of drinks located throughout the lounge, it kind of elevate the crowding issue, especially around the buffet line.

Apparently there is also some ala carte food stations in the area, this seems to be implemented after my last visit. Do note that they only start for dinner at 6.30pm. After some chit chat with the staff, found that it is available for breakfast as well where they start at 5.30am. On the day that I was there, the station were serving up popiah and chicken rendang, which I had a try and it is super delicious. Super awesome effort. I love that they are showing food with some local touches.

It is supplemented by the extensive buffet line where you can find both western and Asian offerings and even vegetarian options. There is a ton of hot dishes and on the side you can find a salad bar, cakes and dessert as well. They even have a cute pancake maker which reminds me about the Alaska Lounges in Seattle.

Drinks wise, the alcohol selection is pretty awesome, you can find can drinks, juices, bottled water. The awesome tea selection that I shared about earlier. They also have Champagne on offer as well. This time around they had the Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut on offer which is pretty good.

All in all, while it is disappointing that Singapore Airlines flagship lounge in its own hub is of such calibre. It is still a fairly decent business class lounge. I believe that it will be much better after the renovation announcement. I would love to visit it again in the future. It is also a lounge that gets all of your stuff done, dinner, shower, there is everything. SKL in T3 tends to get super crowded since it is practically the “only” Star Alliance offering in the terminal. This definitely is the best choice for Star Alliance customer in Terminal 3

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