With my flight only departing at around midnight, I was at the airport pretty early as I wanted to check out a few of the lounges that I missed out previously. After spending some time and grabbing dinner at the Silverkris Lounge in Terminal 3. I took the Skytrain to Terminal 1 to check out the Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge. Perks of the Singapore Airport, All the main terminals are connected airside. This is the other Star Alliance lounge in Changi Airport and the only one in T1. Terminal 1 is more of an oneworld hub. Signs are clear and you can definitely see it. The lounge are all located together around the same area, beside this Royal Silk Lounge, you can also find the British Airways lounge and Qantas lounge as well. I am really looking forward to check them out as well in the near future. The host was polite and there is no wait to enter!

The space is pretty small after all this is the only for the Thai Airways own premium customer or perhaps some Star Alliance gold members. It is surely enough for their own needs. Well, if the pax are smart enough, they would be better off using the SQ options in T2 and T3. On the bright side, it is definitely much quieter than the SKL.

It is nice to see that the lounge was in Thai Airways colours, as cliché as it is the purple is a nice match. Décor definitely seems to be of the previous era and it looks old, definitely in need of a refresh soon. There is a business corner which is located right behind the entrance. More of the seats are in groups. Staff are generally polite and the outlets can be found easily.

Do note that there is no toilets and showers in this lounge. The Wi-Fi was also not working when I was there. Another thought on why they should still operate their own lounge. Refreshments wise, there are some soft drinks, pretty normal liquor selection and Chang beer is on offer as well. Nice Thai touch.

There are two hot options as well as some sandwiches, cup noodles and then some fried items. It does not seem to be too appetising. Nothing of a Thai flair in terms of food.

I was just here for a bit. Overall, it is a rather normal lounge and I definitely would not come early to use it. In fact you are probably better off using one of the SQ options in the other terminals if you have time since it is easy enough as Changi Airport is connected airside. This feels more like a contract lounge rather than an airline operated one. Or the Plaza Premium might be better too if you have a Priority Pass. Terminal 1 is more famous for the One World Lounges. Actually I am not even sure why do they want to operate their own lounge in Singapore, a Star Alliance Hub, won’t it be better off to pay more to move operations to T2 or T3 or just use some of the contract lounge in T1.


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