While I have been to the Silverkris Lounge in Terminal 3 multiple times, I have actually not been to the one over in Terminal 2, usually when I am out on SQ it is on long haul and they fly out of T3. This time around I cater myself additional time to head over to T2. One look and I already feel it to be much more comfortable than the ones in T3. it is so much quieter and cosy. T3 just feels like a busy market place with all the late night departures. I was ushered in and informed to cater additional time to head over to Terminal 3. Similarly, there are separated first class and business class section in the lounge. On the left would be Business Class.

SQ really needs to do something about their lounge soon and I am glad to say that they have just announced improvement taking place in the later part of this year. The style is just not my thing. It felt like an old cigar bar. Constantly dark and gloomy with no natural light at all. Time to learn something from Cathay or Flagship Lounge. Boost some view of the SQ livery fleets or even the gorgeous Changi Airport Terminals.

There is a nice business centre right after the entrance and then the main lounge is located towards the right. You can also find some staff housed here, whom they will be able to help you with any ticketing issue that you might encounter. I really love these old school telephone booth/room that they have. I wonder if people still use it now.

The main dining and refreshments is all located together. Coming straight off the T3 Silverkris Lounge. The food offerings is exactly the same as the one in T3 but there is no ala carte station over here. Cute to see that there is a make your own pancake machine here, bring much Alaska Boardroom memories back. You can also find some snacks here as well. I shall let the pictures do the rest of the talking. You can find a couple of more formal dining table located here.

Interestingly, they have a kids menu with nuggets and fries cooked to order. Sounds like the best food ever in the lounge. I am glad to partake in it. Seems like there is still a kid in me. Ketchup anyone?

Alcohol and drinks selection seem to be similar. Although Charles Heidsieck is served here which is the same as the one SQ served onboard. And as a norm you can find TWG teas in the lounge as well. This is kind of a thing for SQ. I love the classy tea setup.

Seating area are located in a squarish rooms with lots of seating. They mainly consists of typical lounging chairs and in groups. There are a couple of tv as well in the room and I appreciate it being kept on silent. It looks really sleepy and gloomy. Power outlets are also hard to find.

Showers are available as well and there is no wait at all. It is located inside the washroom. It is pretty small though, soap are non branded and comes from a common dispenser though. The washroom is also unmemorable. Looks like some college hall showers. Temperature Control and water pressure are also not good. I expect more from a premium carrier like SQ. They do have to improve this. Refer to CX!

While there is still a crowd, the lounge is definitely much quieter than the T3 ones. While refreshments and seats area about the same. The washroom and showers pales in comparison. Frankly speaking I do seem to love this rather than the T3 one since it is so much more quieter and quaint. But in my opinion both of the lounge are not even business class quality anymore. Perhaps my taste have been elevated by my visit to Cathay and Flagship Lounges recently! You can do this Singapore Airlines!


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