Continuing on my lounge hopping. I went next door to check out the Krisflyer Gold Lounge in T2. In addition to the usual Silverkris lounge operated by Singapore Airlines that you can find worldwide, they also operate the Krisflyer Gold Lounge in Singapore. This is for crowd control and accessible by Krisflyer Elite Gold Members travelling in Economy Class as well as Star Alliance Gold Members. Although for Star Alliance members, you can use the Silverkris Lounge as well which is much better. It is going to be a rather short review since I just pop in for a quick look.

It is located right next to the Silverkris lounge and not a huge space at all. The seatings also look to be rather claustrophobic. Seats were arranged so closely that it appears that when or if they are operating at full capacity. You will be in face to face with someone. The seats also does not look to be good for long term lounging as well. They don’t look that comfortable. There is only one form of seating as well. So it is not like you have a choice when it comes to that. When I am there late in the evening. the crowd does not look that bad.

It looks rather ordinary and nothing too impressive. Perhaps the best would be the food offering. The main buffet line is all located towards one side of the lounge. Surprisingly they have almost the same hot dishes on offer as the Silverkris Lounge. Perhaps the most interesting part is that they have a dimsum area. I got a couple to taste and they are not too bad. Alcohol selection is also pretty watered down from the SKL. No champagne is on offer this time around. However the iconic TWG tea is available here as well.

To sum it up, I definitely do not think that this lounge feels like an airline operated business class lounge at all. Furthermore, it sucks when you have Krisflyer Elite Gold which is a Star Alliance Gold Status but you could not use the better quality Silverkris Lounge. However it is still a good place to get some food and rest. When it is quiet it is not too bad. Do note that there is no toilet or shower in the lounge. Although rest assured, it is going to be renovated soon.

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