The first lounge that I check out was the SATS Premier Lounge in Terminal 3. This is one of the 3 contract lounges that can access via Priority Pass currently. Only SATS and Ambassador Transit lounge are open during the day. Marhaba Lounge officially opens at 4pm but the timing is changing all the time. I was just visiting briefly to see how things have changed since pre-COVID times. The true lounge that I will be spending most of my time in will be the SilverKris Lounge since I had access on the virtue of being a Business Class Passenger. I will not be reviewing the lounge again since I have done an in-depth review a couple of years ago. Let’s kick start the Bali adventure!

Access Requirements

The SATS Lounge is open 24 hours daily. You can also access this lounge via lounge program membership like Priority Pass. I have an unlimited Priority Pass thru my Citi Prestige Credit Card and use that to access the lounge. A normal entrance will cost 32 USD. There was no wait at the entrance and I was admitted entrance after showing my card and boarding pass.

Arrival & Location

The lounge is a short walk away from the immigration and it is one level above the main terminal. Simply turn left after immigration and head up the escalator. The exterior was pretty nice and looked classy. This should be useful for most travellers and Priority Pass are easy to get be it overseas or from credit cards in Singapore. I don’t see why you should be paying for entrance here. 

SATS Premier Lounge Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3

The lounge is not too huge and has an open terminal design concept. While it is quiet when I visited in the afternoon I have heard stories where it fills up in the evening given the huge travel demand nowadays. The space in the lounge is mainly filled up with the usual typical lounge couches in groups in near rows. I can see that the seats have been refreshed since my last visit. Nearer to the refreshment area, you can find some proper tables and chairs which are better suited for dining.

You can find some private cubicles on the side that offers more privacy, this may be good to get some work done and for work.

I am glad to see that outlets can be easily found around the seats. There are even USB chargers available.

The refreshment area is located on the left. You can find some sorts of pastries and cold cuts on the buffet line. It looks miserable!

The highlight of the refreshments got to be the order to be made dishes. From the menu, it does seem that the selection might change from day to day. On the day of my visit, there have Spinach Cheese Frittata and Pancakes for breakfast. Chicken Congee, Chicken Rendang Rice, Fried Kway Teow, Baked Fish, Indian Vegetarian, Potato Soup for order. I am glad to see that the Signature Laksa is still on the menu. I have heard great reviews on this! Sadly, I did not have the chance to try any of the food given how short my stay in the lounge was. I sure do love this concept rather than lukewarm food on the buffet line. I do hope that this concept stays! 

Drinks-wise, you have a red wine and a white wine, typical spirits like whisky, gin  and vodka. You can also find coffee, tea, beer as well as some can drinks.

Do note that the showers are currently not available. 


I appreciate having a space to wait for my flight and perhaps if you like, a drink or two while waiting and to avoid spending money on overpriced snacks and drinks in Airports. This is certainly not one lounge that you should come to the airport early for but it is a decent one, at least among the contract lounge level. I have been to worse lounges.