After my hiatus in Changi Airport and also having much calories in me to kill, I went on a lounge hopping around Terminal 3 of Singapore Changi Airport. Using my unlimited access Priority Pass lounge card from Standard Chartered Bank, I am determine to find out which is the best Priority Pass Lounge in Terminal 3. For those of you who are unsure. Priority Pass owns the largest network of lounge in the world, while it does not owns the actual lounge it actually collaborate with many different lounge operators to provide it’s card members with access. There are shitty lounge in the network, to some really nice airlines ones like the Air France Lounge, Plaza Premium Lounge and also even one world lounges. Some will have to pay, but mostly people can get for free with collaboration from their credits cards. There are more than 1000 lounge in the world and you can find them on their apps or the website. Speaking of this, Singapore Changi Airport actually have many lounge in the network. We have actually 10 lounge throughout Terminals 1 to 3. There are currently no lounge in Terminal 4. My go to lounge in Terminal 1 would be the Plaza Premium Lounge, it is one of the newest and also one of the best. The lounge journey begins.

I visited a total of 3 lounge in Terminal 3, this will be pretty good research for my future holidays. I visited the SATS Premier Lounge, dnata Lounge and also the Ambassador Transit Lounge. I will share my thoughts here. The first one would be dnata lounge, the décor look fresh and cool, it seems to be well maintained as well. It has a quiet reading area as well with some nice brown couch to rest on. It seems really nice. What I really like about this lounge would also be the individual toilets with showers. Instead of a huge shared ones, this is really good and they are well maintained as well.

Speaking about the refreshments, there was a small buffet area between the main lounge area and the entrance. The buffet area also had a couple of actual proper dining tables for those who would like to have a meal. They have hot options like Chicken Satay, Teriyaki Salmon some salad corner and also cup noodles. The satay looks pretty good. Drinks wise, the coffee machine look professional and a soda machine, the alcohol options looks pretty limited and no individual bottled water.

The next lounge that I went to next would be the Ambassador Transit Lounge, it is located near the food court, at the far end of it. This lounge is packed. Like really crowded, seats were mostly taken up, some of the people even took off their shoes and rest their legs on the couch. I was promptly welcomed into the lounge by the agent and after swiping my PP card, I was given a wifi code and also two drinks coupon. So in comparison to the dnata Lounge, this lounge is even more stingy and controlling the drinks. They a pretty cool business corner with touch screen computers and it is probably the most spacious area in the lounge currently. The lounge should have views of the planes and runways, although it is at night and couldn’t see a thing.

Refreshments wise, there was three to four hot options and some cakes. There was a pretty cool salad bar though and they were covered. Speaking about hygiene. There was also a made to order laksa station which I though was pretty good.

Given that it was a Priority Pass Lounge I was very impress by its showers and also the toilet. They have individual showers which actually looks pretty chic. It is actually even better than the bed and breakfast that I am staying at right now. There are rainforest showers, although soaps are by dispenser I am still okay with it, given that it is a priority pass lounge. There are also a make up area, with mirrors, chairs and hairdryer.

The last lounge that I visited was the SATS Premier Lounge. I had the highest expectation with it, given that I always visit them in terminal 1 and was always pretty fine by it. The décor was nice, looks fresh and new. They also had flowers and the lounge sort of extend into the terminal, which makes it look more spacious. They have comfy couches and warm lighting that makes it comfy for relaxing and also screen that shows the flight details as well as international news. They had these nice tall leather arm chairs that were really cool and nice but doesn’t provide a lot of privacy though.

Refreshments wise, there are nice coffee machine and definitely more comprehensive and nicer alcohol selection out of all the lounges that I have visited. Perhaps I am there when the dinner crowd is over, there isn’t much food and I only saw a salad bar with some cold cuts. There were bottled water though.

To conclude, I can’t really say that there is a best Priority Pass lounge in Terminal 3, I think that each of the three lounge that I went each had its stong points and weakness. The best lounge in Changi Airport would still be the Plaza Premium Lounge in Terminal 1.

Best Décor and Lounging Space: SATS Premier Lounge

Best Showers: Ambassador Transit Lounge

Best Refreshments: dnata Lounge

To me a priority pass lounge, would be to have a quiet and relaxing place to rest. It isn’t for any gourmet dining or what. A nice clean place would be the best. Something extra would definitely be the hot refreshment. Showers as well when I am in transit. Another thing that can’t be missed will definitely be small bottles of water. Sometimes when I am in a rush, I would just like to grab a bottle of water and then board the plane. It is a good way to escape from all the overpriced water at the airport. With this I hope you guys have a clearer idea, my go to lounge should be the SATS Premier Lounge, since my home is in Singapore, I do not need a shower and I believe that during dinner time, the refreshments would be more substantial.


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