After having my scrumptious dinner and experience at The Private Room, if you guys remember about my last episode, I was sharing on the best lounge of Singapore Airlines, where you can only access it when flying Suites or First Class on SQ. I got to work out some of that calories and decide to check out the rest of the lounge, which comprises of the First Class and Business Class section. While I have been to the business class portion of the lounge, I have never been to the First Class portion of the lounge. I am also keen to see how things have change in the business class section. Since The Private Room was located inside the First Class Section, immediately out of it would be the First Class Lounge. The Silverkris lounge is available for access if you are travelling in Business or First Class on SQ or Star Alliance Partners. It is also available to the top tier membership of SQ, PPS Club. For all other Star Alliance Gold card holder or KrisGold holder, you are able to access the KrisFlyer Gold Lounge instead.

I shall first share on the First Class section of the lounge, it is certainly less exclusive and more crowded than The Private Room, but still fairly empty even though I am at the peak period of the lounge. The peak at the lounge would usually be the time from dinner to midnight as that is the bulk of European, Australia flight departing. There are an abundance of seating in the lounge and some staff roaming around to clear dishes. The lounge can be separated into two portion, one for lounging and the other which is at the buffet consists of actual dining tables. The buffet portion consists of numerous hot and cold options and they actually look good, then they also had a station where certain cook to order dishes can be ordered. On the night that I visited, I saw that they had stuff like Lamb, Tahu Goreng and also the iconic SQ Satay. The buffet also had desserts, including a Haagen dazs fridge.

There was numerous lounging chair with convenient plugs. The lounging place also had reading materials and also large tv showing international news, thankfully with the volume off. While the lounge did not have any natural light or the view of the runway. it had a slight view of the internal gate.

The place also have a manned bar with a huge selection of alcohol. I guess this is the elevation from the business class lounge. In the far corner there was also a small business centre with some mac computers. I am gladly to see that the first class section have its own toilet and also showers. I kind of made it more exclusive and not to share with the huge crowd at the business class portion. The showers were virtually identically to The Private Room one.

The business class portion was crowded as expected, food and offering was decent too, with many options and also a huge selection of alcohol together with the usual TWG Tea collection. Although everything is self serve here. The main rebooking agents area and also the business centre was located here where they can help you with any ticket issues that you might have.

Hope you guys like this short short review of mine. For the full review of the Business Class section in the SilverKris Lounge, you can refer to my visit around 2 years ago here.

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