Since I had plenty of time towards my flight and to make things even worse, my flight was being delayed for about an hour due to thunderstorm and weather! I decided to check out the nearby KrisflyerGold Lounge located in T3. Previously being in the Airforce, it sure felt like a common thing, happening day in day out where usually due to weather and rain, our plans for the whole day just comes to nothing. Most of the time we will just shrug it off, since it doesn’t really affect my stuff and life goes on as per usual, we will just fly on the spare days instead. Cat 1, heavy winds, no ground activities. This time around I was really feeling it, even though I would absolutely love to stay in The Private Room and the Suites for even longer, I had a train connection to make! I certainly didn’t want to miss it. Stay tuned for the story for this as well, which I will share very soon in the flight report of the suites that I recently flew. Speaking about access to the lounge, although I didn’t really qualify for access into the KrisflyerGold Lounge, the attendant just waved me in since I was holding on to a suites ticket anyway.

It is worth noting that the staff here in comparison to the SilverKris Lounge was less polished and blunt. Even though she allowed me in, the way she convey the message and communicated wasn’t really that good and polished. The lounge was crowded, really crowded, I guess the amount of Star Alliance Gold holders and also KrisFlyer Gold status members flying economy really makes up the bulk of the crowd. The lounge is also undergoing some kind of renovation at the moment. The lounge can be said to separated into two parts, one if the usual indoor lounge and a small refreshment area. While the other extend out a little into the terminal transit area and is uncovered. I believe that this really helped since it somehow makes the whole place feels bigger and more spacious. If not, with the crowd that they are handling, it is gonna feel claustrophobic.

The lounge was noisy, with renovation going on as well. The staff was so busy with clearing plates and cleaning up. You can really hear the clanking and stuff like that. It isn’t really conducive for staying long here. But then again, I was coming from the best lounge in the world, so yea, my standards might be a little high. Food wise, there was like 2 to 3 hot options, sandwiches and stuff like that. It is still a nice place to wait for your flight over a couple of light refreshment. There were reading materials as well.

The lounge is open 24 hours a day. Do note that there are no toilets or showers in the lounge which is kind of a downturn. For me the basic necessity of a lounge and the benefit of it would be wifi and showers. Being a traveller for a whole day outside, I the first thing that I would really like to do would be checking up on some emails and stuffs and then also take a shower. Hope you like this little sharing of mine. Stay tuned for the next episode where I would be sharing on the various Priority Pass Lounge in Terminal 3.

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