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After a long hiatus, I have finally found the time to write this Flight Report that I hope a bunch of you guys have been waiting for! It was a dream came true, a decade long dream! After the mind blowing, industry setting Suites on Singapore Airlines have been release in the year 2007! At that exact moment the little fan boy of me have long wanted to fly it. It came at a huge cost though, with a ticket easily costing some 20,000 dollars to fly in style from Singapore to the States. 10 years later, on the 9th October 2017, I have finally did it! Yes it is a milestone, a ground breaking achievement for me Dennison Wee as well as Seeing The World In Steps! I can now say that I have flown all the premium cabin of Singapore Airlines. While the product is no longer ground breaking as so many other airlines have now copy it and launch their own product. As I am writing this and currently on this Chapter Wanderlust of mine, Singapore Airlines have just announced that they will be launching a brand new cabin for all their classes on Nov 2. I am surely looking forward to see how the new suites will be. As Singapore Airlines are always ground breaking and industry setting! Flying the Suites is unbelievable and trust me, hang on a while and let me take you onboard my journey. SQ26, Singapore to Frankfurt!

Let me first share a little on how I am able to get the flight in the first place. While I have shared extensively! My flight was finally confirmed on Sunday, about two days from my actual flight! I am so glad. It is really like a small kid going on a holiday for the first time. You guys might actually know that I am heading to America after my solo trip in Europe! All in all, I used my points and paid S$354.40 in taxes and fee. After the flight was given the go ahead for boarding, about an hour later than originally, I made the brisk walk from The Private Room to the gate. Due to weather conditions, the flight was delayed. With this I had a tight connections and I will share more on Singapore Airlines incredible service with respect to this later! Boarding had already started when I arrived, although I cleared security in a min and was the second to board in the Suites. Before I had even step on board the aircraft I could already know that this is a bunch of incredible crew and I am going to enjoy it very much. From a crew friend, I have heard that the Inflight Supervisor Michelle Tan is a gem and really professional. When she saw me roughly half way on the bridge, she immediately rush over, or literally ran over to welcome me by name and offers to help me with my carry on baggage, although this was totally unnecessary! I was then introduced to the crew and escorted to my seat. I was seated in seat 3F. This was specially chosen, if you are flying in suites, I will definitely recommend you to choose the seats in row 3, as they have 3 huge windows. Although if you are flying in pairs, the middle seats will be better since they can be converted into a double bed!

My jacket was hung and pictures was definitely the first thing on my mind. Clicks and snaps, they were just going on and on. Although a request for a double bed at night was not possible as the flight was full. The crew automatically offers to help me take some picture seeing that the photographer mode was on in me! Dom was then offered as a welcome drink! You really can’t say no to a freshly pop Dom champagne. For your information, SQ serves both the Krug and Dom onboard First Class and Suites. Dom was preferred for me after trying both! Boarding was okay but due to the weather loading of the baggage had a delay although it was perfectly fine for me since I was totally enjoying it and perhaps it is the champagne talking. Somehow I had forgotten that I might miss my train connections in Frankfurt!

Refills were offered and taken, they also came by and pass me the pajamas and amenity kit. They were really comfy and the amenity kit was really generous, they were ferragamo branded and contain a full size cologne. The well experienced chief steward also stop by to say hello and for me to let him know if there is anything that I need helped with. He was really good and we even took a picture together.

Suites was full although I didn’t felt a but lacking on the privacy. I spend the rest of the time on ground exploring the hard product of the seats and also the various gadget that I was offered. The seats was super spacious it also came with two pillows, one of them is something like a mini bolster. Surely a Singaporean thing! The controls were by the side and intuitive enough. If you thought that where was the button for the bed mode, you have to flip the seats over into the bed. If you think that it is a hassle, but you simply do not have to do it, because the crew are all highly experienced and helpful! Service was around 4-5 crew to 12 passenger, the chief and IFS do help out. You can check out the product on the pictures below. The ottoman was really huge and leg space is super generous. I had a super hard time reaching it and even had to stretch with the seat in the upright mode. The ottoman also act as a double seat if you would like to dine together with your partner. The cabin does not have any overhead compartments to make it feel more spacious, although the space below the ottoman was huge for any carry on!

The suites can be closed and it will be fully covered, although it doesn’t go all the way up to the ceiling, neither is it sound proof. So some stuff are best undone! Bose sound cancelling headphones were also provided and they were really good at blocking out outside noise.

Service wise, or the soft product. The staff were polished and experienced. Experience as in, not book by book and rigid but they know the basic and the hospitality that they served. For example the leading stewardess that was working my asle, Celine, she is really good and even knows that I am worried about my connections, ensuring that I was fine. Sometimes it is not all Sir this Sir that, Mr Wee this and that but we could actually converse and communicate and laugh about certain things! I am also super impressed with the IFS, Michelle Tan on the flight! She really left an impression on me! While female IFS are already something rare, she is really the best. Beside being professional and managing her crew, she also does the ground work well. She served me personally from getting me towels and also the meals. She also made the effort to explain each and every dishes on my japanese meal which is sometimes quite a hassle!

Although I had a already done Book The Cook, the huge leather menu was provided and after take off drinks orders was also taken! My meal preference and choices was also taken. While some of the passengers immediately ask for the bed to be made, I partake into the full service. HAHA I had actually only finish the whole meal at 4am Singapore time! Speaking about FATS! Here is the menu!

The service only stated at around 2am. The first course that I had was definitely the Caviar with Balik Salmon! With the other option being the Cauliflower and Gorgonzola Panna Cotta, it sounded interesting, but you can definitely not go for the caviar. Caviar and Champagne like Dom or Krug, ce la vie! I had a glass of Krug to go with it! While caviar itself may be a little powerful for my liking. If you eat it with the asparagus and also the sour cream, it is divine! Then you wash it all down with champagne.

Following the appetizer would be the soup. SQ is one of the lesser airlines that serves a serving of soup onboard as it is rather troublesome! The two options were Jerusalem Artichoke Soup and also Oriental Chicken Booth. As per the stewardess recommendation I ordered the Artichoke Soup and it was really good. It is so smooth and creamy but light as the same point. It doesn’t make you feel sick after having it. I didn’t really like the cheese dumpling though! It is kind of too heavy for my liking and I am afraid that I will be full from it. A selection of bread was offered and really, you can only go for the Garlic Bread on Singapore Airlines! It is the best!

The next course would be the dish that I ordered from Book The Cook! Boston Lobster Thermidor. If you ever fly Singapore Airlines out of Singapore you could never miss this meal!  It is done perfectly, the lobster and also the mushrooms in the sauce. Magical! They also actually pre cut the lobster and put it back nicely into the shells! So you do not have to worry about using your hands or working it on board the flight! It is awesome! Of course, before I enjoy something, Instagram and my camera always enjoyed it first. So yea! For those who would like to know, there were 4 options on the menu with it being a Steamed Barramundi Fillet with Seaweed, Grilled Angus Beef Burger, Lobster Dumpling Noodle Soup and also a Tori Miso Yaki Grilled Chicken. The barramundi fillet sure sounds interesting.

After the main course I even had a small cheese plate of niblets of everything together with a great 2010 Louis Latour! The dessert that day was Ginger Lime Sorbet with Coconut Ice Cream, the sorbet was really nice as it sort of cleanse your palate after the heavy meal, I was really taken by surprise by the coconut ice cream as they have actually made out the coconut husk and it was nice! Something unique really as I really didn’t expect that, especially flying 36,000 feet in the air. At this point in time I have really ate too much food for the day and night! Although the best beginning to anything is eating right?

I had ask for the bed to be made and proceed to be amaze while in it. I was really spacious and even with a full bed down, there are still spaces for you to put your stuff. I had a great sleep after catching a movie. Although I woke up pretty early and start to work on my laptop while still lounging in the bed. I asked for some coffee and begin to be surprised while catching the sunrise over the horizon. It was truly magical! I have to say that in bed mode, it isn’t really great for slacking and working.

Pours of coffee came in and I was still enjoying it while also paying attention to the landing time as I have come to realise that im gonna cut it really close. It is not like the train company is related to SQ or something so I am really worried. Michelle and the other crew was aware of this and really try to make me less worried. Michelle even say that she will check if there is anything that she can do for me on the ground. I didn’t give it much thought as this moment. Soon breakfast was served and I had preordered the Kyo Kaiseki meal from Book The Cook. I have heard about it so much from bloggers and from reviews, so was keen to give it a try!

There were a couple of courses, the first to arrive was the starter that included a salted pork and also a crusted mackerel. Pardon me if I can’t remember exactly everything as sometimes it is quite hard to catch everything that was being said to me. My favourite was the salted pork as it is really very nice and exquisite. The mackerel was disappointing as it is really fishy.

The next was the main, which came with rice and miso soup. Surprisingly a piping hot miso soup onboard the aircraft is really nice. I also like the salmon and ginger chicken that was being served, although nothing special to talk about. The highlight for me was really the tamago with radish. It was really nice and great.  I feel that service for the breakfast was really slow or they might be cutting it really closed as the service was only finished around 30 mins prior to landing. It was kind of rush when I saw that some people were still eating and everything was in a frenzy.

Landing was smooth follow by a rather long taxi, everything feels long to me since I was worried about my connections. After landing I said goodbye and michelle actually got me a ground crew to escort me all the way to the train station, I thank her profusely and make my way. It sure was some exercise all the way to the train station. She totally did not have to arrange this, it should be the end of her duties once the plane door opens. Without her I would surely have missed my train! I can’t believe that how lucky am I do be able to meet her. With a good crew and Singapore Airlines, even when the odds aren’t in your favour, you still can overcome it!

It sure have been an magical flight. From the moment  that I entered the airport in Singapore to the moment that the escort went with me to the Airport train station in Frankfurt. I sure didn’t felt like 12 hours of my life went by just like that! It is a 12 hours that I hope that I can relive it everyday, every second. But I am very sure I can’t do it every time! Hopefully once every 2 to 3 years will be good enough for me! The next milestone will be trying the new suites product that Singapore Airlines will be launching on Nov 2. To know how I am able to fly this 20,000 DOLLARS Suites with just 300 bucks you can check out this post of mine!

Hopefully you peeps enjoyed this lengthy post of mine! Stay tuned for the next episode in the trip, where I will be in Cologne! Thats right! A new city for Seeing The World In Steps!




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