Hey Guys! A couple months ago I posted an article on the Best Credit Cards to Earn Miles in Singapore! If you guys would like to know, you can visit it here! Just to throw back a little and perhaps for those who are unsure of the recent bad news, Singapore Airlines just devalued their Award Redemption Chart and even worse, they have remove the 15% redemption discount which was previously offered to all redemption made online. THIS IS A HUGE LOST! Technically, most awards in Business or First Class would be about 20,000 to 30,000 more expensive. Although they have also removed certain surcharges such as fuel and levy, to me the miles are worth much more. If you do have tickets withstanding, do issue them before 23rd of March! Read on to see how you can fly in style much easier!


Sorry for the disappearance of my blog entries in the recent week after I have finished up my Bangkok trip series, I will have limited entries currently, but promise to share many amazing stuff when I embark for my 3 months long Europe and States trip at the end of the year! I’m currently going with Exercise Europe & Road Trip de America as my trip series, any better creativity for you guys??? I was on a frenzy journey recently since knowing about the SQ devaluation and going bonkers while issuing my tickets and chasing waitlist. This actually brought me to this blog post today! I have found or actually realise a way that you could tentatively boost your mileage earning much more!

Here is the current earning you can potentially earn from the main credit cards in Singapore!

Credit Cards
Expiry Date Rules of Conversion Earn Rate Conversion Fee
CITIBANK PRESTIGE No Expiry 5 Points = 2 Miles 2 Miles / S$1 (Overseas Spending)
1.3 Miles / S$1 (Local Spending)
15% Annual Relationship Bonus
Transaction Fee of S$25
AMEX PLATINUM No Expiry 450 Points = 250 Miles 3.5 Miles / S$1 (10 Times Points Partners)
0.7 Miles / S$1 (Normal)
No Conversion Fee
AMEX ASCEND CARD 1.2 Miles / S$1 (Local & Overseas Spending)
2 Miles / S$1 (Overseas Spending in Jun & Dec)
2 Miles / S$1 (SQ and Silkair Spending)
Auto Convert to KF every Statement
DBS ALTITUDE VISA CARD No Expiry 5000 Points = 10000 Miles 3 Miles / S$1 (Online Flight and Hotel Transaction)
2 Miles / S$1 (Overseas Spending)
1.2 Miles / S$1 (All Other Local Spending)
Annual One Time Fee of S$42.80
SCB PRIORITY VISA CARD No Expiry 2500 Points = 1000 Miles 1 Mile / S$1 Transaction Fee of S$25
UOB PREVI MILES MASTERCARD 2 Years 5000 Points = 10000 Miles 3 Miles / S$1 (SIA)
2.4 Miles / S$1 (Overseas Spending)
1.4 Miles / S$1 (Local Spending)
Transaction Fee of S$25
CITIBANK PREMIER MILES AMEX No Expiry 1 Point = 1 Mile 2 Miles / S$1 (SIA & Overseas Spending)
1.2 Miles / S$1 (Local Spending)
Transaction Fee of S$25
CHANGI REWARDS CARD 1 Year 3 Point = 1 Mile Only for Gold or Platinium Members
Min Conversion of 3000 Points
No Conversion Fee

The idea here is to sign up for the Changi Rewards Card and you can clock up points on all your purchases at the Airport. I recently found out that as a platinum member, I am earning an equivalent of 1 Mile / $ that I’m spending. Do note that the Changi Rewards Points are valid for a year. In addition, as a platinum member you get a bonus of 8,300 Miles per membership year! The membership is free and can be sign up at the airport or online. So guys! From now onwards, base all your everyday spending at the airport, be it purchasing necessity at the airport from Watsons, Herbal Medicines at Eu Yan San, Perfume and etc…… Heck! Even drink your Koi from Changi Airport Terminal 3! Combine with your credit card, I have the potential to earn at least a minimum of 2.4 Miles / Dollar on my everyday normal spending!

Changi Rewards.jpg
Furthermore, our airport are known as a shopping haven and there is no GST charges on your purchases here, frequently they also promote a double GST off discount. The airport is also great for kids who love to roam around.This is perhaps more useful for those who mainly stay in the east side of Singapore. As far as the most of you guys know, for the east side peeps, we practically treat the Airport as another huge shopping mall with good aircon, it is a good place to eat and grab shelter from the heat! This way you can be even faster on your way to Europe or Japan in Business Class!

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