Cathay Pacific New Year Present 2019: Business Class at $675 and First Class at $1000 Here are my take on Error Fares!

Update: Cathay have decided to honor the fare!

While the world usher in fireworks, celebrations and reflections on New Year Eve or New Year Day, here is what have been making waves in the Airline Industry or perhaps the mind of season travellers. Cathay Pacific New Year Present to us, for a great 2019. Business Class tickets at $675 or even better, First Class tickets at $1000 from Vietnam to most Cathay Pacific US destinations! This definitely makes 2019 a very good start of mine. While I don’t usually post about such stuff, this time around it is a little different, since I actually managed to get one of the tickets myself. Anyone else in Singapore managed to do the same? HIT ME UP! The deal was in fact too good to be true and it reeks of an error, by, yours truly, Cathay Pacific themself! Or perhaps Happy New Year from Cathay Pacific. I would just like to briefly share my thoughts on the ticket and error fares in this post. As right now, together with others, we are all anxiously awaiting the announcement of Cathay, whether they will honor the fare!


Cathay First Class, Picture from Cathay Pacific


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Update!!! Best Way to Earn Miles In Singapore! Earn up to 2.4 Miles / Dollar

Hey Guys! A couple months ago I posted an article on the Best Credit Cards to Earn Miles in Singapore! If you guys would like to know, you can visit it here! Just to throw back a little and perhaps for those who are unsure of the recent bad news, Singapore Airlines just devalued their Award Redemption Chart and even worse, they have remove the 15% redemption discount which was previously offered to all redemption made online. THIS IS A HUGE LOST! Technically, most awards in Business or First Class would be about 20,000 to 30,000 more expensive. Although they have also removed certain surcharges such as fuel and levy, to me the miles are worth much more. If you do have tickets withstanding, do issue them before 23rd of March! Read on to see how you can fly in style much easier!


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Best Redemptions to Score on SQ with Krisflyer! Fly Suites with $400 instead of 20K


Dreaming of ever flying like you have never done before? Dreaming of actually sleeping like a baby with someone there to tuck you in when you kick the blanket away? kicking the givenchy blanket away? Although it has not happen to me but they are said to tuck passenger in. What I did experienced was their attentive service when they literally made the bed every single time I left for the gallery or the toilet. Somehow you wonder how do they do it. If you would like to plan something special for like a honeymoon, a retirement trip or perhaps for me like a ORD TRIP! This is the article to read. There is nothing free in this world, including flying first or business. If you wanna save you would need to spend the effort to get what you want! If not, you are free to spend that 20 Thousand on a Suites ticket. Or instead get it like me for 400 Dollars in tax? Previously to score that Business Class seat on the dates I want, I book one year in advance and call to check the waitlist frequently. First you would need to save up your miles, for that you could refer to my previous article on Best Credit Cards For Saving Miles in Singapore! Now I would like to share with you on the tips and the best awards booking to go for on Singapore Airlines.


SQ Suites

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Best Credit Cards For Saving Miles in Singapore!

I have actually been planning for my epic epic out of this world trip to Europe next year after I leave my service in the Air Force. It would be an extraordinary one with my flying suites on Singapore Airlines to Europe then to the States. SQ Suites is one of the greatest way to fly in this world. The Suites is detrimental to the aviation industry and one of the milestones when launched in the past, certainly it is also the best way to fly across the atlantic. Only available onboard the A380 jumbo jets, it cost 110,000 Miles one way from Singapore to NYC while from Frankfurt it cost 67,500 Miles. Furthermore you get a 15% discount off when making the booking online. It is worthy to take note that Singapore Airlines Suites/First Class are absolutely exclusive, it is probably only possible to redeem through SQ owns Krisflyer membership! While there had been many articles and tips on miles accrual overseas, especially in the states, there hadn’t be a useful one for locally in Singapore.


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A Milestone for Seeing The World In Steps: 2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,800 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 47 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Travel Souvenirs ?

Hello everyone, I just realised that I had written about 20 blog post and hit pass the 1000 views mark. i am really glad to see the progress of Seeing The World In Steps, I didn’t actually expect such view rates at all. Actually it is just something which is super new to me that I am keen to try. Perhaps when I am old and legs are weak i will fall back here and start reading about my past adventures! Hoping so that by then I have already complete my arduous journey of Seeing the World In Steps and have already complete chronicling my adventures here.

Okay, back to the point of this adventures. I am actually so interested in what other people always do when they visit a country. Taking a jump shot at the city most famous icon? Keeping the boarding pass or the hotel key card? What do you guys actually do to remember yourself of ever visiting that unique place? I have read that one of the avid travellers in the world, Marcos, recommend that you should buy a bottle of cologne or listen to a particular music. Thus, whenever you smell the same scent or hear the same piece of music you will remember your adventures. Actually I find this quite nice and planning of doing so the next time I travel.

Of course buying the usual stuff and taking the iconic pictures, one of the thing that I will always do when I visit a brand new city would be buying a magnet, this hobby of mine actually didn’t start long ago so i still do not have a complete set. If my memory served right, I am probably missing pieces from Rome, Florence, Pisa, Verona, Lake Como, Lucern, Mt Titlis, Geneva! Another reason to visit these places again right? Besides aiming to visit all the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, I am trying to fill up my fridge man!

IMG_4619[1]  Do share with me what you guys always do?

Why Travel ?

Perhaps, this is a question where everyone has his or her opinion. I believe that some go for the shopping, some go for the scenery and travelling to see sights that they never see before. There are also a small bunch of people that travel to enjoy hospitality products, such as hotels and premium cabins on flight and trains. I personally won’t find that travelling on economy is a fun thing to do, really. For me it is actually the most tiring and negative part of the whole trip. Imagine sitting in the seat for hours ! Good luck, when you get the middle seats. If you decide to go Europe, the best region on earth for me, it is easily a 12 hours and above flight. With that said, if you are the handful of people that travels on, let’s just say business class, it will be the dream of your life for the next 12 hours. Even when I am awake, I can dream of flying in Singapore Airlines Suites or the Etihad First Apartment, a pity that my wallet can keep up with the pace of these products, oh, for trains I think there is no other better example than the Venice-Simplon Orient Express, even a couple days won’t be enough in that cabin.
For me, my dream is to visit the world before I die, or actually seeing these amazing places. I do find it amazing, really, after all I live in a small but amazing country call Singapore, everything is good in Singapore, the safety the infrastructure, it is a global financial hub but there is something we don’t have, which is the charisma of other countries with their gorgeous buildings, natural “heaven made” wonders and also their years of history. Singapore? We are celebrating SG50 this year. This to me is a life time goal that I hope to complete, there are more than 196 countries in this world, number of cities? I couldn’t be bothered to find out. But I am pretty sure that I have not even visited 10% of the countries. Minus out North Korea, Iraq and a couple more countries there are still a ton left for me to see in steps. Another ideology of mine is to visit the UNESCO world heritage sites there are, with more than a thousand in the world. I have really just visited just these few, given that there are close to a 1007 sites in the world. Italy has the most with 50 follow up by China then Spain.
DSC05351 DSC06159 DSC05634
Although I may have said that economy flights are super discouraging, I would definitely still fly them. I would fly at any chance I get, come on Singapore Airlines Economy flights are of a superb quality too. Some people always say, save money, travelling is expensive. But I believe that it is actually worth it from any angle. Why wait until a day that you want to travel but you found that your legs aren’t up to par? Why wait till you can’t do so, time is a non-renewable resources and you will never know when you will run out of it. Some of the places that I really love are Madrid, Prague, Switzerland and crap I think I love the whole of Europe really. But I do hope to visit South America, US and South Africa real soon. What are your favourites countries ? I am dying to know.
DSC06016 DSC05436 DSC01933