After sort of being missing for about a month or so, I am finally back with another post. Sorry for the long wait you guys, I have been busy with work and also some trip planning. I WILL SURELY DO UP A COUPLE POST TO SHARE MY TRIP PLANNING TO EUROPE AND THE STATES! Just a little preview, I will be flying suites and business class on Singapore Airlines and visiting amazing places such as Hallstatt, Positano, Cinque Terre, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and much much more. Now I will like to share with you on a short getaway that I happen to take a couple weeks back to Johore Bahru. Somehow me and a couple friends managed to get some common free weekend and we just decided to pop over! It was a relaxing short time away from all the work and study in Singapore! You can also spend and eat much more over the causeway, given that the Ringgit is at all a time against the Singapore Dollar. Let me share with you all the feasting that I have done there.

This time around, we opt to take the bus from Bugis Queen St, here there are plenty of buses heading to Malaysia and you can ask the driver of they are heading to JB Sentral. You pay roughly around 2 bucks and the buses are far more comfortable than those SBS ones. HAHA speaking about this, after all my blog is titled Seeing The World In Steps right! It finally came true that night, since there was a massive jam on the checkpoint, which is why I actually alighted halfway and literally walk all the way to Malaysia. Is it a check off the bucketlist ?


By the time we got into JB it was already pretty late and we all were busy finding a stall that were open at that hour. In the end we settle on a simple malay stall selling some of the most down to earth nasi lemak and mee goreng. They also whip up some of the best teh tarik! The location is located right opposite City Square Mall on the Macdonalds side. The best thing, A plate of noodles and a Iced Teh cost less than 9Rm, only 2 plus SGD.


After a good night rest the next morning we went to grab some local duck rice which was totally awesome. Prices was cheap and we certainly stuff ourselves full of duck. But really the highlight here was the cafe for dessert that we went after the meal!


Shakespeare Milkshake is located near the cafe district in JB, a short walk away from City Square. The vicinity of the neighbourhood also had pretty good backdrop for pictures. The cafe was new and quaint. The interior is cosy and welcoming and I took a seat at one of their sofa, they had warm lighting and the air conditioning were a great option to escape all the afternoon heat. I settle on one of the speciality, The Snickers Shakes! It cost 16RM, roughly around 5 SGD.


The milkshake were certainly great, smooth and creamy and full of ingredients. You can also see that it was well presented and perfect for those who love to “Feed their Instagram” I was a great time spending chilling, taking many gorgeous pictures.


If you would like to visit this place on your next hop across the causeway, these are the location and details:


This pretty sums up my eat eat eat short trip into Johore Bahru. A place that you can always go over if the wanderlust cells in you can’t wait for the next trip.

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