Hey peeps, after a long hiatus, I am finally back here, sharing about my next trip! And trust me, this is going to be the trip of the decade. Trust me, this time around I won’t be disappearing for long, given how much content I would have from my upcoming two amazing trip that I am about to undertake. Literally undertake, since I am actually writing this post to start on this series, Chapter Wanderlust, right here from The Private Room in Changi Airport Terminal 3. Yeeeeaaaa guys, I’m finally going to try out the legendary Suites of Singapore Airlines. Stay Tuned for that experience. You all are also able to follow it on my Instagram, @seeingtheworldinsteps. With content out of the way, now my only challenge would be finding time while on my travels to blog all about it, after all I am trying not to write about some restaurant or place a year after I have been there. But due to the amount of post and content, hopefully I do not have to wait too long to be able to. Yaaas, back to the trip, it is titled WANDERLUST as after about two years and winding down my amazing career in the airforce, I am finally able to embark on this Europe trip. Checking off a couple off my bucketlist, feeling the freedom, first solo trip and also trying so many new stuff and flying Suites. It is a WANDERLUST!


I would be heading to 6 Countries, a minimum of 20 Cities in 44 days. And this is just a rough guide. I will share more on it during the trip. Somehow I may head to small little towns and cities for day trips! This will just going to be the first trip to come in these few months. Immediately after Chapter Wanderlust, I will be flying straight to the states for Trip de Americae so stay tuned for that as well. All in all I will be away from Singapore for a total of 68 days. What a bombastic end to 2017 it will be for me! I believe that while enjoying this luxury portion of this trip, it will also gives me the exposure and experience in life, after all, you learn more from seeing than from books. I am also extremely looking forward to learn more about the culture of others overseas and trying out their lifestyle. I believe that it will be a vast difference from what we have in Singapore! Just to share a little on the trip, I have always wanted to fly the Suites on Singapore Airlines, given that they are the best in the world, especially to me. The SIN – FRA – JFK route would be perfect for me. To share a little on how I booked this ticket and also how I got it on the cheap side stay tuned on my upcoming flight report to come! However the layover are tough to get, it include over a process of close to a year. hahah. I did just only managed to get the ticket last sat. I will be flying Suites from Singapore to Frankfurt and then Frankfurt to New York in late November to meet up with my parents. For the FRA – JFK Route I am currently confirmed on Premium Economy and waitlisted on both Business and Suites. Finger crossed, I will get the Suites.


I will be heading to some bucketlist destination in Europe, these include Amsterdam, Hallstatt, Cesky Krumlov, the disneyland modeled after medieval Neuschwanstein Castle, Heidelberg, Rome, Pompeii & Mt Vesuvius which I have always been keen after watching the movie, Cinque Terre, Florence and Bologna. Stay tuned for all the trip reports. I will be combining a combination of trains travels, bus and also private transfer. Sometimes bus are so much more convenient and cheaper than trains, but lack the awareness for it. Czech Republic is definitely one place where the buses are so well and nice but often mislooked. I will also be sharing on the high speed trains in Europe like the ICE and the Railjet. It is said to be like flying business on planes. I will roughly try to avoid taking inter Europe flights given how troublesome it is and also the effort and cost. Despite this, the only couple of times would be travelling from Frankfurt to Rome and also from Bologna back to Frankfurt. Some of the key product that I will be sharing on would be the different bus and trains operators in Europe, such as Flixbus, Leo Express, Regiojet, ICE Train, Railjet……


Accommodation wise, being a solo trip, I have much choice. I am thinking about trying some hostels as well. Besides that I will be staying in a number of Bed and Breakfast, or Pension as they called it in Europe. Another great adventure or experience that I am very much looking forward to would be Couchsurfing! I have already found host in a couple cities that I am heading to, trusting that this will be a key culture experience of my trip. I am hoping to make some travel buddies as well!


There won’t be any missing out on the destination part as well given that there are so many good food and places that I am going to try and explore. I will cover about the cities and also the different food places that I will head to. It will be amazing. While I have not decide on the whole trip series, Here are some of the highlights of Chapter Wanderlust:

Singapore Airlines The Private Room
Changi Airport Silverkris Lounge T3
Changi Airport Krisflyer Gold Lounge T3
SATS Premier Lounge Changi Airport T3
DNATA Lounge Changi Airport T3
Ambassador Transit Lounge T2
TGM Lounge T2
Singapore Airlines SQ26 A380 SIN – FRA Suites
Coster Diamond Tour Amsterdam
Restaurant De Kas
NS International Lounge Amsterdam Centraal Station
DB ICE Train Amsterdam – Munich First Class
DB Lounge Munich Hauptbahnhof
EuroCity Train Munich – Salzburg First Class
Hotel Adlerhof Salzburg
Salzburg, City of Mozart
How To Get To Hallstatt? & Train Journey from Salzburg
Gasthof Bergfried Hotel Hallstatt
CZ Shuttle Hallstatt to Cesky Krumlov
Cesky Krumlov
Ceske Budejovice
OBB Lounge Wien Hauptbahnhof
OBB RailJet Vienna – Munich First Class
Fussen & Neuschwanstein Castle
Travelling by Train in Germany
Air France Lounge Frankfurt am Main
Il Fascino di Roma B&B
Giuda Ballerino* One Star Michelin Restaurant
Trattoria I Braberi
L’mbuto* One Star Michelin Restaurant
Le Coste Apartment Manarola
How to get to Cinque Terre
Girasole Room – Accademia Museum Florence Airbnb
Florence Cooking Class & Central Market Tour
Golden View Open Bar
The Mall Factory Outlet
Lamborgini Museum & Factory Tour
Ristorante I’Erba del Re* One Star Michelin Restaurant
Travelling by Train in Italy
CouchSurfing Experience
Train Travels in Europe – Which High Speed Train is better?
How Much I spend for 44 Days in Europe?

Ciao guys! Signing off while I enjoy the flight to Europe! Stay Tuned for this trip. Hopefully I would be making use of those flight times and train journey to write some review and share it as soon as possible. Stay in touch on my Instagram!

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