Having finished work and having dinner with a friend, I have just reached home the night before at 11pm, shower, pack my bags and finally get some rest for my flight at 9.30 am to HongKong. Tiredness wont be any issue despite having only a couple hours of sleep, given the thought of flying SQ Business later. Having this was much more efficient in drowning in coffee, keeping me quite awake and hype up for my experience to come. Right close to 7am, before I left my house I received a text informing me that my flight is being delayed, my mind just didn’t felt like it and thus I drop a call to Krisflyer to double confirm and some thoughts in my mind just make me ask them for the reason of the flight delay. They assured me that it is just an operational delay and the flight was arriving late into Singapore. This is actually good, given that I could write about Singapore Airlines handling flight delay given that delay on Singapore Airlines flight are so rare. In contrast, just for your info, the budget wing of SQ, Scoot have been hit by delays in the past few weeks and they handle it quite badly, so it was nice to be able to compared the difference.

Personally, a 1 hour delay won’t hurt me much at all, given that I could just sit longer in the SilverKris Lounge sipping champagne, but instead I was keen to see how they “make up to customers “ for the delay. I would say that I am impressed but also disappointed at the same time, which I will share with you guys later. After a quick 15 mins taxi ride, I arrived at the Business Class check in counter and my boarding pass was printed promptly, the check in staff again inform me of the delay and soon I was in the Lounge, perfect for my famish stomach. Check in counter ground staff was just ordinary, nothing special and cheerful, probably due to the fact of working through the night. Do take note that SQ Counters are open throughout the day and night.
The staff at the lounge were largely different, greeting me when I was approaching and doesn’t even stop me when they saw the Blue boarding pass clipped in my passport, sharp eyes they have. Oh, I might have a Champagne Breakfast too, for those who are unsure, the lounge serve the same champagne onboard, which was the Charles Heidsieck Brut Reserve which was pretty good and drinkable. The buffet selection is extensive, from Asian selection to western, cheese and salads are available too, along with fresh fruits. On the beverage selection, there are juices, water, soft drinks, beers. Wines and Champagne are available upon request while other sprites are available on hand. TWG Tea was also available along with a machine that makes a mean cup of coffee.
IMG_4066 IMG_4077 IMG_4078 IMG_4079
I had fruits, egg florentine, a awfully good cheese omelette and also some waffles and cinnamon French toast. There was also bread pudding which was really good. Oh and did I mention the Champagne? Don’t you guys know fruits goes well with Champagne too?
IMG_4073 IMG_4076
Halfway, I received a call from Krisflyer, who there was a lady voice, she sounds very tactful and polite, which makes me think she is of a senior position, she greeted me and apologise for the flight delay, offered any help if necessary. But I already told her that I am already enjoying myself in the lounge. I feel that this was a nice touch, perhaps not when I am overseas since it means high roaming fee. In compared to boarding where the ground staff just stuff a piece of letter and return it to you with the boarding pass. There is no offer of miles or anything or even a word from the gate staff, even to premium cabin customers. I find this a loophole especially when I know that some airlines such as Etihad handle such stuff better.
Since I had some time to spent, I walked around the lounge exploring, wanted to sneak into the private room and the first class portion to review it, but chickened out, next time it shall be. I am Sorry guys. After some morning departures it became quieter which makes it more pleasant. I also watched the news on the Greece crisis. The last time when i was here, it was the peak night time, now being so quite in the late morning, it’s interesting to see the difference. Meanwhile here are some pictures of the lounge.
IMG_4071 IMG_4072 IMG_4075 IMG_4081 IMG_4082 IMG_4083 IMG_4084 IMG_4087
Soon I made my way to the boarding gate which turn out to be the final call. But there was still time, I am pretty sure that they would wait for me and here I am in Paradise rising to 34,000 feet soon. Stay tuned for the next episode, probably have some negative things to comment on. Still, Priority Queue it shall be !

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