One of the days in my stay in Munich, I specifically went to visit the BMW Headquarters in BMW Welt, this have been on my trip since I have found out and it is not a let down at all, continue reading and I will share with you why you will not be disappointed when you visit here. Some background knowledge first, BMW is a German Auto maker that cars are famed and dream after worldwide, especially in Singapore, owning a BMW reflects on your status and also symbolise your social position. Perhaps for some of the foreigners, hoping that I have readers abroad? Owning a BMW isn’t a easy task in Singapore, as it cost at least 150K SGD to purchase a most basic model and that doesn’t even includes the cost of maintaining it. Furthermore, Singapore have rigid rules and regulation to purchasing cars. After I visited here, how I dream that I can buy a car here given that it’s so filthy cheap in Singapore Standards. Read on to know the price.

BMW headquarters can be said to be separated into 3 different parts in Munich, there is the BMW Welt which is sort of like their showroom, BMW Museum with contains past exotic cars and nice glamorous models, it is a nice place to learn about their history and the company milestone. Lastly is the BMW Plant which you could learn about the making process of a BMW Cars. From what I remember, 4 models of BMW are manufactured at this HQ Plant. The plant allows restricted access to visitors, allowing them to see most of the steps, from the start to the painting process and finally the point where the technician start the car with the keys. The most glamorous part of the place had to be the BMW Welt, and the cars collection is totally awesome, it is totally like a VIP Section, where you are invited to relax, before the car comes up on a lift and you checking the car before driving it down a slope down the show room. Then you can drive to wherever you want in Europe. Oh damn, I would love to buy one here, I will let some pictures continue speaking.
DSC05152 DSC05153    DSC05167 DSC05170 DSC05175
Buying a car here is a whole new experience !
DSC05240 DSC05244
Now you guys may be interested, how do you actually visit this place? The 3 main places is located near Munich City Centre and there is a direct access from the Olympic park station, it also sits surrounding the gorgeous park and stadium nearby. If you do not wish to take a tour or spend money, you could actually visit the BMW Welt for free and sit in some of the cars. Perhaps some of us may not know, BMW Group actually contains of the Mini Cooper and Rolls Royce too, which these cars can be found in the BMW Welt showcase. The Museum may be visited on its own at 10 Euros and 7 Euros for concession. But I will definitely recommend taking the guided tours, there are the best as it’s like a learning session, and they are available in a wide range of languages too. But do bear in mind that these tours sells like hotcakes and it will be hard to get a tour in the language you want. However you can contact them and make a reservation, which I did so thru my concierge actually. There are many tours available ranging from different prices and the coverage. The one I took was the best and most comprehensive, the Premium Tour, which brings us thru all 3 places. It is quite long, about 3 hours, costing 22 Euros and 15 Euros for concession. I find it to be a bargain actually. Do bear in mind that the tour is quite a walk, 6km actually, some exercise it is. To visit the plant, it is only possible through a guided tour. I won’t be able to share much on the plant, as no pictures are allowed to taken.
My tour actually starts at 1115 where you can collect your tickets beforehand at one of the counters and then meet your tour guide at the meeting point later. Arrival was easy via the S Bahn and finally there was some sun today, perfect weather. I have arrived quite early actually, thus after some pictures taking, I couldn’t resist myself snapping pictures of the BMW Welt, sitting in some of the cars too. Can I speed down the Autobahn or Singapore highway in this?
IMG_1906 IMG_1913IMG_1947
You can also secure your belongings and jacket at the lockers located in the basement, I would highly recommend this since the tour is gonna be quite a walk and it isn’t too cold inside the building too. The toilets are also located at this level. I would definitely recommend a heavy breakfast beforehand, especially if you are taking the Premium Tour, since things are expensive here and the tour only ends in the afternoon. Oh and guess what, I promise you guys the price of a BMW in Munich, this is it. Shocking right, a convertible at this price ????? how I wish I can pay this price in Singapore too. And guess what, a Rolls Royce only cost 250,000 Euros here, yes I think “only” is the word to be used here.
And it’s price? A cheap 58,000 Euros. My Toyota could pay for it and probably still have change back. Although I won’t mind saying keep the change this time around.
The museum was the first part of the tour and a large part of the tour was spend here, actually this is also where you learn the most, their history and milestone. How BMW actually went from a aircraft engine making to vehicle making after the world war. I guess that is a good outcome too, after all, BMW makes Germany known throughout the world. You will also get to see many cars, from special design and paint to experimental future models. Motorcycles can also be found here too. I won’t speak much more and lets the pictures do the talking.
IMG_2560 IMG_2525 DSC05234 DSC05207 DSC05204  DSC05189 DSC05186
Then we continue on to the plant, and you are reminded frequently to not take pictures, it is nice walking through some of the buildings, seeing the workers. It is quite noisy in the plant especially front part where there are moulding the iron sheets to form the shape. After that it will be the welding portion, actually most of the process are automated, and workers are only there to maintain the machines and replenish the tools and parts. The painting part are actually the most amazing part and there was like 4 parts, some anti corrosion and before finally the finishing paint. It is amazing to actually see how these “arms” of the machine work in a very compact space and still not bump into each other. After all everything is calculated to the millisecond and mm by computers. Personally, I find it very interesting, especially seeing some of the process and technology that I have heard before, such as the Ford Conveyor Belt Process and also charging ions in the paint to ensure a smooth painting process.
The finally stop was returning to the BMW Welt and the tour guide gives you a brief intro of the place, introducing some models of the cars as well. By this time, I swear, you legs are tired like hell. This is gonna be something interesting, do you know that each of the car doors of the Rolls Royce contains a umbrella? No matter how the wheels spin, the logo will remain straight. Oh, and the front iconic symbol of Rolls Royce at the hood, can be kept to prevent it from being stolen. The Rolls Royce are so expensive as front start to finish, everything is handmade.
After some more picture taking, it is off back to the city for some long awaited lunch. My stomach are actually growling while writing this, I do miss Munich food. Stay tuned for upcoming posts in this series! Would you visit the BMW Museum? What are some of your thoughts? Time to drive and fix my tummy.

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