Finally the time have come for me to share with you on this unique place, Munich, this gorgeous and amazing German City. It’s clean, efficient, pretty and a perfect place to stay in. According to a survey did, Bavaria and in particular Munich rank high on European list of place to retire, with a high standard of living it certainly isn’t simple to retire here and enjoy all these perks. Safety and Cleanliness are the main point here. As usual with the other German cities, the sausages, beer and people probably makes me fall in love with this place even more. Oh, and the cakes in Munich are delicious too. Throughout the main city, sausages, beer and Bayern Munchen are seen frequently, probably why this city in Bavaria is so famous also.

First of all a little knowledge on Munich. I would say that along with Berlin and Frankfurt, Munich is one of the most famous German cities to visit. Although not the main air hub of Germany, which that belongs to Frankfurt and also not the capital, which belongs to Berlin. But Munich has its own attractiveness and I will say that it is better than those 2 at any times. More culture and more safe. The Bavaria state and in particular Munich are high on most European, many would love to retire here. Perhaps the icon of Munich could be said to be Beer, with the annual Oktoberfest held in October, although beer in mind that all accommodation shoot up during this period. You could probably be amaze by how much Germans love their beer. If you say that champagne breakfast is the way to go, try a beer breakfast in Germany or in Munich. Yes, Germans drink beer the whole day. As with most of other city in Germany, the transportation system is on a honour system although I have to say that many people do not buy tickets. I myself also ride for “free” a couple time, I have to warn you that if you do get caught, yes there are inspectors checking, there will be a heavy fine. Transportation is quite expensive in Singapore terms. Tickets can be bought from the driver on board buses and on ticketing machine at stations or onboard the trams. It will be extremely easy to ride without a ticket in peak hours or even when there are not much people. Germans plays by the rules, which explains why their streets are quite clean and they don’t jaywalk even though there are no cars. It is worth knowing that Germans have quite good command of English, in compared to other European countries. You should not encounter any issue while travelling there, although a little Germans definitely will be extremely useful.
 IMG_1999 IMG_2003 IMG_2002 DSC04848DSC04944
I would be covering all my eating and restaurants review in another post separately, stay tuned to that for Eating in Munich. Shopping in Munich is fantastic although shopping hours are like “European Time” most shops are open from 10am till 7pm while the supermarkets close slightly later. In the city centre, all the streets surrounding Marienplatz contains numerous shops, from small boutiques to department stalls and of course the usual luxury brands that you could not miss in Europe. I always do stop at the Karlsplatz and walk in to Marienplatz, it is a straight walk for about 10 mins, you will be entertained by the shops, the gorgeous skies and also the carts selling many different stuff. Some of the fruits and vegetables sold on the street are just so beautiful, specially the white asparagus and also the strawberries.
 DSC04853 DSC04854  
Simply gorgeous right, if you think that this is all you are definitely missing out, I just loves walking in European Markets, they also smells delicious by the way, never stinky and wet. Near the Marienplatz lies the Viktualienmarkt, totally have its own charm, selling everything, from fresh products to cheese and wines. It is also possible to get cooked food here too, with some butcher selling roast and sausages.
 DSC04911IMG_1958  IMG_1964 IMG_1973
Towering among the centre is the Marienplatz which sits under the gorgeous skies. It is just so beautiful that I can stare at it all day long. Why do I always find that the skies overseas are much nicer than the Singapore one? Here are some of the pictures from my walk to the Marienplatz.
Throughout my stay in Munich I also went to the Residenz Museum to visit the Treasury and of course plenty of shopping. It is worth nothing that you can actually get tax refund after around 20 Euros of purchase, which is super low when compared to other country. The refund is around 12%. I also went to the market in the city centre, where many things are sold, from wines, cheese to meats and also seafood. Everything look so nice and fresh, this is only like a wet market to them locals, but to me it’s like a super clean and high class supermarket. The BMW Museum was also another highlight throughout my stay in Munich, which I will cover in a separate post. Meanwhile, here are some pictures of the treasures.
DSC05081 DSC05088 DSC05092
I also chance upon a small and elegant church and also the fan shop of Bayern Munchen. You could also find these huge beer glass throughout the city. I wonder how do people drink such huge glasses of beer? No wonder their tummy are big. There are no better place to sit down and rest your feet, looking at people, the birds and just enjoying the fresh breeze. I would kill to live here forever. Do enjoy the pictures.
DSC05050 DSC05053
Are you guys loving Munich as I do? Do share with me your thoughts on the place? Stay tuned for my post on the BMW Museum and also my article on Eating in Munich.

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