My first stop was Munich, after 3 nights in Munich it’s time to move to Prague, the city that I have heard for so long but only visiting it now. Getting to Prague was actually quite a brain killer, there are no direct flight neither are there high speed train. The only option are taking a normal train or the IC Bus. The normal train takes a little more than 5 hours to reach Prague main train station. I have actually decided to go ahead to book the train, but after reading some reviews I found out about the Bus and it seems like the way to go. Perhaps being one of the unique post of mine where I am reviewing a Bus rather than the Plane. Pretty great way to get around too ! IMG_1999

It was said that the MUC – PRA train are actually quite unpopular, old and unsafe. Many recommend the DB Bahn IC Bus also and actually I didn’t regret taking this too. You get a proper space for your luggage and there is also wifi onboard, although the connection isn’t too stable. The Bus was super efficient too, leaving on the dot. There wasn’t any stop of the bus at all, only once about 2 mins for the change of drivers in Czech. There are toilets onboard and snacks and water are also available for purchase. Although, I will highly recommend doing your business prior to boarding. Seats can be purchase online, and this also that you are seated together. On the departure, I saw a Korean family having to split itself on the lower deck and the upper deck. Everything was done efficiently, the drivers scan your ticket, put your luggage into the cargo then gives you a luggage tag. Seats are pre allocated and then off it goes when the time strikes.
This is actually the best way to get to Prague, tickets are cheap also, costing around 26 Euros per person and with these efficient Germans Drivers, you couldn’t go wrong. The views are also excellent, I actually quite enjoy the journey, first of all I get to see the Allianz Arena, the home stadium of Bayern Munchen, that’s so great. Then you get to experience being on the famous Autobahn in Germany, seeing good cars driving about 120km/hr overtaking each other, the bus drove pretty fast too.
IMG_2012 IMG_2017 IMG_2018 IMG_2011
Then approaching the border you will also realise the huge disparity between the roads and scenery in Germany and Czech Republic. Soon the dancing tower greeted me and I was in the gorgeous city of Prague with the best view yet to come. Stay tuned for my adventures in Prague! Would you all take the bus rather than the train ? Or you are only a Plane taker?IMG_2019

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