I have previously did a comparison of Priority Pass lounge in Changi Airport Terminal 3 as part of my previous trip report that I did back in 2017. Do check that out if you are keen to have a summary of the lounges offering in Terminal 3. This time around, since I was flying out of Terminal 3 towards Beijing, I took on the chance to check out the SATS Premier Lounge in detail this time round. Personally, I think that it is the best Priority Pass Lounge in this terminal. Tons of credit cards in Singapore now offers Priority Pass access, from probably about 2 access per year to unlimited ones. The advantages, more people have access to such lounges, free drinks and food, while on the other side, these lounges aren’t as special as it used to be, and the trend seems to be such that there are always on the crowded side. My flight depart at 8.45am in the morning, which means that I have to be at the airport way before even the sun rises. Thankfully, my house is less than 10 mins away from the airport, and at this timing, traffic is barely a thing.

I will include the check in process and experience in the flight report that is coming right after this post. We got our boarding pass in mins and head towards the transit area. Since both me and my friend were in need of some breakfast, I decided to head to the SATS Premier Lounge. I was pretty excited to visit it seems I didn’t really experience the place before prior to this, so was keen to get an actual lounge report in. The lounge is open 24 hours daily and is located a level up, just follow the signs to where all the lounges are located. The SATS Premier Lounge is just located adjacent to the Krisflyer Gold Lounge.

I was there around 7am in the morning. First of all, given that this lounge have already been around for a couple of years, the look of it still feel fresh and new. Certainly they have some awesome maintenance. There was no queue and I was promptly welcomed in after a quick swipe on my membership card. Even at this timing, the crowd were already starting to built given how many early departures in Singapore. Thankfully it is still pretty comfortable for me to snap pictures.

Having a brief look around the lounge, it seems that the main decor was in a stylish dark brown and chic interior. The lounge extend out towards, along the terminal where the planes are parked. Although the decor of Terminal 3 actually makes it extremely hard to do any plane spotting at all. However I love that this actually makes a very spacious space, a nice lounge that you can spend some time without feeling claustrophobic. You can find the standard lounge kind of furnitures with most lounges facing each other in rows. Then along the side, you can find these comfy full length arm chairs with a side desk beside them, this was where I settled down. You also have outlets almost beside each seat, so kudos to them for this.

There are also vaiours tv screens showing the news and flight departures information. I appreciate that they are kept on mute, some lounges doesn’t even get this simple thing ride. It is annoying when tv sounds mix with chatter.  While there is no business centre, there are these chic cubicles at the end of the lounge that are super good to do some work, they had a nice desk and even a tablet for you to use. You can also find outlets and even a fixed lan point.

Next, the refreshments, on the side of the lounge, to the right of the entrance you can find the buffet set up, here are also some high top seating that are good for meals.

Breakfast was served at this time and it was a pretty solid offering. There were about 4 or more hot dishes, eggs, pancakes, bacon and hashbrowns. You can even find a “Make Your Own” laksa corner, for a little of Singapore touch! Those with a lighter palate can also find some toast, fruit and yogurt available.

Drink wise, there are juices, soft drinks, beer in the fridge, although no individual bottle of water on offer. There are also a couple of spirits and wine on offer. The lounge also have pretty dope coffee machine for a little perk me up.

I had a little “Photo Session” while awaiting for boarding as the sky starts to brighten before leaving. Here are some of my dumb photos. HAHA

In conclusion, I have to say that I am pleased with SATS Premier Lounge offering, it is a decent Priority Pass Lounge out there, in fact, I would say, one of the better ones. Solid Refreshment, fixtures were fresh and well upkeep. Definitely worth to spend some time here prior to your flight. Payment would be another aspect to think of, but, given the amount of free Priority Pass entrance, this would not be an issue. The next lounge that I would be looking forward to check out would be the JetQuay CIP Terminal! Stay tuned, for the flight report on SQ Economy Class, which would be coming next!

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