Peking to Beijing: Introduction


Welcome to the next trip report of mine! Sorry that I have took this long to share about this trip of mine! While I went to Beijing back then in August. I am trying to finish up the previous trip report before embarking on this new one! Beijing have been on my mind for quite some time! Of course, for those who know me well, they will know that I constantly like to travel to new places, reaching new milestones in travelling. Then there is the Great Wall of China! A place that I have always been fascinated about and perhaps after seeing so many stories about it in shows, dramas, I guess, it is time for me to check out in person! With the plan to see the Great Wall in mind, I planned a trip to Beijing!

I am pretty glad to find a friend that shared similar interest in this place in mind and have a company for this trip to Beijing! It is a short but sweet trip, I managed to squeeze in some time while juggling work as well! And with it being a normal trip, sorry guys, there is no Suites neither there is Business Class. There is however an Economy Class review on Singapore Airlines coming up real soon! In fact prior to this trip, I had a friend asked me when was the last time that I flew SQ Economy! I can’t really remember, the last economy flight I took was on Emirates to Melbourne, and the others were just budget flights over the near region. So yea, stay tuned to hear about my thoughts on SQ Economy in a short while! I purchase the tickets during a promotion and it only cost me around 468, which was a fair price for Beijing! Furthermore, I lucked out on getting exit row seats for both of my flight on SQ! Stay tuned for that, which I will share more!

For our 4 night stay in Beijing, I stayed at the Prime Hotel Wangfujing, which is located on the upper end of the Wangfujing Stretch! It is pretty awesome! The location is good, walkable to both the metro station and Wangfujing! It is a 5 star hotel, a little more on the China standard! The room is of a good size and its comfortable. I paid about 510.88 SGD for the stay.

Besides, of course checking out the Great Wall, some of the places that I will be heading to include the Forbidden Palace, Old Summer Palace and the traditional Hutongs. So stay tuned for the sharing on Beijing itself!

Meals wise of course you can expect to see Peking Duck, I am looking forward to share on my dinner at Siji Minfu Peking Roast Duck Restaurant, which is one of the best in town! Hey I waited for almost 3 hours for the table!

On the lounge review side, I will do a more indepth review of the SATS Premier Lounge at Terminal 3.

On the way back I swing by for a visit to the Air China First Class Lounge, which left me very very impressed! I have usually heard many bad stuff about China Lounges, so I was really impressed by the visit, moreover it was a Priority Pass partner lounge.

Here is a peak on what is to come on Peking to Beijing:
SATS Premier Lounge Changi Airport Terminal 3
Singapore Airlines SQ802 A380 SIN – PEK, SQ807 PEK – SIN Economy Class
Prime Hotel Beijing Wangfujing
Siji Minfu Peking Roast Duck Restaurant 四季民福烤鸭店
Great Wall of China at Mutianyu
Air China First Class Lounge Beijing Capital Airport International Terminal

I shall not be sharing on the return flight back since it is a rather similar experience to the departing one. For the ground experience in Beijing, I will include it in the lounge report.

In regards to the highlight of the trip, The Great Wall of China! I will definitely share on the day trip to the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall! So ,stay tuned for the upcoming few weeks! Thanks for the wait!



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