Welcome to the last part of this Trip de Americae Series, it is sure nice if there is someone still following from my introduction post till today. Writing this right now actually gave me so much feels on this amazing trip that I took back last year. Continuing from my previous post where I was at the SilverKris Lounge in Incheon, it is now time to head on to the last and final flight for this trip, my ticket back home to Singapore, SQ007. This is going to be a rather short review since my experience was rather similar to the flight that I shared earlier from LA to Seoul! So check out my previous post for a more indepth review. However I do still want to share my thought on this flight and the crew specifically.

SQ007 is one of the multi sector flight in the airline where the crew fly 4 sector out of the home base, from Singapore to Seoul then LA and back. It is understandable that the crew are probably exhausted and tired at this moment in time. Furthermore the flight depart at 12.25am in the morning, a red eye. However I have to say that this set is undoubtedly the worst crew that I have encountered, which makes me wonder if I am on my home carrier or a United Airlines! HA! It has been said that one a good day, with a awesome crew and the always awesome hard product, it will be the best day in the air. Singapore Air will always beat any airline in the world. However, with a subpar set of crew, you should still be able to enjoy the flight since, the crew always maintain their standard. Although you will always expect more, given how, highly raved after Singapore Air is!

The boarding process was again a mess, everyone lining up even when it isn’t their turn. Business class isn’t much better also. Again, I can comprehend why the queue is so bad when there is only 52 premium cabin seats on the 777-300 that we are on. Probably a full flight then. Certainly it is better than the boarding process on my LA to Seoul flight. At least we had a gate this time around. Right while boarding, I had a cool breeze, my final one, before heading on to the plane. Seoul is sure cold at this time of the year. I got my favourite seat as per usual, it is quiet and quaint, just a row behind First Class, there is not much traffic there as well.

I was escorted to my seat, the amazing 11A again, a bulkhead seats. If you are ever on Singapore Airlines Business Class, always try to snag a bulkhead seats, the leg space is amazing. Always, I got champagne for the welcome drink and the Charles Heidsieck is pretty awesome!

It seems that this set of crew are subpar, they were off from the start of the flight. While to be fair, they all did their duties, but were rather cold and emotionless. Just delivering the bare basic I guess so! The korean crew were rather cold in particular. Coming off a series of amazing set of crew, I was definitely disappointed. I took the opportunity during the boarding process to snap some photos. I shall not talk about the hard product of the aircraft anymore since I have shared extensively on my previous flight report. So check that out if you want. Any case, here are some pictures of the aircraft.

Enter a caption

The service on the flight was also very limited, given the short flight time and timing of the flight. It is a 6 hours flight that depart past midnight and arrive in Singapore at 6am. It was a sleeper service, which is very much reduced. SQ is definitely not known for their sleeper service, although it make sense since most people will want to maximise their rest time. Without further ado, here is the menu for the flight.

As you can see, service consists of a main course, fruit and some bread, ending off with coffee or tea. I appreciate that service was fast. Here comes the main displeasure that I had with Singapore Airlines again. ONE AGAIN, SECOND TIME IN A ROW, THEY FORGET TO LOAD MY BOOK THE COOK MEAL. SECOND TIME. RIDICULOUS. And best of all, the cold looking crew just say, nope, I do not have your loaded meal. Without even an apology. Disgusting. None of the options look appetizing and I wasn’t too hungry at all. Really disappointed with my meals onboard.

I just went for the asian option, Seafood Noodle Soup, I am such an asian person after 3 months of mainly western food. The noodle was accompanied with 3 scallop and a prawn. It wasn’t tasty and I just had a few nib and bite then left it alone.

I was dead tired after flying for the whole day and slept right till when we are about to land. I for once, am glad to be returning back to Singapore, full of experience, full of memories. It’s sure nice to be home, weather is sad in Singapore though. Surely, this isn’t the most glamourous flight I had, the crew were a mix set, I certainly had much greater flight in Singapore Airlines in the past. Hope you peeps like this series. thanks so much for following. Next up, very soon, I will be starting on my new trip series, Peking to Beijing! Stay tuned for that!

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