Singapore Changi Airport is always a gem to transit or depart from, the experience is fuss free and immigration was a breeze, especially in the early morning. It is a shopping destination as well. However, do note that security is at each individual gates, so do cater some time for that! Previously, I mentioned that I was departing from Changi Airport Terminal 3 for my flight to Beijing, it was an awfully early departure and in fact, I have to be at the airport at 6am. Thankfully, the airport is so accessible in Singapore, and in fact, it is literally mins from my house, since I stay in the east. I was kinda excited for the upcoming flight since it has been so long that I have flown on Singapore Airlines Economy Class that I literally can’t remember when was the last time that I have done so. I will be also looking forwards to see how they square up to Emirates.

As per the norm worldwide, now, there are more and more of the automated check in kiosk which airports just like to use. I understand the side of the argument that it is faster, cheaper. Perhaps it is fine for a budget carrier, but, usually I just love the human interaction, the personal touch, which is how I think hospitality should be. As I come to this, here comes TIP NO. 1 FROM ME! I went to the designated row for SQ Economy check in. It turn out to be full of automated kiosk, I hated that! I went around to head to an actual counter to check in, since that is what I prefer and there is another perk of doing so. I went to an actual kiosk, be nice, be polite, say something like good morning. Anyway, service on the ground is always nice in Singapore. After passing your passport to the staff, wait for around 15 seconds, then, say this “Hi, is it possible actually for me to request for an Exit Row Seat?” No harm to try and within seconds, she changed my seat! Score. I had impeccable leg room which I will show you later! I do this for all my check in. Think of it this way, how do you do this at the kiosk when you can’t even speak to it. Some airline policy is to do it on the ground, some at the gates or even onboard. Be polite and it will take you a long way!

With my Extra Leg Room seat and boarding pass in hand, off I went. Security was a breeze as usual, furthermore at this timing, I went to the SATS lounge prior to boarding. In fact, I always like to be one of the last to board if I am flying in Economy since I hate all the queueing, and the moment where everyone just rush to board.

The usual applies, the crew are always there to welcome you onboard with a smile on their face and some genuine hospitality. We boarded through the upper cabin door and went by the Business Class section, which the Economy Section is located right behind. This is one of the original 380 plane configuration, so the upper deck consists of both Business and Economy.

Now check out this awesome cabin, SQ economy are in the shades of blue and grey, while not the most striking or glamorous color, it actually look very easy on the mind and welcoming. The comfortable vibes. It is definitely difficult to take pictures of the cabin since there are so many people boarding at the same time. But I still managed to get some. The configuration on the upper deck was in a 2-4-2. Leg room seems alright and the seat was pretty spacious. Even for a person of my built, it is comfortable enough. Coming with the seat was also a blanket and pillow. The pillow could be rather paper like though. Here are some pictures.

I settled into my seat, 71A, the exit row seat at the upper deck. It was located right in the front of the cabin, opposite the crew jump seat. The leg room is incredible, although you don’t have a window since they are located right at the door. Both me and my friend agreed that leg space is far more important. HAHA, I could cross my leg, do leg raise and all, check out my Instagram for some funny pictures. Right after boarding, the curtain between us and the business class cabin was drawn as well, so there is no traffic at all given that the toilets were at the back.

It is nice that SQ have also installed air nozzle as well since sometimes the cabin might get a little too stuffy. Seating on the Exit Row Seats also means that the tray table and entertainment screen are kept between the seats and folded during take off and landing. This means that you will have to stop using them while taxing, takeoff and landing. I still agreed that leg space is so much better. The screen quality was good and the Krisworld is one of the best system in the air, with more than enough shows to keep you entertained. I caught a few nice movies too!

It is impressive that SQ also offers a menu in Economy Class. For this flight, the service was breakfast/brunch. I have to say that it actually begin rather slow. It took a while for service to get started. Here are the menus!

Breakfast or Brunch consists of a fruit plate, a side of bread roll and then a choice of Scrambled Eggs with sausages, tomatoes and potatoes or an oriental option, Fried Rice Vermicelli with chicken. The meal then end of with ice cream that was passed around the cabin separately. I choose the Scrambled Eggs and a glass of white wine to go with the meal. It wasn’t really a substantial meal but everything taste alright. I love that the scrambled eggs were well and taste great, given that it was reheated, I am impressed with the quality. However the bread roll were as hard as a rock. I have to say that emirates catering seems to be much better.

The load was pretty light this time around, I even had a chat with one of the leading steward after the meal service where we share out thought on Beijing, the firewall and all. I took a little nap to catch up on my sleep before we arrived in Beijing.

Since the flight back from Beijing is rather similar, I will not do a separate blog post on it, I shall rather just simply share my thought here. I again requested and got an exit row seats. Although I was on the lower deck this time around. The leg room was still unbelievable. However the set of crew on this flight were rather cold instead.

There were two options each for the appetizer and main course, it is nice that SQ have options even for Economy Class. Here are the menus.

I went for the Oriental Selection. The Chinese Barbecued Pork appetizers was just alright but my main course, which was Deep Fried Fish in Chive and Garlic Oyster Sauce with Rice was pretty delish. And then dessert was Ice Cream again. It does seems that SQ airlines should have much more innovation in their desserts rather than just serving ice cream each time round. Seem like a cost cutting move!

in the meanwhile, my friend had the western choice, which was Pan Roasted Chicken with Mushroom Sauce and Potatoes, which he say was pretty good as well. I had some drinks on the flight and caught Black Panther on board, before soon, we arrived at Changi Airport.

All in all, SQ is certainly one of the best product out there and A Great Way to Fly. Service was generally good with them, although sometimes it could be spectacular. For the price of 472 SGD, it aren’t too bad. I do believe that Emirates Catering is much better, certainly something for them to improve on. I was glad that I finally got to try the product of my favourite airline again. Next up, Stay tuned for my adventures in Beijing!

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