Beijing International Airport is one of the most airy one in the world, immediately after landing, I can start to feel how stuffy the place is, especially in this time of the year where beijing is so hot. Beijing Summer is really no joke! The immigration process is pretty well thought out. Although for any new visitors, you will have to go to a automated kiosk to log in your fingerprint, after that you can head to the counters, although there was a queue, it is moving rapidly, given how many counters are in operations. We then collected our bags and head towards getting a cab. Taxis or cabs here are call “Si Zhao Che” which literally means private hire cars. Although you can take the mrt or buses, taxis are your best bet, they are cheap and efficient. A journey cost about 100 Yuan to the city centre and take about 45 mins. After much research, I have chose to stay in Prime Hotel Wangfujing, a 5 star hotel located at the northern end of Wangfujing and also walkable distance to a metro station.

We stay a total of 4 nights in this hotel. I managed to get a saver rate from Agoda and it cost us about 510 SGD in total, about 127.4 SGD per night. Furthermore, at the moment in time Citibank was running an excellent 8 miles per dollar promotion. So I got a lot of miles from this booking. Upon arrival, the place seems really grand and huge. The lobby was grand and impressive, although it does seems that the decor seems to be from the previous era! Service seems to be good, the bellboy immediately got our bags and escorted to the reception. There was no wait and we immediately got out keys in mins. I have to say that the staff here have zero command of english at all, that is pretty worrying for a 5 star hotel given that you should probably need to cater for an international crowd.

I do have to say that the room seems much much nicer than the common areas of the hotel.

We got a twin room and it certainly look fresh, the toilet is located to the left immediately after entering, I will come back to this part later. Then you have two oversized single bed that were really plush and comfy. I have to say that the room was of a good size too as well.


Nearer to one side of the bed, you can also find a wardrobe and the mini bar area. There is a fridge, kettle and some tea and coffee maker.

On the far end of the room you can find a little set up of coffee table and couches. Then there was also a actual working desk with a computer even. It has sure been novel since I don’t think I have actually saw an actual computer in rooms since now people probably travel with their laptops and tablets.

Opposite the bed was the tv set up. The television does seems a little small for the room size. They however do have a good selection of channels available.

I would say that the best part of the room was in fact the toilet. t was so huge and grand. it look grand as well. It is situated in a corner side, so it was really large, it is well maintained and clean as well. There were bottles of water and lots of ammentity. They were hotel branded but usable. There was even a bathtub. A hairdryer is also provided. I love that the separate standing shower was well designed. The water pressure was excellent and hot water came immediately. As well as a removable hand held shower head. The toilet just hits all my points.

All in all, I am pretty satisfied with my stay here. I won’t mind being back but would love to try out other hotels as well. The advantages of the place are its location and the price point. Service was good as well. However I do think that the hotel is in need of a makeover. Furthermore the staff really need to speak english to work in a capital city of a country and the wifi is unusable at all in the room. But given that I have already chose to come to Beijing, my mindset was already switch off my usual commitments. Sometimes, I need to head to the lobby just to get connected. Next up, I would share about my best meal in Beijing.

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