I am sure that many of you would have know that the Singapore Airlines lounges in Changi Airport are going thru a process of renovation during this period which is something that is long overdue. The lounge are no longer cutting edge and in fact an embarrassment to the standards of Singapore Airlines. It is going to take some time and probably until 2021. During this period, the airline also sign a contract with one of the newest lounge in Terminal 3, Marhaba Lounge as a overflow lounge to ease up the crowd while they renovate one by one. The Marhaba is one of the newest addition to the offering in Changi Airport and also under priority pass. So in addition to SQ premium customer, Star Alliance priority members you can also get access under the usual lounge programs such as Priority Pass. In fact it might be an awesome time to visit it now since there are slight “upgrades” in the soft offerings given that SQ customers use it as well. This might just be the best contract lounge in Terminal 3 right now! Let’s take a look!

The lounge is located one level up from the main terminal, located pretty middle, just opposite the food street. The lounge is open 24 hours which you are probably able to visit it with any flights. You will know how much of an interest SQ have here given that they will be sharing it for around 2 years that then even built a separate entrance with the SQ logo and this is even staffed by a SQ ground staff.

The lounge is a nice space overall, fresh and bright, it open up to the terminal as well which adds up lots of natural light in the day. Furthermore this also helps the lounge look much larger than it is and not claustrophobic due to the high ceilings of the terminal. The lounge is new open not long ago. Furniture and fittings are still fresh. I will not say that the lounge is a huge space and it is pretty crowded when I am there as well since I visited in the evening peak period. There are different seating arrangement over here. It consists of mainly along the side of the terminal with view of the tarmac but sadly terminal 3 views of the planes are not ideal given the design. I also love that outlets can be found near the seats and some of them even have these high tech wireless charging panels.

The refreshments is definitely the highlight of the lounge given that it is currently a shared one, I will assume that the offerings are much better now then next time so visit it if you can. This is particular awesome when compared to the usual contract lounge that Priority Pass users might be used to. I can say for the first time ever that I feel that this is a lounge that is worth paying 28 USD to visit for the food, drinks, space as well as a shower!

I will let the pictures do the rest of the speaking. The stuff look delicious and actually appetizing. From hot dishes to salads and even sandwiches. Heck you can even find the iconic SQ satays over here as well. Alongside the buffetline you can even find some proper dining tables and even these there are outlets. What a nice option!

Before I left I also got a look at the shower rooms. There is no wait when I am there and it is a nice clean space. They are individual located and you can find typical dispenser types of toiletries as well. This is even nicer than the Silverkris Lounge in Terminal 2, so much nicer.

Overall speaking, the Marhaba is a nice comfortable space to chill in. It is a welcoming addition to the huge contract lounge offerings here in Singapore. It might even be the best in Terminal 3, furthermore, during this period, you can also get a slight “upgrade” on the refreshments. Honestly speaking it is such a good alternative to the gold lounge previously! The offerings is solid and the lounge is open 24 hours as well. This is definitely my go to lounge of the next 2 years! Next up, I will share about the Silverkris First Class Lounge in Terminal 2 which I have never visited.

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